2009 September 21

Ashish - London Spring 2010

Ashish Spring 2010 Ashish Spring 2010
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(LONDON) Ashish is one designer who belongs at LFW, because he is all about fun and risks and making people smile. His invites were postcards from different places in the world, and the collection was an homage to major international destinations like New York, Paris, Hawaii and Italy. Ashish's message came across in sequinned sweats, T-shirts and dresses emblazoned with cult images: the Mona Lisa, the New York skyline, the Eiffel Tower. He also created a capsule collection inspired by Nike with the Nike logo and mottos like "Just Do It" written across the chest. His collection was beautifully made, and honestly made the idea of head-to-toe sequins not only palatable, but the number one thing one our wish lists.