2007 September 18

Paul Smith Women - London Fashion Week Spring 2008

Paul Smith Women Spring 2008 Paul Smith Women Spring 2008
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(LONDON) "But there are some empty seats," someone was overheard saying at the Paul Smith show, which took place Tuesday at the Horticultural Halls near Victoria, as the show was starting. Despite many guests having not shown up, presumably because Isabella Blow's memorial service was taking place immediately after the show, Paul Smith showed a spring collection with a jazzy '20s feel, a cross between garden party and private school girl, but with an accentuated eccentricity, evidenced by models wearing Harry Potter-style reading glasses. Stripes abounded on shirts, dresses, and scarves, while vibrant pastel blues, pinks, greens, and yellows became knitted sleeveless dresses, satin shirtdresses, polos, shorts, and sporty blouses. Smith transformed rugby shirts into dresses and trimmed school blazers with velvet, pairing them with slim trousers, and mixed florals and multi-colored stripy pieces together for dressier looks. All in all, Smith delivered a charming, wearable collection.