2007 September 17

Luella - London Fashion Week Spring 2008

Luella Spring 2008 Luella Spring 2008
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(LONDON) Luella's feel was '50s/'60s/punk-rock nerdy chic; a cute mix of quirky contrasts inspired by Thora Birch in the film Ghost World. Models sported square reading glasses or plastic Batman masks, checkered bags and shoes, pink faux-bangs, and even capes. The Batman logo appeared and reappeared (on a bomber jacket, as a motif on shirts), while Olive Oyl frocks and short prom dresses with netting underneath featured quite heavily. Ultra short skirts and dresses were also decorated with Perspex flowers, and the general thought was that one needs to be a superhero or under 25 to wear those super-mini pleated pink skirts worn with grey cardigans.