2009 October 20

Bustle - Daily Partner Promotion: Toronto Spring 2010

Bustle Spring 2010 Collection Bustle Spring 2010 Collection
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(TORONTO) Known for their elaborate themes and healthy serving of good-natured kitsch, Shawn Hewson and Ruth Promislow of Bustle did not disappoint with their runway-turned-luxury pool patio. Models gabbed at the bar and outdoor barbeque, while others lounged, flipping through Hello! Magazine. The former lawyers delivered a bevy of men’s bright plaid and pinstripe oxfords set against quieter, gray blazers. The effect was quirky, but with a very tailored design aesthetic. As if this wasn’t enough of a crowd pleaser, Stacey McKenzie rolled out a drink cart, doling out Bloody Marys to the audience! Oui, s’il-vous plait!