2008 March 12

Maggie Barry - Mercedes-Benz L.A. Fashion Week Fall 2008

Maggie Barry Fall 2008 Maggie Barry Fall 2008
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(LOS ANGELES) Roll Call: George Blodwell, Tichina Arnold, David Lee Roth, Brenda Song, Jennifer Gimenez, Ashley Jones

Chic Report: This season, Maggie Barry collaborated with Xubaz Designs to create a collection that appeared to be targeted towards fashion-forward flamethrowers. Not only did the show suffer from accessory overload (scarves, top hats, fur trim, fishnets, and more!), the looks were all over the place--here, a rainbow-colored fringe "car wash" dress, there, an electric pink ballerina frock paired with Day-Glo orange leggings. On the more wearable side were a couple of slinky mini dresses. Tread lightly!