2011 January 24

Sports 101 with Adam Brecht

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We have a very sad sports columnist on our hands today! Uber-Jets fan Adam Brecht was hoping his team, The Jets, would make it all the way to the Superbowl, but alas...it just wasn't their year. Le sigh. Adam is still prepping you for the Superbowl with his tips on how to behave when the Packers play the Steelers on February 6.

Football or fashion, everyone loves a party!  It unites, n'est-ce pas?  Below are Superbowl party do's and don'ts, fashion friends.  (You never know—your top investor might invite you!)

Do praise the man-food.  "Fritos with chili and cheese?  J'adore! How did you know?"   

Don't text the chef at L'Espadon to FedEx you foie gras and oyster consommé with winter vegetables and ginger.
Do rock a designer hoodie. You can't go wrong.

Don't wear a McQueen armadillo shoe.  (At least not right away.  Maybe later on.  Much, much later on.  Mmmmm-kay?)
Do shout.  Scream to support one team (like on Fashion's Night Out).  Yell to oppose another (like those cabbies who cover your hand-cobbled Oxfords in a tsunami of slush). 

Don't chant.  I know it centers you in the chaos, old sport, but let's save it for the garden at Rambagh Palace after Fashion Week.

Do ignore the game's half-time entertainment -- and offer to provide your own.

Don't let it be your karaoke Gaga. 
Finally, do admire the Superbowl trophy.  "Pure sterling!  Nice!"  And remember, Superbowl is a battle for jewelry: the Superbowl ring, the most coveted sign of success in football.  It's not so different from a sample sale after all.  Now you're right at home!"



2011 January 24

Getting To Know You With Loeffler Randall's Jessie Randall

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The Lovely Jessie Randall The Lovely Jessie Randall
Photo Courtesy of Jessie Randall
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Proust qui? Chic developed our own questionnaire for those designers we yearn to understand better. First up: the founder of Loeffler Randall

Name: Jessie Randall

Age: 35

Birthplace: Worcester, MA

Things To Discuss! Her proudest moment was winning the CFDA Swarosvki Award for Accessory Design two weeks before giving birth to her twin sons, Casper and Liam Murphy.

Favorite animal: My chihuahua Romeo.

How well do you sleep? "I'm up every 3 to 4 hours to feed my new baby, Harry.

Street of choice: Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn

Number: "It's always been 35. I just never thought it would be my age."

Toothpaste: Crest

Word: "Momma"

Drink: Gimlet

Entree: Mexican food

Recent mag must-read: "The New Yorker's profile of Tomas Maier."

Preferred body part: "My husband's blue eyes."

Show tune: "Tomorrow" from Annie

Tool: Sewing machine

Intern's name: Brooke

How do you like your coffee? Iced decaf

Day: Friday

Exercise: Walk with a friend.

Escape plan: A nap

Illicit crush: Larry David

What make you jealous? "Girls with long, skinny necks."

Bagel: Sesame

Website: dlisted.com

Monthly drying cleaning bill: $0

Taxi or subway? "Car."



2011 January 21

Naomi in Russian Real Estate Ad? Da, Da!

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Naomi does a Russian real estate ad Naomi does a Russian real estate ad
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Over the years, fashion's sweetheart Naomi Campbell has peddled SoBe drinks, Dunkin Donuts sweets and D&G togs in ads on the small screen. Now, the runway strutter can be spotted in a Russian ad for a luxe apartment complex owned by her (still-married) paramour of three years, Moscow real estate developer Vladimir Doronin. In the hilarious minute-long montage, Campbell slinks out of bed, sips a coffee, hits the on-premises gym for a solo spinning sesh, then gets glammed up for a night on the town. La dolce vita indeed! The building's dramatic name? "Legend of Tsvetnoy."


2011 January 21

In Case You Missed It....

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What Stories Did You Miss This Week? What Stories Did You Miss This Week?
Best Chic Ever
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Someone actually takes credit for Sandra Bullock's Golden Globe hairtastrophe. Brave.

Oscar de la Renta is none too pleased that Michelle Obama wore Alexander McQueen in China. Laura Bush is loving this!  

He's too sexy for his shirt. Too sexy for his shirt. Too sexy for Milan, New York and Japan. Nadal's Emporio Armani underwear campaign is unveiled. 

Tim Gunn teams with Weight Watchers (as one does) to provide fashion advice for women in all stages of weight loss. Whatever pays the bills. 

Jean Paul Gaultier puts on a 007 show in Paris.

Karl Lagerfeld set to design 3 more bottle of Coca-Cola Light. Only available in Europe? Boo hoo.  

Cathy Horyn reviews Golden Globes fashion, and manages to include a jab at America's TV sweetheart Julianna Marguiles. 

Anna Wintour heads to the White House. Isn't that where she's always belonged, anyway?  

Bar Refaeili hits Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Berlin

Stephen Drucker departs Town & Country. That was quick!  

Lady Gaga debuts new song in Mugler video and show. Little Monsters implode. 

Billy Reid shares a recipe with us. Did anybody make it yet? Let us know when you do! 

The world gets more beautiful! Supermodel Doutzen Kroes gives birth to her first son in Amsterdam. Welcome to the world, little Phyllon

What does one get Betty White for her birthday?
We got to the bottom of that burning question.  

Chic becomes hopelessly obsessed with Twitter. Follow! Follow!  

2011 January 21

Did Diesel Buy An Island?

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Diesel Island? Is this for real? Diesel Island? Is this for real?
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This is ambitious! Diesel has apparently purchased a landmass. Fans of the brand will soon be able to virtually shape laws, watch videos of island life, meet its citizens and visit the island's Wikipedia page. It all sounds so hoaxy, but we contacted publicists, who confirm that it is indeed a real place. We all know that publicists never ever lie. 


2011 January 21

A Moment With...Greta Gerwig

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Greta Gerwig Greta Gerwig
Patrick McMullan
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Chic caught up with Greta Gerwig, the comedic starlet of No Strings Attached, at the film's screening last night presented by the Cinema Society with DKNY Jeans, DeLeón Tequila and amNewYork. On the agenda: N'SYNC, boys, and online dating. The usual red carpet gab.

Your new movie is called No Strings Attached. Coincidentally, N'SYNC had an album with the same title. Can you name one song from the album?
"I Want It That Way?"

That's Backstreet Boys. Where's the best place to meet a man?
Jail would be the worst. Hmm…the ballet. Oh, no. He’d probably be gay then.

Worst date ever?
I did go on a date with someone I thought was gay and it turns out he wasn’t.

Why did you think he was gay?
He was a musical theater person. I thought for sure he was gay and we were just going to hang out. Then I realized at the very end of the night and was like, “Oh no! This is a date. No. Oh. Oh.” I sent out all kinds of signals. That was awkward.

Would you ever try online dating?
Yes. Some of my friends have tried it, and my brother met his wife that way.

Which website would you choose?
I wouldn’t do eHarmony, because they don’t let gay people on it. I don’t know…is Craigslist a dating website?

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