2011 January 25

Tom Ford's Naked Interview

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Peek-A-Boo! Peek-A-Boo!
Photo by Craig McDean
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Tom Ford is on the cover of the February issue of Interview, and he discusses one of his favorite topics: Nudity! A few choice soundbytes:

"My expression of beauty is something I do normally. I love the human body- the female body, the male body... I'm very comfortable with naked bodies." 

"When I come home...I wear no clothes until I leave. I eat naked. I do everything completely naked." 

"Gay men make better designers."

"When I look in the mirror, I say, "Well, this eyebrow is starting to sag," or 'I've eaten too much. I need to do a few more push-ups.' But that's completely separate from me as a human being."

"Gay men make better designers."

Interview hits newstands in NY and LA on February 11th and goes nationwide February 25th.  Check out another pic of the perennially-dreamy Tom in our Gallery. 



2011 January 25

Lourdes Leon: Puppetmaster?

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Kelly Osbourne Kelly Osbourne
Patrick McMullan
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Behind every powerful woman lurks her even more powerful daughter—at least in fashion. Case in point: Lourdes Leon, the thirteen-year-old daughter of Madonna. Just last week, Lourdes blogged that the Material Girl line was "desperately seeking" a new face and today that new face was named. On the official Material Girl twitter, Kelly Osbourne was confirmed as Taylor Momsen's replacement. We adore Kelly O, but the choice is a bit random, non

2011 January 25

Look Of The Daily: Kate Moss Outfoxes In Ferragamo

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Kate Looks Foxy In Ferragamo Kate Looks Foxy In Ferragamo
Photo Credit: Olycom
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Oh, Kate Moss! When you put it together, you really put it together, darling. Kate wore a fox and lapin Ferragamo fur coat with horizontal detail while out to dinner at The Wolseley in London. Bravo! 

2011 January 24

A Chic Report Investigation: Tonchi and Russo's Body Language

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What's REALLY Going On Here? What's REALLY Going On Here?
Photo by Patrick McMullan
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Body language expert Patti Wood is back with further analysis your favorite fashionettes. This week's subjects? Stefano Tonchi and Anna Dello Russo

"Look at his hand around her: the placement is odd, his fingers are stiff. He's very uncomfortable, like he's pretending to wrap around her. Their facial expressions are clearly for the camera's benefit—his especially. She looks out of it. Have they been partying? I refer to that facial position as the 'Obama chin.' When it goes above what I call the 'self line,' it could indicate that you feel superior to others."  

2011 January 24

Blogger Time Warp: BryanBoy Edition

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Bryanboy Bryanboy
Patrick McMullan
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Remember when...? Chic did a little digging circa 2005 and found a few of our favorite "vintage" gems from blogger Bryanboy. Here's to you, love! 

"We don't have the same Dior darling. Mine is Dior. Yours is ebay."

"I had intense hallucinations that I'm turning into the Nutty Professor, with the Ronald McDonald's mascot giving me the f**k-you finger."

"I'm no longer keeping it a secret that I kinda find 'Arabicishbutnotfullblownmosquegoingarabic' looking guys cute."

"Don't hate me because I'm beautiful. Don't hate me because my bag is better than yours. Don't hate me because my bag is your annual income."

"I am the epitome of consumerism. Without me, capitalism won't exist."


2011 January 24

Alan Cumming Is Here To Solve Your Problems

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Alan Cumming Solves Your Problems! Alan Cumming Solves Your Problems!
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Good Wife star & ami to the fashion world, Alan Cumming has agreed to answer your questions for his Chic column, Dear Alan. Check out his first—and warning, he doesn't hold back.

Dear Alan,
I go on dates which are fine and dandy, but it never quite happens for me. I have great friendships which make me happier. What's more important—love or friendship? Is it wrong to compare the two?
Signed, Losing Patience

"Dear Losing Patience,
I think the ideal thing in this life is to find someone who is your best friend and who you love, and you want to f*ck their brains out. I met quite a few friends because I slept with them, and I think it's great to have that intimacy, and then have it segue into great friendship. Your friends become your family, and I think it is right to value them, but comparing love and friendship seems to me to sully them both. Relax. As that great philosopher Phil Collins said: You can't hurry love."

Dear Alan,
I'm young and have the choice between living in NYC or London. Can you tell me what you think the difference is? Where were you at 20?
Signed, Curious

"Dear Curious,
I have a really good visual gag about the difference between these two cities which sadly will not translate here, but essentially London is on the back foot, arms folded, an eyebrow arched and murmuring softly, 'Oh, really?" whereas NYC is leaning in towards you, eyes wide open, and shrieking, 'No, Really? Shut up!' I wish I had known NYC when I was 20. Mind you, I didn't even know London then. I barely knew Glasgow."

Dear Alan,
My mom makes me feel uncomfortable about my weight. I'm happy in my own skin. Should I just tell my Mom to f*ck off?
Signed, Fed Up

"Dear Fed Up,
No, Of course not. Tell her she is a stupid fat b*tch, and to cease transferring her own body issues on you."

Dear Alan,
I found naked pictures of ex-girlfriends in my boyfriend’s phone. So what did I do? Deleted them. I admit, snooping doesn’t make me look very good, and they’re old photos, so it’s not like he’s cheating. But my friends think I should fess up to him before he finds out on his own. My feelings? If he notices they’re gone, then that means he’s looking at them in which case I dare him to say something. What would you do if you found the nudie pics
Signed, Trust Issues in Philly

"Dear TIIP, 
Oh, wow.  Who is the injured party here?  Do you not think your boyfriend might think of previous lovers naked whether or not he has pictures of them in his phone?  And these pictures were presumably given to him by them, not acquired though tawdry means like snooping?  If it really pisses you off that he is looking at these pics then you should have told him, not deleted them, because now you will only doubly incur his ire when he inevitably finds out. I think it is more reasonable to have naked pictures of former lovers on your phone than it is to snoop into someone's phone and delete some of their files, but maybe that's just me. Sounds like you are feeling insecure about your man's desire for you, and I think that is what you should be addressing with him instead of this rather Glenn Close behavior." 

Dear Alan,
How can I have more fun in my life?
Signed, Blah

"Dear Blah,
Buy a trampoline. Or, if you don't have room for one, make sure you go out dancing at least once a week." 

Dear Alan,
I'm turning 50 this year and appear to have missed the boat on becoming a rock star. I occasionally sing on-key, and was once told that I dance like a white Catholic by a very groovy chick. Is it too late for me?
Signed, The Next Tina Turner? 

"Dear Tina,
Yes, darling, I fear it is. But you can always be a rock star inside."

Please send questions for Alan to chicreport@chicreport.com


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