2011 January 31

Chic Watch: Alessandra Ambrosio for Carlos Miele

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Alessandra Ambrosio Alessandra Ambrosio
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Aww alert! Victoria's Secret beauty Alesandra Ambrosio appears in her pal Carlos Miele's Spring 2011 campaign. We strongly suggest watching this one twice.


2011 January 31

Getting to Know You, With Alexa Chung

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The Lovely Alexa Chung Tells Us More The Lovely Alexa Chung Tells Us More
Photo Via Getty Images
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Name: Alexa Chung, "but people always get my name wrong so I do respond to 'Alex', 'Alexis' or 'Alexia'. Most people call me 'Chung'."
Age: 27 ("pukes into hands")
Birthplace: Winchester, Hampshire, England.
Favorite animal: "Dinosaurs."
Sleep schedule: "I love sleep, but I don't get hardly any because TV production loves for me to be awake by 6 a.m., regardless of the night before."
Street Of Choice: "Bedford Avenue."
Number: "100"
Word: "Volition."
Drink: "Maker's Mark and Coke."
Entree: "Anything with truffle oil."
Best recent magazine article: "The one I just wrote for British Vogue about Christopher Kane. He's perfect."
Body Part: "Legs, because I have no boobs."
Favorite Tweeter: Kanye.
Coffee order: "Frothy."
Day: Thursday
Greatest expenditure: "Clothes don't come cheap, girl."
Escape plan: "Head down, long strides."
Illicit crush: "All my crushes are legit."
What makes you jealous? "Cheating."
Typical dance: "Daggering. Look it up."
Mode of transportation: "The subway. I'm scared of cars."

2011 January 31

What To Do In Hong Kong? Rebecca Knows!

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Rebecca's Hong Kong Adventure Rebecca's Hong Kong Adventure
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When we asked Rebecca Minkoff to write a travel column for Chic, we knew she liked to get out of town. Now, we're convinced she's been everywhere. This week: Hong Kong.

Change is inevitable, except for vending machinesWiser words have never been spoken, right? This was the fortune that came after my first meal in Hong Kong. It was a whirlwind tour of factories, fabrics and fried food that inspired not only my creativity, but every one of my senses.

Like many of my columns, let’s start with the food. Despite being given the opportunity to feast on my own flesh (seriously—see pictures) I enjoyed without-a-doubt the best wagyu beef filet at The STEAK HOUSE winebar + grill. Tastes so good I feel bad for vegetarians. I burned it off skipping my way down Nathan Lane, ferrying out to Kowloon Island to cruise the boutiques, and bargain shopping my way though Hollywood Road, which is like Canal Street on steroids. Start your day at Wyndham Street with a plethora of screen prints and paper fans, then work your way east for more well-priced collectibles. Who doesn’t need a 6-foot limestone statue of the Buddha or an intricately-carved rosewood throne? I, for one, have 6 around my dining room table.

One particularly good find was a store called Kitterick, home to the uber-fashionable street trends to trick out your wardrobe. Head downstairs if you’re really in the mood to shop.  Like most good things, it takes a dig, but when you come up for air, you have found a remarkable piece to pop your wardrobe for seasons to come. Another good stop is Joycewhich has been a staple of Hong Kong fashion for 40 years. Change out of your walking shoes and into your heels, because this is fancy shopping, where they serve you a beverage and take you up a secret elevator to get to the good stuff.

Hong Kong, I love you—because you make New York seem like a roomy oasis of wide open spaces!

To hear more about my adventures and get up-to-the-minute updates on what I’m up to, follow me on facebook, twitter, and on my blog @ www.minkette.com."




2011 January 31

"If Only" by Cynthia Rowley: Precious Cargo Travel Bag

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Cynthia's Latest Genius Idea Cynthia's Latest Genius Idea
Original Drawing by Cynthia Rowley for Chic Report
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She's done it again! Cynthia Rowley has invented another "unusual" item that she'd produce "if only" she had the time. Introducing the 'Precious Cargo' Travel Bag. The owner can blow up protective insulation pockets on the interior of the bag so that "precious cargo" isn't damaged in transit.

2011 January 30

The Australian Invasion

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Fujinella Fujinella
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Up-and-coming designers are popping up everywhere and editors are on the lookout for the next Prabal. New York Fashion Week will host many new talents this month but one place to keep an eye on is G'DAY USA supported by The Woolmark Company. For over 50 years, names like Yves Saint Laurent, Karl Lagerfeld, and Donna Karan have won the inaugural Woolmark Prize. This year, fashion designers showcased their innovative creations using Australian Merino wool at the Australian Consulate in NYC and the outcome was nothing short of breathtaking. Serpent & The Swan, a Sydney-based label run by two sisters, takes a dark twist to knitwear while Fujinella incorporates its wool into easy everyday separates with a downtown spin. On the hunt for a statement jewelry piece? Look no further than Lori Schwarz and Cynthia Ellis of Totomoto Australia. They'll give Pamela Love a run for her money!

2011 January 28

In Case You Missed It....

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What Stories Did You Miss This Week? What Stories Did You Miss This Week?
Best Chic Ever
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Christian Louboutin is making a shoe for skater Johnny Weir. Liberace smiles down from heaven. 

Jeffrey Williams wins Bravo's The Fashion Show. Did anybody watch? 

Emmaunelle Alt talks to The Telegraph's Hilary Alexander and reveals she wears Topshop. Anna giggles. 

Justin Bieber makes the cover of Love. A certain writer does not love this. 

Here is something they don't prepare you for in journalism school: You might interview Tom Ford naked.

Baptiste Giabiconi gets naked for Karl and Interview. We so know you're going to look at that!  

Alan Cumming debuts his advice column for Chic Report. How to ever to enjoy life? Find out! 

The J. Crew team heads to Italy to create the perfect shoe. Prego! 

Michelle Obama wears Prabal Gurung on Oprah. We're sure he just haaaaaated that!

Does Anna Dello Russo have the Obama chin? Our body language expert thinks so.  

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