2011 January 28

Transformations by Lulu Frost's Lisa Salzer

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Look How Chic A Turban Is! Look How Chic A Turban Is!
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Lulu Frost's Lisa Salzer is back with more ideas and inspirations that you can do yourself! This week, she brings back a style that Chic adores: the turban.

"Today, let's explore the wonderful world of an instant DIY accessory, the classic turban.  I'd love to take a look at this style secret that unites some of the chicest women that have graced the planet, from beauties as diverse as Greta Garbo, Marlene Deitrich, Coco Chanel, Kate Moss, Bianca Jagger, Ali MacGraw and the Queen of England herself.  These style icons all have a shared understanding of the power of the turban to transform, beautify and add that certain je ne sai quoi as fast as you can find a bit of fabric and tie it in a knot.

To illustrate the potential to be found in your own closet, I've asked our wonderful Lulu Frost employees, design director Carly Leach and accounts director Claire Dennig, to model my impromptu half-turbans pinned with vintage brooches.  They did so quite gracefully for being yanked from their desks mid-work week, and both styles were literally created in a matter of seconds. The more casual the knot, the more tangled the locks beneath, the better. This style is all about the casual approach, and you just can't get it wrong.  Both ladies loved the instant style transformation so much that I expect to see them hitting the town in these DIY numbers come fashion week. It's as simple as finding a pretty scarf in your closet, tying a knot right in the middle of the thing and then winding it several times around the crown of your head, tucking in the ends of the scarf near the nape of the neck. For the final touch, pin a vintage brooch on the side of the central knot and add a bobby pin or two on each side to secure. Then throw that head up high and head out onto the town!

Lulu & Co."

Check out our Gallery for pictures

2011 January 28

Getting To Know You: Bibhu Mohapatra

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It's Bibhu! It's Bibhu!
Photo by Patrick McMullan
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After 9 years at J.Mendel, Bibhu Mohapatra launched his eponymous collection to raves in February 2009. After winning the FGI's Rising Star Award last year, and given a studio space in the CFDA Incubator, he's showing Fall 2011 at Lincoln Center on February 15 from 1:30 to 2:30 p.m.. Call TJ and demand a seat!

Name: Bibhu Mohapatra

Age: 37

Birthplace: Orissa, India

Animal of choice: Dogs

Hours of sleep: 7

Number: 7

Toothpaste: Mentadent

Word: "Requiem"

Drink: Water

Entree: grilled mediterranean white fish with vegetables

Best recent read: “The Eagle Dances With the Tiger” in The Economist

Body part: hands

Showtune: “ I Am What I Am”

Tool: A soldering iron

Intern's name: Von Eric

Favorite Tweeter: @PrabalGurung

Coffee order: whole milk, two cubes of sugar, and hot!

Day: Tuesday

Exercise: Breathing

Greatest expenditure: a three-month trip to Europe

Escape plan: A cottage over looking the Arabian Sea in South Goa, India.

Illicit crush: Tilda Swinton

What makes you jealous?  Leisure

Dance: ...in the dark

Average monthly drycleaning bill:  $3 per shirt, 28 shirts per month...so $84.

Mode of transportation: subway

When did you give up your AOL account? I honestly never had one. No offense, AOL.

2011 January 28

VMAN Introduces Us to Seth Kuhlman, And We Do Not Complain

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Seth Kuhlman's Big VMAN Break Seth Kuhlman's Big VMAN Break
Photos by Bruce Weber
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The next issuue of VMAN hits stands on February 10th, but here's an exclusive look at Bruce Weber's shoot with 20-year old newbie Seth Kuhlman. Eye candy, anyone?

2011 January 27

Picture This: Yoana Baraschi In India

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Yoana In India Yoana In India
Photo courtesy of Yoana Baraschi
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Yoana Baraschi recently visited India to source fabric and collection inspiration for her upcoming collection. Check out our Gallery for pictures from her trip! 

2011 January 27

The Scent Of Wes Gordon

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Wes Gordon Wes Gordon
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Designer Wes Gordon comes to his senses.


"As I write this, the studio is a whirlwind of Fall 2011 preparations. Samples are being worked on, muslins fitted, production arrangements made, and Spring 2011 pieces shipped.  Taking a break to write this column is one of the few moments free from the chaos I've had all day! As I sit here at the couch in my studio, someone lights one of my favorite candles, and the air begins to carry that familiar, wonderful scent.  On my desk, on the coffee table, in the bathroom, all over my apartment, are the beautiful amber-glass-and-gold-label candles by Cire Trudon.  I¹m obsessed with small, old companies that have perfected their product and don¹t stray too far from their niche: old-world masters of their craft. 


I¹ve always loved Patrick Süskind's novel Perfume and its tale of the brilliant but murderous olfactory-overwhelmed perfumer in the 18th century. I think that if the novel's protaganist were to have a favorite candle nowadays, it would undoubtedly be a Cire Trudon. Founded in 1643, the company opened as a French candle company and grocer on Rue Saint Honore. In 1719, it became the official supplier of wax to the Royal Court.  It went on to manufacture candles for Marie Antonette, Napoleon, and some of the great European cathedrals.  To celebrate his son's birth, Napoleon bestowed upon the newborn a single gift: a Trudon candle covered in gold coins with his portrait. Now, several hundred years later, the wicks of Cire Trudon are still burning-- albeit it's an entirely new world that they're illuminating!  My office (which, while nice, is an incredibly far cry from Versailles) contains probably a dozen of their "Mademoiselle de la Vallère" scent.  My apartment? "Roi du Soliel."  It used to have to be the (rather enviable) task of an intern to travel to the 6th floor of Bergdorf when our supplies dwindled. Now, however, Cire Trudon has opened its own New York store: on the corner of Bond and Bowery beneath Billy Reid and Rogan (which is dangerously close to my house).


As is often said, scent is one of our most powerful senses and is tied directly to our memories. The Cire Trudon candles always bring me back to such specific and wonderful memories. Creed, another excellent company which has perfected their trade, is another Proustian touchstone for me. Since middle school, I've worn Creed 'Imperial' and, as a result, all my clothes now have a lingering touch of the scent. I cannot smell Creed's 'Spring Flowers' without thinking of my mom (who has worn it as long as I've been alive). Perhaps if one smells WESGORDON clothes hard enough in Harrods, Saks, or Neimans, she might notice a hint of tuberose (the main ingredient of "Mademoiselle de la Vallère") from when the garments passed through the studio. And here I go, back to work!" 

2011 January 27

What Men Will Want to Wear, According to GQ

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Michael Bastian of Gant Michael Bastian of Gant
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GQ, the sharpest of the man bibles on the mag market, released the designer finalists for the fourth annual "Best New Menswear Designers in America," in prep for its February 10 presentation at the Ace Hotel during fashion week. Dockers and Bloomingdale's are partnering on the celebration of the latest lad designers, with support from CFDA. The dapper coterie of judges includes Tommy Hilfiger, CFDA executive director Steven Kolb and GQ editor in chief Jim Nelson. The six fashion newbies that GQ goes gaga over?  Warriors of Radness, Patrick Ervell, Riviera Club, T by Alexander Wang, Gant by Michael Bastian and Miller's Oath. All will be featured in the March issue; all are doing a design collab with Dockers. We're predicting the advent of the "khort"...


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