2011 February 8

A Chic Sneak Peek

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Walk This Way Walk This Way
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Who doesn't love a sneak peek? Tuleste Market sent us over a preview sketch of their collaboration with Ruffian to be revealed at their runway show on Friday. The shoe, called Smoke & Mirrors, will retail for $395, and it looks like an "f-me pump" if there ever was one. Tuleste Market's footwear launched to the trade at Compass this past fall and will start shipping to select retailers soon. Can't wait to see it in the flesh. 

2011 February 7

Look of The Daily: Nicole Kidman in YSL

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Nicole Kidman in YSL Nicole Kidman in YSL
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California dreaming! Nicole Kidman sported an Yves Saint Laurent silk chiffon halter dress in a Marrakesh-inspired shade of papaya (avec a fingerprint motif) to the 83rd Academy Awards Nominations luncheon held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on February 7, 2011 in Beverly Hills.  

2011 February 7

And Now an Update From Our Friends at Prada...

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Lily Donaldson in Prada, photographed by Terry Richardson Lily Donaldson in Prada, photographed by Terry Richardson
Harper's Bazaar, January 2011
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For those of you waiting, anxiously and breathlessly, for the arrival of Prada's monkey-riffic Spring 2011 collection, sorry—you're going to have to go to Milan with stripes, and only stripes. According to a lovely sales associate at the Fifth Avenue Prada boutique, Spring merch is still en route...and while there is one striped pair of open-toe Mary Janes, the real Spring 2011 shoe—the espadrille wedge oxford—hasn't arrived. And when it does, the sole will be less clunky than the runway style. Alas! Just get it here! 

2011 February 7

Sports 101 with Adam Brecht: Hitting the Slopes

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SPORTS_600.jpg SPORTS_600.jpg
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Our athletics expert Adam Brecht  is always looking for new ways to compare sports and fashion.

"When the weather turns cold, there are only two things to do: ski or stay inside and...focus on Fashion Week!  If you've received no Fashion Week invites -- I'm just saying hypothetically -- then head out of town to the slopes!  You'll look great -- and discover similar features in the skiing and garment worlds:


Skiing: Long ride to the top. Fast, blurred trip to the bottom. Repeat right away.

Fashion: Long ride to the top. Fast, blurred trip to the bottom. Repeat every 10 years.


Skiing: Wax your Rossignols.

Fashion: Wax your particulars.


Skiing: The sight of snow makes you smile and breathe.

Fashion: The sight of snow makes you snap and seethe.


Skiing: Stuck on the lift with college kids on leave.

Fashion: Stuck in the lift with 10 wigs and a weave.


Skiing: Chalet apres-ski with starlight, black turtlenecks and a casted leg.

Fashion: Chic apres-show with the stars and cast of Black Swan.


Until next time!"  



2011 February 7

"If Only" by Cynthia Rowley: Calf-Toning Heels

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Calf Toner Heels Calf Toner Heels
Original Sketch by Cynthia Rowley for Chic Report
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Cynthia Rowley shows at the Stage at Lincoln Center on Friday night, but she's still turning out inventions that she'd make—"if only" she had the time. Having trouble squeezing in your Equinox sessions? Introducing the Calf-Toning Heels. Venture capitalists, call her! 




2011 February 7

Getting To Know You: Organic's John Patrick

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John Patrick with Serena Merriman John Patrick with Serena Merriman
Photo via Patrick McMullan
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Organic's John Patrick kicks off fashion week early with a presentation at Skylight West on Wednesday morning. 

Birthplace: Albany, NY
Favorites: "I don't play favorites. It is, or it isn't—period."
Favorite animal:"My dog, Boo, or Spats, the new cat of my best friend's youngest daughter, Thea."
Sleep schedule: "It depends. Sometimes, none."
Street of choice: "Rural delivery. I don't like streets."
Numbers: "7 & 11."
Toothpaste: "I am going to write a letter to Tata Harper and ask her if she can make me some."
Word: "Parvenu."  
Drink: "NYC tap water."
Entree: "Sweet brown rice organice with Columbia County carrots and Massachusets miso."  
Favorite Recent Magazine Article:  "I loved the issue of Vanity Fair that had the story about Randy and Evie Quaid." 
Showtune: "The theme from Shaft."  
Tool:  "A small hammer hat my friend Peter uses when he hangs pictures for me. He's an artist so I trust him."  
Intern's name: "It's still Vernon Davis, but he barely shows up. I'm looking for a new one."  
Favorite Tweeter: "That's a tough one."  
Coffee order: "Independently in the lobby of the Ace Hotel."  
Exercise: "My little trampoline on the 4th floor of my live work establishment."  
Greatest expenditure: "It used to be shoes, Bonora, now it would seem to be architects."  
Escape plan: "I'll open a miso farm factory business in Nicaragua."
Dance: "Travolta in Saturday Night Fever, of course."  
Average dry cleaning bill: "Zero. I wash my clothes."  
Mode of transportation: "Bicycle."  
When did you give up your AOL account? "Luckily, I never had one."  
What make you jealous: "Nothing. I'm satisfied with my lot in life."  

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