2011 February 9

A Moment With...Rachel Roy

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Rachel Roy Rachel Roy
Patrick McMullan
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Rachel Roy popped into The Lion last night to support her "gorgeous" ami Brian Atwood and his new B by Brian Atwood collection. Chic caught up with the designer--busy readying for her Tuesday presentation--to gab about what every woman loves most...shoes!

Who's your muse of the moment?
Genevieve Jones. She is my favorite jewelry designer and she has the most amazing energy. 

What's your best sample sale advice?
Skip them and make friends. When you have friends, they give you the samples.

What are your favorite pair of shoes?
This Givenchy pair I’m wearing. I have them in black and brown and I've been wearing them every single day. I wear Alaia on dates, and oxfords to business meetings. 

Do you ever skip the heel so you're not taller than a guy?
Are you kidding? Not me!

2011 February 9

Alan Cumming Answers Your Questions

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Alan Cumming Solves Your Problems! Alan Cumming Solves Your Problems!
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Chic's old pal Alan Cumming is back with the answers to life's greatest challenges.

Dear Alan,
What's the best gift to give my Valentine?

I have to say I think the whole Valentine's Day thing is a crock of commercialised shit. Shouldn't you be kind and considerate and loving to your partner all the time, and not just when the retail industry is in a mid-season slump and tells you to so it can screw you out of more cash for shitty chocolates and vomit-inducing sentiments on greetings cards?  Let's all be crazy and start a love revolution this year: don't buy any of that red crap and just tell your partner you love them every day, and make a little bit of time every day to remember why you wanted to be with them in the first place, or tell them why you can't remember. 

Dear Alan,
My boyfriend likes to collect all sorts of clutter and chotchkies, where as I like the minimalist look. How will we ever move in together?  

Honestly, it's not looking good.  Maybe your minimalist approach doesn't only apply to your decor taste?

Dear Alan,
Every time a boy shows genuine interests in me, I run for the hills. What's my problem? 

You get turned off by boys who are into you because you aren't into yourself.  You need to look at that, because until you do and begin to believe that you are worthy of others' genuine interest, you're going to f*ck with a lot of people's heads and you're going to be lonely.  Swim in lake you for a bit, the water's lovely.

Dear Alan,
My neighbor has a dog that barks all day long, and I work from home. I'm sick and tired of this! 

Of course you should say something if it is affecting your work!  The owners probably have no idea the dog is doing this, and I am sure after a quick chat with a dog trainer they could start the process to make it stop. Speak up, or people will stop listening!

Questions for Alan? Send them to chicreport@chicreport.com!


2011 February 9

Look Of The Daily: Ms. Aniston in Dolce & Gabbana

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Jennifer Aniston Jennifer Aniston
Getty Images
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Has Jennifer Aniston ever looked better? The star of Just Go With It  WENT WITH IT at the NYC premiere of her new film last night in New York. Jen was a lady in black in Dolce & Gabbana, carrying a Burberry bag, and she looked stunning. All the single ladies...now put your hands up! Bravo! 

2011 February 9

Daughter Knows Best

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Jeans En Vogue? Jeans En Vogue?
Photo via Getty Images
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As we all know, Emmanuelle Alt is the new EIC of Vogue Paris, so we're curious about everything that comes out of her mouth—for now. So, What does she wear?   

“I like vintage. Balmain. Givenchy. Chanel. I love jeans. I wear a lot of jeans. I have that French-girl thing of always wanting to wear a cashmere sweater with a pair of jeans. Mine are J Brand, Acne—and I like Topshop. I don’t want them to be “designed.” Jeans should be jeans. I rarely wear skirts. My daughter is just the same. I’ll try to convince her to wear a skirt, or a dress, and she’ll look at me say, ‘Why? You don’t." 

2011 February 9

All About Aritzia

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Aritzia's Wilfred Collection, F/W 2010 Aritzia's Wilfred Collection, F/W 2010
Courtesy of Aritzia
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Oh, Canada! You've given us Linda Evangelista, Degrassi and delicious maple syrup. This May, the second east coast outpost of 26-year-old Canadian boutique Aritzia will bring a dash of Canadian style to some prime downtown real estate on the corner of Spring and Broadway. West coast dwellers, Chicagoans and those willing to trek to Short Hills, NJ have been acquainted with the brand for a few years. Yesterday, Chic got a sneak peek at Aritzia's "Shop Before the Shop" event, and it wasn't the bubbly or the macarons that made us drool. In addition to labels like Marc by Marc, J Brand and See by Chloe, Aritzia's eight in-house collections run the gamut. Pick from perfect cargos and hoodies in the Pacific Northwest-inspired TNA line to stylish work frocks from T.Babaton. "Aritizia really values the type of woman who's not trying to hard," senior product developer Natasha Wells told Chic. Gotham girls will flock to the Moveable Feast line, which made its debut with a Fall/Winter 2010 collection and has lots of moody neutrals, pops of cream and raw edges in store for Spring/Summer 2011. Check out last season's runway show to get the gist of Aritzia's assortment, and start spring cleaning your closet to make room for nubby knits a notch above American Apparel and some frothy sheer blouses in shades of seafoam and coral.

2011 February 8

La Vie en Ruffian: Lunch Avec Irina Lazareanu

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La Vie En Ruffian La Vie En Ruffian
Who are the boys meeting this week?
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The Ruffians are showing their collection at the Studio at the Tents on Friday morning, but haven't forgotten about you Chicsters! They recently sat down with model Irina Lazareanu.

"Irina Lazareanu is a Renaissance woman. In addition to her divine physical beauty, she is a poet, chanteuse, creative consultant, and muse to many designers, artists and musicians. In the Deco elegance of  Le Caprice at the Pierre Hotel (brilliantly redesigned under the thoughtful eye of  Martin Brudnizki), we were honored with her presence for lunch.  The meal and service was nothing less than Epicurean perfection. Here's an abbreviated transcript."


Brian: Irina, what’s new?  Your agent just called and told us you were 5 minutes away, 10 minutes ago. Brilliant!


Irina: I'm performing this weekend at Don Hills. We just did four shows in Paris.  But wait—I can't say anything before I put my headband on.


Brian: “s that headband part of your new Japanese collection?


Irina: No, my new Japanese is collection is mostly little 3-piece suits…for girls.


Claude: I love your headband. It’s very Tamara de Lempicka!


Brian: I think it’s more All about Eve.


Irina: My favorite musical is A Chorus Line and my favorite documentary about it is called Every Little Step.


Claude: For sure, it’s better than Black Swan.


Brian: I don’t want to see anything that makes me sad.


Irina: The ship is burning around us. Let’s just pretend it is a big cabaret, darling.  I’m Liza Minnelli!


Brian: That reminds of my favorite short story, “The Masque of the Red Death" by Edgar Allan Poe. I guess it’s better to be naïve sometimes, like Marie Antoinette.


Irina: As long as we don’t lose our heads in the end.  The world is crazy now, and I fear there often needs to be bloodshed for change. The world is dying. My grandfather used to say, “History doesn’t repeat itself. Men repeat their mistakes."


Brian: I often feel guilty about working in fashion, but at least we are not hurting anyone by creating fashion, fantasy and beauty.


Irina: To be different, unique or yourself scares people.  The criticism part of the industry is often the hardest when you are out of the box. It’s the same with music.  We are about to play for South by Southwest in Austin.


Claude: We love Texas!


Irina: Did you guys ever see Best Little Whorehouse in Texas with Dolly Parton and Burt Reynolds? I


Brian: Did you know Dolly is friends with lots of fashion people, like Calvin Klein?


Claude: Ok, back to your band.  Tell us about it!


Irina: It's called Operation Juliette, and it's a collaboration of other bands that come together. Adam Green, Sean Lennon, Albert from The Strokes, Mark Ronson, Lady Hawk, etc…different people from different levels of experience and from different cities. The band changes and metamorphosizes depending on the city we are in.  We have a set list and we send it in advance, so everyone learns each other’s songs. Then we have one practice, one sound check and then the gig!! It’s an improvisation. It’s like a huge jam in my living room, but in different cities.. It was named after the biggest acid bust in London. The new single is coming out in three weeks! I am so happy right now. I feel like a little kid. I tried hard to be everything everyone wanted me to be because I had no idea of who I was anymore. Now is my time to take my wings and do what satisfies me. My spoken word and poetry is so personal, like my music.  Some people are clever and some people are wise. I prefer wise people. When you’re innocent you can’t be arrogant. I am extremely happy.


Brian: Where have you been traveling?


Irina: I was in Paris and I walked in to the men’s Victor and Rolf show. I’m really into this hotel in the 7th arrondissement called Hotel Thoumieux. It’s very small and private, only 10 rooms, and the restaurant is great. 


Claude: Oh, we are totally obsessed with this restaurant Derriere in Paris. You need to try it.


Brian: What’s the theme song that captures your life right now?


Irina: “Fleetwood Mac's "Landslide!"


Claude: OMG. Stevie Nicks and Rod Stewart are touring together.  We need to go. It’s a strange mix, but what the hell?


Brian: So in terms of your Japanese line, has your experience as a model informed your process as designer?


Irina: I am not going to call myself a designer.  I have ideas and I know what I like. I come up with concepts and I am learning, which has been a wonderful process. I think it’s fairer to call myself a consultant or a stylist. You need to know your strengths, like in music. I like to write, poetry and lyrics. When you model, you are often a part of a canvas, which I love, but I really love to create.


Claude: Do you have to go to Japan a lot? Where are your favorite hotspots there?


 Irina: I love this place called Casba. It’s a little living room in a basement somewhere.


Brian: And what’s your next fun personal trip?


Irina: I am really excited to go to Peru.  My friend is really good friends with the shaman of Machu Picchu. I can’t wait to go in March.


Claude: What can you not leave home without in your bag?


Irina: My keys!


Brian: And since you and Claude are both Quebecois, where are your favorite things to do in your hometown?


Irina: I love Montreal, it will be home for me forever! It’s so cool and relaxed! For poutine (the national dish of Quebec), La Belle Province! Yum!"


Claude: Ok, in honor of your new Japanese line, “Rini by Irina”, we have a few questions about your favorite Japanese things!


Favorite sushi roll? "Salmon"

Fave Japanese dish? "Udon noodles."

Favorite Japanese restaurant? "Rue Saint Anne."

Favorite Japanese designer? "Yohji Yamamoto."

Japanese artist or director? "Kurosawa."

Favorite Japanese performance? "Kabuki theatre in Ginza. Sadly, it's closing." 

Don't miss our Gallery for pictures from lunch!





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