2011 February 10

Discovering Daphne Groeneveld

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Daphne at Dior Haute Couture Daphne at Dior Haute Couture
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OK, Chic actually fell in love with the 16-year-old Dutch stunner at the Calvin Klein Collection show in September, but after she hit every couture runway worth mentioning, we figured it was high time for a phoner.

Hi, Daphne! How were you discovered?
I was shopping with my mom in Amsterdam when a woman came up to us and started talking about modeling.

So you’ve been modeling for how long now?
One year. My favorite [experience] was for sure the cover with Tom Ford. And the [fall 2010] campaign for Miu Miu. At the shoot we had to make a video, and we got dancing lessons from Madonna, so that was pretty cool. She’s amazing. I didn’t know she was Madonna at first, so I was not nervous.

You were busy in Paris this past January.
I did the haute couture shows for Dior and Chanel and for Valentino, which was a great honor.

Did you have a favorite dress that you walked in?
I liked all the dresses. But my favorite color is pink and my dress for Dior was pink, so I loved that dress.

What other designers do you hope to walk for?
When I’m older, I really want to walk the Victoria’s Secret show. I think that’s great—but when I’m older. I’m 16, and that’s too young. Maybe when I’m 20 or something.

How did you learn to walk on the runway in the first place?
I had two lessons in Holland from my agent, and after that I had to practice a lot at home.

How many hours do you think you put into practicing?
I think 10 minutes every day.


Did you know much about fashion before you started?
No. I mean, I love fashion, but it was not like…I didn’t know what Vogue was. I didn’t read it at all.

Do you have any brothers and sisters?
I have one brother. He is nearly 18 and he is proud of me. He tells all his friends about me. He doesn’t like that me and my mom are away from home so much, but he understands that this comes with it.

Do his friends think it’s really cool that his sister is a hot model?
Yeah, for sure.

What other models do you admire?
I love Lara Stone. It feels like she’s my big sister. She’s so sweet.

And do you have a current crush?
No. I don’t have a boyfriend at the moment, and to be honest, I would not have the time.

So, what do you think of Justin Bieber?
I respect a lot what he has done for his age. I mean, he’s 16, and he’s a great singer.

Do you have Bieber Fever?

It’s called Bieber Fever when people are obsessed with him.
No. I never heard of it.

2011 February 10

A Moment With...Joan Collins

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Joan Collins Joan Collins
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Just because, we called up the inimitable Joan Collins for a fash-week dash of wisdom.

What do you think about the state of fashion today?
I do not like it. It’s non-suitable for the average woman, and I consider myself to be the average woman in size. Actually, I’m a bit taller, and a bit thinner. I think some of the clothes look stunning on 20-year-old six-footers with no boobs, but I think it’s terribly difficult for a woman who has a body like God meant a woman’s body to look.

Who do you love?
Michael Kors. He genuinely likes a woman’s body. I know the fashion pack derides ’80s fashion, but quite frankly, those clothes were incredibly flattering. And I do think that’s what fashion should be. Am I being too harsh? Fashion from the forties, fifties, and sixties was cute, but the eighties….!

What are your favorite fashion show memories?
Valentino was simply divine, and I went to Gianni Versace’s show a lot in the late eighties. But I haven’t been recently, quite frankly, because I don’t like what I see. I just got a Dolce dress at Harvey Nichols last week. I like it very much, but I had to add sleeves, because I think any woman over 40 shouldn’t be flapping her arms around.

Why are you so anti-jean, Joan?
I find them terribly uncomfortable. The only way they really look good is if they’re really, really tight.

Do you read fashion magazines?
Oh, yes! Of course. I read them all. Glenda Bailey is my favorite editor. She’s a really good friend.

How do you know Glenda?
When she was in college, she came to do an interview with me when I was in a play. We’ve been good friends ever since. She’s a brilliant editor, and we always see each other whenever I’m in New York. She is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met—and to be in fashion and to be nice is quite unusual, actually.

2011 February 10

Gaga's Mean Girl Moment

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Gaga in Vogue Gaga in Vogue
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Gaga gets deep and meaningful in the March issue of Vogue, telling the style bible: “I want for people in the universe, my fans and otherwise, to essentially use me as an escape....I am the jester to the kingdom. I am the route out. I am the excuse to explore your identity. To be exactly who you are and to feel unafraid. To not judge yourself, to not hate yourself. Because, as funny as it is that I am on the cover of Vogue—and no one is laughing harder than I am—I was the girl in school who was most likely to walk down the hallway and get called a slut or a bitch or ugly or big nose or nerd or dyke. ‘Why are you in the chorus?’ ” 

2011 February 10

Bonjour, Daily in Print!

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The Daily Front Row The Daily Front Row
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It's an open secret that we live—and die—for our dear Daily in print. So do you, obvi. Now, we love it when the office-bound fashionetti call us to messenger a stack of print copies—no really, Graydon, it's OK!—but you can also download the entire issue here, gratis. On a related note: Is this our most glorious cover ever or what?

2011 February 10

Dress You Up In Her Love

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It's the Madonna Show Shoe It's the Madonna Show Shoe
Photo Via Kobi Levi
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Madonna's Blond Ambition world tour from 1990 finally gets a release on DVD later this year. That's the Holy Grail for certain Madge fans. Shoe designer Kobi Levi recently created this hilarious pair of Blond Ambition heels, inspired by the famous Gaultier Bustier and ponytail. Thoughts? Leave a comment. 

2011 February 9

Simon Says! Doonan's New Role

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Amanda Brooks, Guillaume Henry and Simon Doonan Amanda Brooks, Guillaume Henry and Simon Doonan
Photo Via Billy Farrell
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Alexa Chung co-hosted Carven's spring collection trunk show at Barneys yesterday. Newly appointed creative ambassador-at-large Simon Doonan was there, and told us he's just returned from trunk shows around the country with Carven's French designer Guillaume Henry. "Guilaume is an important new voice in fashion," Doonan told Chic Report. "I just went to LA, Chicago and San Fran with him and in every city, people were already aware of him." Which American city stole the Frenchie's heart? "I can't say I have a favorite place," he said diplomatically. "I love them all." Doonan, meanwhile, was optimistic about his new role. "I was always involved in events and PR, but it's a little more skewed in that direction," he says. "The big change for me is not designing the windows anymore, which I'm very comfortable with. I was worried that as I head toward sixty that I was going to become the world's oldest window dresser. It's almost a little monkey off my back." 

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