2011 February 17

Look Of The Daily: The Pink Poodle in Isaac Mizrahi

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The Pink Poodle Has Fun With Fur The Pink Poodle Has Fun With Fur
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Isaac Mizrahi enlisted an assortment of colorful pups to hit his runway this morning, but it was this gal backstage that really worked her look. So often, Chic's the Look of the Daily belongs to Demi, Julianne or Natalie...but today, the honor belongs to The Pink Poodle. 

2011 February 17

Daily Quiz! Who's the Last Person You Saw Topless?

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Liya Kebede, Kate Betts Liya Kebede, Kate Betts
WILL RAGOZZINO/PatrickMcMullan.com
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In honor of Republican congressman Chris Lee, who reportedly sent a shirtless photo of himself to some random on Craigslist, The Daily wondered...Who's the last person you saw topless?

Ed Helms: John C. Reilly in the trailer of Cedar Rapids.
Sigourney Weaver: My husband runs a theater down in Tribeca, and people are always taking their clothes off down there.
Hugo Becker, Gossip Girl: My Labrador, Mozart.
Jessica Igoe, American Express: Taye Diggs. We were in Bikram together.
Paz de la Huerta: Um…
Chloë Sevigny: My friend Lizzy.
Alexander Wang: The model I just fit for my show right before coming here.
Patrik Ervell: Well, there’s a model over there without a shirt on.
Tommy Hilfiger: That guy, that model.
Kate Betts: My husband, I guess.
Seth Plattner: Daniel Tosh.
Hyden Yoo: Myself. Oh, and all of these models at my presentation. I don’t get out much.
Elie Tahari: A picture of President Obama in one of the newspapers.
Lynn Yaeger: My best friend in the fitting room of the Prada outlet at Woodbury Commons.
Tory Burch: I tweeted about that congressman this morning!
Joe Zee: Our April cover girl—I can’t tell you who!
Bryanboy: My boyfriend. I’d like to see you topless…


2011 February 16

A Moment with...Tyler Ellis

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Carlos Campos, Tyler Ellis Carlos Campos, Tyler Ellis
PATRICK MCMULLAN/PatrickMcMullan.com
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Have you given up on the West Coast?

Tyler:  Yes! I have.  I live here now, but I’m in Paris all the time.  I’m here for good. I am certain.

As a little girl, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Tyler: A ballerina. Or a nurse…

When did you figure out that you wanted to work in fashion?

Tyler: I studied film and television in college and then I read a biography on my father.  I was suddenly inspired. I felt really connected to him, so I decided to move to New York. I worked for Michael Kors for a little while and then I wanted to start my own thing. I’ve always loved handbags.

Do you wear any of your father’s old pieces?

Tyler: I do!  I have a bunch of sweaters. I went over to FIT and studied all of his old fashion shows. One of my favorite items is black and white sweater with large polka dots.

You must have had the closet growing up. Anything embarrassing in there that you regret?

Tyler: Yes, palazzo pants!

Which shows have you loved so far this fashion week?

Tyler: I was in Europe finishing up the bags until a couple of days ago, but saw the Marc Jacobs show. It was really great. I had a fever, so I watched the show and ran back home. I missed the after party. I was so sad!

2011 February 16

Hoop Dreams

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Yigal Azrouel Yigal Azrouel
RYAN MCCUNE / PatrickMcMullan.com
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If you played a pick-up game of basketball, who in the fashion industry would you want on your team?

Yigual Azrouel: John Galliano. Someone fun, like Jean Paul Gaultier. And Marc Jacobs. That would be funny. Oh, and Karl Lagerfeld! Imagine him playing basketball.

Anjelica Houston: Michael Kors. He'd be captain of the team. I'd have the little Zac Posen. I'd have Donna Karan because she's a great team spirit girl.

Hilary Alexander: Who's tall? Karlie Kloss because she's sporty and six feet tall. And Anna Wintour because she plays tennis and she's really competitive. 

Mary Alice Stephenson: L'Wren Scott because she's the only girl in fashion taller than I am. It would be pussy power galore to have an all female team. 

Angie Harmon: Andre Leon Tally for height. Michael Kors for the uniforms. And Louboutin for shoes.

2011 February 16

Loving Life! With Suzy Menkes

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Suzy Menkes Suzy Menkes
Getty Images
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How are you this morning?
When was the last time you were in South America? 
I just flew in from São Paulo two days ago. 
What was your favorite part? Did you party?
The best part of Brazil is the guys! They are all good-looking, and they are all smiling. Everyone is smiling. New York could learn a thing or two about that.
What was your favorite thing to eat in Brazil?
I don’t know the names of all these things. 
How do you keep your energy up during fashion week? Do you go on the treadmill?
Every time there is a great show, I feel a great surge of energy; every time there is a bad show, I collapse. There is nothing you can do about that. There should be more good shows.
Were you named after anyone? 
I wish I could say Suzie Wong, but I don’t think that would be truthful.

2011 February 16

The Daily Wonders...How Long Do You Sleep?

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Fern Mallis and Bill Cunningham Fern Mallis and Bill Cunningham
Getty Images
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Emmanuelle Alt:
 That’s a crazy question. Seven? Something like that. 

Suzy Menkes: I try for six hours. 

Christina Hendricks: My dream amount would be nine or 10 hours a night. When I’m working, five or six.

Brad Goreski: Last night? Many! I’m pacing myself this year. I don’t want to go home with the fashion flu.

Stephen Gan: I need a lot of sleep—minimum eight hours. 

Bill Cunningham: A normal amount.

Woolrich’s Paula Gerbase: Depends on the season. Between two and eight.

Cindi Leive: Waaaay too few. I can’t answer that. I’m off the wagon.

Leighton Meester: As many as I can, but unfortunately not more than seven. But that’s enough! 

Stacey Bendet: Usually I get six or seven, but this week has been a little crazy.

Fern Mallis: Not enough! I’m guilty of—at 1 in the morning—of watching what I’ve recorded all week and before I know it, it’s 3 or 3:30, and I yell at myself and go to sleep.

Mark Indelicato: Four or five hours tops. Sometimes it’s two or three. In L.A. when I have nothing to do, it’s normally eight or nine.

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