2011 February 18

In Case You Missed It......

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Highlights From A Busy Week! Highlights From A Busy Week!
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We know some of you were a little preoccupied this week, but what did you miss?

Can't we all get along? Calvin Klein's 21-year-old boyfriend Nick Gruber VS. Playgirl! 

Kingston Rosdale joins Mommy on the runway. Just like your childhood.

Suzy Menkes wants you to put on your happy face! 

Robert Duffy gives us good quote.  

Zac Efron wore Calvin Klein, Calvin Klein, Calvin Klein, Calvin Klein, Calvin Klein, Calvin Klein, Calvin Klein, Calvin Klein, Calvin Klein to Calvin Klein.

Who was Tommy Hilfiger named after? 

Can someone please get Hilary Alexander the patch?

A margarita with Liz SmithYes, Please.  

Discovering model Daphne Groenveld. Oblivious to Bieber Fever! We love her for that.  

Kate Moss smooches ANOTHER MAN! Who could it be? Oh.......  

CNN brings fashion coverage back. "My joke these days is that my two big interview 'gets' are Kim Jong-il and Anna Wintour," correspondent Alina Cho told the NY Times. "Actually I don't know which one is harder to get."  

Lady Gaga wants Marisa Tomei to play her in a movie. This doesn't have a lot to do with fashion, but it's just so weird. 

A web-site devoted to Emmanuelle Alt. Qui!  

Karl Lagerfeld is not selling the Gramercy apartment that he's never lived in.

We found The Daily's youngest and chicest reader!  

Vivienne Westwood presents Emma Stone with a style icon award, but doesn't know who the hell she is.

Will you sit on the hammock in Alexander Wang's first flagship store? 


2011 February 18

A Moment With LAMB's Gwen Stefani

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Gwen and Her King On The Runway Last Night Gwen and Her King On The Runway Last Night
Photo via Getty
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Gwen Stefani's L.A.M.B. ended fashion week with a bang last night at the tents. Chic Report caught up with the singer, designer, wife and mommy before her collection, and found out what cover she'll be on next! 


What do your kids think of your gig as a fashion designer? 


They're excited. We were playing beauty shop before I came here. I'm trying to get my son Kingston to let me straighten his hair. He was into it. I think I have about six more months of that, and he's likely to be over it because he's four and a half. 


Kingston was so cute on the runway at the end of your show in September.


He's always cute.


You're a fashion icon to many. Who is Gwen's fashion icon?


I love Vivienne Westwood, John Galiano, Bjork, Julie Andrews....


What do you call your hairstyle?


I don't know. A q-tip puff? I don't know what it is!


Do you get nervous?


Nope. I'm not nervous. I do get nervous right before the models go on.  I get nervous before I'm going to walk out because it's just so different than a concert. Maybe this time I won't! 


What will you do to celebrate the collection tonight? 


I have to shoot tomorrow, I don't have to, I get to shoot the cover of Elle tomorrow. So I probably won't be celebrating too much. I'll be getting some ZZZZZ's. 

2011 February 18

Overheard at Marc Jacobs

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Sweet Brad Goreski Sweet Brad Goreski
Photo via Billy Farrell
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Brad Goreski gushing to Fashion TV Host Jeanne Baker: "You are everything to me. You are my reason for wanting to be in fashion. You were my link! When I was a little tiny boy in Canada, I turned on Fashion TV every single night and made my family watch it. You were my window. You've impacted my life so much! It's a huge honor to talk to you. You have no idea what it meant to me to have your eyes and that news in my living room in Port Perry, Ontario. I've told many people and I'm glad I get to tell you. Thank you so much." 


2011 February 18

Small Talk with Aggy Deyn

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A Little Chit Chat with Ms. Deyn A Little Chit Chat with Ms. Deyn
Photo via Billy Farrell
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Front row small talk? We do it best! We caught up with the always friendly Agyness Deyn at Rebecca Minkoff. 

How do you know Rebecca?

We've known each other for years, when I first moved to New York. We've experienced lots of stuff together.

What did you do today?

I had some meetings, worked out, went for lunch and then came here.

Sounds very productive. What did you you do at the gym?

I was on the bike--I get a bit bored.

What do you watch on TV?

I love a documentary.

What would you never watch on TV?

Those shopping networks kind of annoy me.

2011 February 18

Can We Talk? Meeting Joan Rivers at Tahari!

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Joan Rivers Wearing... Guess Who! Joan Rivers Wearing... Guess Who!
Photo Via Patrick McMullan
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After chatting with her on the phone for the print edition of The Daily, Chic Report was delighted to have another little gab with Joan Rivers backstage at Elie Tahari.

Joan Rivers: I'm so excited. Every year I come to fashion week and it's so show 'biz. The excitement, the tension before the show, 'Will they like the clothes?', the models. It's very theatrical.

Have you ever been a model in a show?

Joan Rivers: Are you out of your mind? I look like one of these girls if a rock hit them.
Who are you wearing right now?
Joan Rivers: Tahari. I'm not stupid! But I am wearing Chanel shoes.
Your WE show is called Joans Knows Best, what does Joan know best? Are you sick of that question?

Joan Rivers: No! You're the first person that's ever asked me that question. Joan knows EVERYTHING best!

Give us some specifics!

Joan Rivers: Marry a rich man, don't be an ass, have a good time, life goes fast, all those stupid clichés.

Have you heard any good gossip lately?

Joan Rivers: No, but I'm very angry about Miley Cyrus's father saying what she turned into due to Disney. It started in the trailer home!

2011 February 17

Chatting with Allure's Linda Wells

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Allure's EIC Linda Wells and Kelly Ripa Celebrate 20 years of Allure Allure's EIC Linda Wells and Kelly Ripa Celebrate 20 years of Allure
Photo Via Patrick McMullan
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Linda Wells is celebrating 20 years of Allure in 2011, so we caught up with the founder and EIC at Herve Leger by Max Azria to talk about the past, present and future of the mag. 

Tell me about your 20th anniversary dinner hosted by your March covergirl Victoria Beckham.
It was at Minetta Tavern and was hosted by Victoria. She's a self-made beauty, designer and wife, mother. Victoria can sing, dance and walk in high heels. And David Beckham's not so bad, either!

What are some of the best moments of the past 20 years?
We did a story on models who did heroin and the whole heroin problem; we also uncovered the danger of the Brazilian blowout.

Do you want to stay there for another 20 years?
Nooooo. Where's the anti-aging lotion when you need it?

Where do you think the magazine will be in 20 years?
I think it will be a capsule. You'll ingest it, and it will do everything for you. Very Jetsons!

What else are you doing to celebrate the anniversary?
We have the 20th anniversary in March. We have a lot going on. It's going to be a very busy year. We're also re-launching our website, Allure.com, and launching our iPad app in May.

What are you most proud of? The longevity?
I couldn't ever be proud of longevity. That's like being proud of surviving. I don't know whether that's such a thing to be "proud" of. I'm happy with the fact that we figured out a way to cover beauty that's helpful and not puffy. We help women wade through this complicated subject that's full of hype and promotion. 

Is there anybody you'd still love to have on the cover?
We've never had Madonna, but I don't feel a huge need to. There was a time in the life of Allure that I thought it would have been great, but I don't feel any desire to now. It would be great to have Oprah on the cover, but that would be a little strange because she has her own magazine.

What was your best-selling cover?
I think it was the Olsen twins. We were the first magazine to put the Olsens on the cover together at that moment where they were first breaking into fashion. Angelina Jolie was an amazing seller.

What time do you go to the office every day?
It varies—either 8:30 or 9.

What time do you leave?
It's highly variable. Sometimes I leave at 6, and sometimes I leave at 9. I have kids, so it's always a nice thing to see them. They're 15 and 13.

What do they think of Mom's job?
They've never known anything different, because I had them both while I was there. They don't understand all the creams and lotions, but every once in awhile, they want a new Axe body-wash or they'll get excited about a new shampoo. 

That's a cool Mommy perk.
All the Axe you'd ever want! I could have got it at Duane Reade, though.

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