2011 February 23

Things To Discuss: Golden Models

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This is a look.... This is a look....
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Mon dieu! We'll refrain from making some obvious joke about the Oscars, but this look leaves us a wee speechless. How do you feel about golden models walking the runway at the Cassette Play show at Somerset House in London? Is it just too subtle for Fall? 

2011 February 23

A Moment With...Rebecca Taylor

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It's Rebecca Taylor It's Rebecca Taylor
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Chic recently had a chat with designer Rebecca Taylor to talk books, magazine articles and what made her laugh last. 

If you weren't here right now, where would you rather be?

At home with my kids, reading them a book. Probably princess books. 

What are you reading right now?

I'm reading Philip Roth's book about polio, I forget what it's called. (Editor's Note: The book is Nemesis) It's on my kindle. He's amazing; he's one of my favorite writers. Besides that, I was reading this amazing article in Vanity Fair about big-wave surfing, which totally blew my mind.

What made you laugh in the past week?

My husband is known for moving very slowly. He was running around with the kids and my mother said he'd broken into a trot--like a horse. I don't know why that made me laugh so much. I very rarely laugh, but I found that to be really funny.

2011 February 23

The Train Keeps Rolling!

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Muriel Piaser Muriel Piaser
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(NEW YORK) The Train + The Box tradeshow has left the city but if you didn't make it to the space after all those Fash Week shows, Chic's got a few hightlights to share...and perhaps help you fill those Fall 2011 fashion pages or latest blog post? We unfortunately missed the ever-busy (and eternally chic!) Muriel Piaser who gave us a personal walk-through back in September. But Plaiser's continued to handpick an elite selection of companies keeping the Eleventh Ave. venue genuinely a serene scene. Once again we loved Guishem's well-tailored cocktail frocks by head designer Guillermo Jop (who also just debuted at NY's Fashion Week) and Laruicci Megawatt Jewelry's giant globular cocktail rings with matching necklaces and earrings, as well as this season's collection of Austrian designers Anna Aichinger, Mangelware, and Edith A'Gay. Chic's standout fave from this talented exports? AND_i by designer Andreas Eberharter who's bold and unusual pieces have been draped on the likes of everyone from Milla Jovovich to Lady Gaga.

2011 February 23

Gran On The Street: Meet Judy!

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Judy Digs Marc's Bod Judy Digs Marc's Bod
Photo by Randi Alegre
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Chic hit the streets to ask the true legends in town for their thoughts on fashion. Meet retired executive assistant, Judy. We didn't dare ask her age! 


What's a style that you can't stand?


I'm trying to think...In general, I'm not crazy about the current state of fashion that these young girls are wearing. I don't mind the short skirts, though. Every now and then I see someone and think: Oh my God, I can't stand that!


Whose style do you admire?


I just saw The King's Speech. I liked that style.


What advice do you have for fashion week? 


It's only a show! Whoever gets the most kudos probably deserves it, so don't be nervous.


Whose your favorite designer?


I don't follow the fashions that closely anymore since I've gotten old. I wear most of my old things that are still in pretty good shape. 


What winter trend are you over?


At my age, you don't think that much about trends.

2011 February 23

Reasons to Shop Milan, Part 2,312,225: Spring 2011 Prada

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The Prada shoes in question The Prada shoes in question
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Some of us (cough) have been stalking the Prada flagship on Fifth Avenue in search of those platform oxfords from the Spring 2011 runway. They still haven't arrived. At the boutique(s) in Milan, of course, they've been carrying the entire shoe collection since late January. And while Chic's beloved oxfords sold out in minutes, a new shipment arrived three days ago, and a few still remain. Bad news: those of vous stuck stateside may be out of luck. Good news: the monkey and striped ready-to-wear you adored is coming your way, and it's blissfully priced (in Prada terms), given that it's made of cotton. The runway dresses are running about 1200 euro, while the monkey tunic (white with royal blue embroidery) comes in at under a thousand. Remember: this is Prada! It's all relative!

2011 February 23

Getting To Know You... Kilian Hennessy

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The Handsome Hennessy The Handsome Hennessy
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Not only is he the grandson of the founder of the LVMH Group, but Kilian Hennessy is expanding his own empire by designing clutch purses available at Bergdorf Goodman. You may have already noticed them in the hands of Amy Adams at the Golden Globes, Kyra Sedgwick at the Sag Awards and Karen Elson at Alexander Wang's recent store opening, but we wanted to dig deeper into the world of Hennessy. 


Name: Kilian Hennessy

Age: 38 

Birthplace: France


Favorite Animal: Jack Russell

Hours You Sleep A Night: 7

Street Of Choice: Rue Eugène Labiche in Paris

Number: 10

Toothpaste: Elgydium

Word: Sensuality

Drink: Vodka Tonic

Entree: 2 appetizers

Favorite Recent Magazine Article: French Vogue interview of Tom Ford

Body Part: Neck

Tool: iPad

Intern's Name: Natalia

Favorite Tweeter: minnewyork

How do you like your coffee? Black

Day: Friday

Exercise: Boxing

Greatest Expenditure: My wardrobe of Berluti shoes.

Escape Plan: Maldives

Illicit Crush: Angelina Jolie

What make you jealous: Nothing 

Bagel: With cream cheese

Dance: Only on dancing juice.

Monthly Drying Cleaning Bill: High

Taxi or Subway: Town car

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