2011 March 3

He's Come Undone: The New Yorker On Galliano's Unraveling

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John Galliano John Galliano
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Yesterday's post on The New Yorker's "News Desk" blog about Galliano was penned by Michael Specter, who wrote a fantastic profile of the doomed designer entitled "The Fantasist" seven years ago. Here, a few wise theories courtesy of Specter for making sense of Galliano's madness:

1. One's personal demons and hedonistic vices are often romanticized by the style set: "Even Galliano’s drug abuse was seen by many of the most prominent people in fashion as an adorable foible, like wearing a monocle or writing with a fountain pen."

2. Prominent people should stop doing irrational and incriminating things because there's an iPhone lurking around every corner: " ...[Galliano] also denied the worst charges, which would certainly have been the thing to do if his perfidious behavior had not been captured by someone’s camera phone. (When are famous people going to realize that the days of private outbursts in public places have ended?)"
3. Be offended and disgusted, but don't be surprised: "But who could be shocked at his behavior? Who would have expected any other end?"

4. Fashion is forgiving since train wrecks happen... "If it is the end: the fashion world has a remarkable ability to shrug off the odd deeply flawed human being, as long as he or she can... wear one like Kate Moss, who, despite behavior that sets a disastrous example for millions of girls, including issues with drugs, is forgiven because, well, she is really very pretty."
5. ...And they happen quite often: "Let’s watch the self-righteous indignation and reserve a little anger for the enablers. Because when it comes to people like John Galliano, there are way too many of them to count."

2011 March 3

Look Of The Daily: Julie Henderson in Tommy Hilfiger

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Julie Henderson In Tommy Julie Henderson In Tommy
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Sports Illustrated model Julie Henderson looks molto cute in this Tommy Hilfiger number at the Cinema Society's screening of Happythankyoumoreplease last evening. Henderson's date for the night was her pal Irina Shayk. 

2011 March 3

Getting To Know You.... Joy Gryson

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How does Joy Gryson like her tequila? How does Joy Gryson like her tequila?
Photo Courtesy of Joy Gryson
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Did you know that Joy Gryson of Gryson is the former director of accessories and design for Marc Jacobs? Non? There's probably a lot more that you need to learn about this lovely handbag designer then. Let's discover Joy! 


Name: Joy Gryson         

Age: Really? Thirty-something

Birthplace: Seoul, Korea

Current City: New York City


Favorite Animal: Monkey

Hours You Sleep A Night: 6-7, I need to sleep!

Street Of Choice: Mercer Street

Number: 11                         

Toothpaste: Crest - Whitening Gel Toothpaste, Fresh Clean Mint                                                                                                     

Word: Emotional                                                                                                        

Drink:  Patron Silver CHILLED, with a lime                                                                                                               

Favorite Teacher: Professor Schwartz - FIT                                                                                           

Entree:  Dukboki from Do Hwa or Yellowtail Jalapeno from Nobu Next Door                                                                                                               

Body Part: Eyes                                                                                             

Showtune: On My Own from Les Miserables                                                                                                 

Tool: White Muji retractable pencil (if you consider that a tool)                                                                                                                    

Bottled Water of Choice: Poland Spring                                                                       

How often do you check Facebook a day? 0 - TMI!                                       

Allergy: Mold                                                                                                       

How do you like your coffee? Starbucks Tall Light Whip Mocha (tastes like candy!)                                           

Exercise: Tennis                                                                                                

Greatest Expenditure:  Shoes, shoes, shoes                                                                            

Escape Plan: St. Barths                                                                                                   

How often do you drive? Very rarely!  My husband Pete likes to drive.                                                                   

Illicit Crush: So obvious - Johnny Depp!                                                                                                     

What make you jealous: Beautifully colored eyes, the color of my eyes are just so boringly dark brown                                                                      

Best Day Of Your Life Was...... When my daughter Olivia was born                                                                     

Dance:  If there is a name to the dance, then not my thing...                                                                                     

Monthly Drying Cleaning Bill: I'm embarrassed, hundreds.                                                         

Taxi or Subway: Subway, taxi only out of necessity (depends on the height of my heels that day!)                                                                                       

2011 March 3

A Moment With...Justin Long

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Justin Long Justin Long
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Chic (literally) bumped into Justin Long last night at La Grenouille where Chanel hosted a lovely fête in honor of Blake Lively. The down to earth comedian, known for his witty one-liners (and famous ex, Drew Barrymore), dished on all things fashion. Don't hold back, Justin!

What brings you here tonight?
Blake is an old friend. We met doing a movie six years ago called Accepted. But she downplayed how extravagant this was going to be. I normally don't go to things like this. There's amazons everywhere.

What's your favorite cocktail?
I'm simple. There's a great bar in Austin called Poseidon. I was just there and ordered a great absinthe-based cocktail. I usually just drink beer...or liquid meth.

What do you think that Karl Lagerfeld should invent next?
A onsie. A really simple minimalist unitard.

What percentage of your closet is Chanel?
This is easy to answer because I don't have a closet at the moment. So zero percent or 100 percent, depending on how you look at it.

What's the most random fact you know about the house of Chanel?
I know they have a wonderfully smelling doorbell right outside. And they have an insanely trendy welcome mat. It's so trendy you're not supposed to wipe your feet on it--it's just for show. I stepped in Chanel dog poo and anyway...the rest is...this is the first event I've been invited back to. Let's just say that.

2011 March 3

Things to Discuss: Cathy's New Bestie?

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Cathy Horyn and Leigh Lezark at Zac Posen Cathy Horyn and Leigh Lezark at Zac Posen
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COC (Cathy, our Cathy) looked positively resplendent posing with Leigh Lezark during Paris Fashion Week. We know, we know—the Zac Posen show is awfully exciting. Wonder what they were talking about? We welcome your comments. 

2011 March 3

Bonjour, Anna!

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Look It's Anna Look It's Anna
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Anna Wintour attended the Balmain show today at the Le Grand Hotel in Paris with a little pal around her neck. Kanye West also attended the show. 

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