2011 March 7

Chic Shallot: Who Wore It Best: Anna or Anna?

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Anna or Anna? Anna or Anna?
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Chic Report hit Times Square to ask tourists who know rien about fashion to weigh in on which Anna wore this Black Swan-esque tutu best: Wintour or Dello Russo? Of the 100 people we polled, 87 believed...OK, people, we're not UsWeekly.

2011 March 7

Getting To Know You...Julie Henderson

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Julie Henderson Julie Henderson
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Julie Henderson recently made her fifth (!) appearance in Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit edition, so we thought it was about time to get to the bottom of the gorgeous Texas native. 


Name: Julie Henderson

Age: 24

Birthplace: Houston, TX

Current city: NYC


Favorite animal: "Elephants. I find them to be the most beautiful."

Hours of sleep: "I always try to get 8, b but sometimes it gets a little difficult being on location and battling with jetlag.

Number: 11

Toothpaste: "Crest Whitening plus Scope Minty Fresh."

Word: "Spork: a spoon and a fork in one...cant get any better than that."

Drink: Iced coffee

Favorite teacher: "Mrs. Pollard, who was my 10th grade geometry teacher. I still keep in touch with her."

Entree: "Bistec tacos from La Esquina."

Favorite recent magazine article: "I'm in the middle of reading Nobody's Child in the March issue of Vogue. Amazing story!"

Body part: "Shoulders."

Showtune: All That Jazz from the musical Chicago

Tool: "My electric screwdriver. It's a lifesaver."

Cell phone carrier: "T-Mobile."

iPhone or Blackberry? "Blackberry!"

Bottled Water of Choice: Fiji

How often do you check Facebook a day? "Maybe once."

Allergy: Ants

How do you like your coffee? "With skim milk and 2 Equals."

Exercise: "Lots of cardio and yoga. I try to always mix it up so I dont get too bored."

Greatest expenditure: "Handbags."

Escape plan: "I dont have one..."

How often do you drive? "Every chance I get. I love driving."

What make you jealous? "Jealousy is a sign of weakness, and it's always best to keep those to yourself."

Favorite childhood Book: If You Give A Mouse A Cookie

Dance: "I was in dance from ages 3-17, so I have a great love for all different types of dance." 

Monthly drying cleaning bill: "Shamefully unknown."

2011 March 7

Jennifer Aniston Sex Tape. Kinda. Not Really.

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Jennifer Aniston Jennifer Aniston
Photo Courtesy of Smart Water
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Here's a new angle: A viral campaign that unashamedly begs to go viral and pulls out all the tricks to do it. America's sweetheart Jennifer Aniston stars in this wannabe viral video for SmartWater. Cute puppies? Check! An appearance by Double Rainbow Guy? You got it! Animated dancing babies? Oui! It's actually really cute.


2011 March 7

Resin Reviews: Mary Queen of Scots

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Mary Queen of Scots Mary Queen of Scots
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Resin designer Chantel Valentene recently hit one of Chic's favorite new LES haunts, Mary Queen of Scots.


"You know the look when people cock their head to one side, with their eyes a little blank, and you can see wheels spinning: Five girls, one table, same look.  We were wrapping our heads around the menu, wine had begun to flow, Jameson had been poured, stomachs were growling and anything fried sounded good. We ordered fried brussels sprouts and devils on horseback. 


I should have known by the name I would be led to commit sin. Beelzebub came charging through to the table with his knights wrapped in bacon. Now, I don’t eat bacon—but I did. Twice. And I liked it. Next came the sprouts.  These usually mundane vegetable tasted like salt and vinegar potato chips. So good. 


Mid-entrée and drinking our second or third round, it was pointed out that the namesake of the restaurant is thee Bloody Mary. The same queen that made you afraid of mirrors in the dark.  With hindsight, soberness, and the help of Google, I’ve discovered the restaurant is named after her much more pleasant cousin Mary Queen of Scots. But it’s a good way to scare the sh*t out of each other while eating really good food. 


We thought the chicken was just right, crispy of the outside and moist on the inside. Mussels were finished in record time.  We annihilated two servings of the apple fritter for dessert, and our resident vegan went home happy. Don’t just go because Mary Queen of Scots makes The Best Damn Brussels Sprouts in New York, or maybe even the world.  Go because they pour heavy, and the drinks taste real good.  You can thank me later."


THE DETAILS: Mary Queen of Scots, 115 Allen Street (Delancey Street), Lower East Side; (212) 460-0915 


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2011 March 7

Inside Kate Moss' Crash Pad

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Kate Moss Kate Moss
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Kate Moss has some high-profile digs up for sale. The catch: No one wants to buy it. Pourquoi? Since the super purchased the London pad in 2007 (for $12 million), the apartment has been riddled with trouble. First a burglary, then a flood. Plus! Rumor has it the chic hangout was once haunted. (No worries. It's been exorcised.) The bride-to-be is trying desperately to sell the Victorian property before her summer nuptials to Jamie Hince. However, the out-of-the-way zip isn't appealing to potential homeowners even with five bedrooms and a neon party room. Her current asking price is 10 mill. Any takers? 

Check out the Gallery to peep inside the 5,000 square foot haven.

2011 March 7

Look of The Daily: Liv Tyler at Stella McCartney

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Liv Tyler at Stella McCartney Fall 2011 Liv Tyler at Stella McCartney Fall 2011
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Long-time BFF Liv Tyler took some downtime from her powwow with Patrick Demarchelier to pose for paps front row at Stella McCartney Fall 2011. The actress looked extra sportif in a noir et créme letterman jacket draped just so over a high-waisted leather pencil skirt and blouse. Tyler stole the show hands-down...that is until Sir Paul McCartney arrived with his petite amie, Nancy Shevell, in tow. Who can compete with a Beatle?

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