2011 March 10

Tavi Skips European Collections, Saddens Chic

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Where's Tavi? Where's Tavi?
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Remember last year when a Grazia writer tweeted that they were watching Dior through Tavi's "pesky" hat? Those were the days. But America's sweetheart Tavi Gevinson was noticeably absent from the Paris collections this year. What's the deal, Style Rookie? Midterms? Grounded? Don't let a pesky education get in the way of your fash-world obligations. Anybody can go to school! 

2011 March 10

Kanye Versus KCD: The Wars Begin!

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Let Me In!!! Let Me In!!!
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Now this is juicy! Page Six reports that Kanye West showed up uninvited to several shows in Paris during PFW and was kept out by powerhouse KCD. West first (futilely) attempted to grace the Balmain show at Le Grand Hotel. A rep for Balmain show organizer KCD told Page Six, "Mr. West requested to attend and we let him know that we would not be able to accommodate him. He chose to come to the door anyway and we kindly let him know we could not accommodate him." Kanye also attempted to attend the McQueen show (also handled by KCD) on Tuesday, but had to sneak in through a side entrance by venue management. Oh, dear! 

2011 March 10

Things to Discuss: Prada's Fall 2011 Show Music

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Our dreams (and waking hours) are still haunted by the music from Prada's Fall 2011 show. Today, we finally hunted it down: it was the song "Garbo Sings" from Sparks' The Seduction of Ingmar Bergman (2009). Sparks, which consists of brothers Ron and Russell Mael, was commissioned by Swedish National Public Radio to "devise an original radio musical with Swedish language content." Essentially, the two concoct a narrative in which Ingmar Bergman sees an American blockbuster at a Swedish cinema and finds himself suddenly adrift in Hollywood, where the studio bosses attempt to recruit him. After a police chase, he encounters Garbo on the beach in Malibu, where she promises to "guide you home to somewhere monochrome, but somewhere you will be a certain kind of free." Interpret as you like; we're exhausted already. 

2011 March 10

Daily Double: LSD & BS

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Legs Up! Legs Up!
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Britney Spears graces the current issue of Out mag, and this pic of her doing something with her leg gave Chic a sense of déjà vu. Then it hit us! Lauren Santo Domingo on the March cover of Town & Country!  We love when photographers capture natural moments......

2011 March 10

Chic Chatting with Alex and Eli

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Anna Zeman, Aja Singer Anna Zeman, Aja Singer
Anna Zeman, Aja Singer
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Down on 26th Street, Chic had a lovely sit-down with Aja Singer and Anna Zeman, the design pair behind the edgy suiting label Alex and Eli. Over bite-sized cookies and eau minérale, the two gabbed about everything from blazers to boys to Parsons' parties. 

Do people often call you Alex and Eli?
People will call us Alex collectively.
ANNA: A lot of people aren’t aware it’s Eli. They call it "Ellie." We kind of knew there would be confusion. We were like, 'Maybe, they’ll think we’re dudes and tailors.' We actually talk about the line like there’s another human in the room. Like, ‘I don’t know about Alex and Eli today.’ It’s like this machine that needs to be fed and tailored immediately.

A lot of design teams liken it to a marriage.
ANNA: There’s no one else at the water cooler. It’s just you and your person. You want to be satisfied. It’s not like you can complain and wish you had more friends at work. You make everything out of the person that’s there.
AJA: We clashed a lot over every little thing in the beginning. We still got along but we were both fighting for our opinions. As time goes by, you learn to trust the other person’s strengths…though we still know how to push each other’s buttons.

What pushes your buttons?
Her saying, 'No way! We can’t.' and me saying 'Oh, yeah! Yes, we have to.' Lots of fights occur after that.
AJA: They’re little things. This morning, I was telling Anna her Lady Gaga impression annoyed me.
ANNA: I like to do them all the time and see if it annoys Aja as much as it annoys me. Usually, it doesn’t annoy her that much and then I get mad that she’s not as annoyed.
AJA: That’s what annoys her the most! When I don’t react to things. 

There's almost a sisterly bond between the two of you. Have you met each other’s families?
Yes, but I haven’t met any of her brothers yet.
ANNA: I have four brothers. I don’t know. I kind of want to keep you away. The families, at this point, think we’re creepy.
AJA: We’re like a little married couple.

You're New York-based. Do you visit your factories often?
We like to keep a close watch.
AJA: They still get excited when we come in, but I don’t know why. The other day, we walked into our factory and there was one of our button-down shirts that we’ve been making since the beginning. It’s a light colored stripe shirt and they just threw on these black buttons. I have no idea where they got them from. Everyone, all the sewers, start giggling. They knew it was wrong. They like to see our reactions.
ANNA: But then we watch other designers go in there and just scream at them. We have a great relationship with them.

Susie Lau styled one of your lookbooks. Are you blogger-obsessed?
We started at zero when a lot of them started. It was very innocent. When we reached out to Susie, it wasn’t like we thought, 'Oh, you’re going to a super mega-blogger' though she already was kind of a big deal when we met her. It was natural. It had nothing to do with people telling us to get on our Twitter feed. We don’t even have a Twitter feed…whatever that is.

Do you follow any blogs religiously?
Yes. I’m always on when Aja is not looking. I follow Tavi, of course, and Susie Bubble, for sure. We were at an event with Bunny Bisous and I was so enamored with her. She had this huge top hat on. Not only are these girls in love with fashion, but a lot of them are incredible writers.
AJA: Anna wishes she was thirteen right now.
ANNA: I do. I could have done that! I was homeschooled. I had plenty of time.

Was it all work and no play at Parsons?
Saturday was usually a tiny bit of a hangover and you were very upset that you were hungover. Then Sunday was makeup.
AJA: Yeah, it was hangover, draping, hangover, draping.

Who’s the party animal?
People would always think it’s me—which is so rude—but it’s actually both of us, equally.
AJA: I go out pretty consistently…
ANNA: And I go out with a blast. It’s like boom!

What’s your drink of choice?
Vodka soda...
ANNA: ...With a splash of cranberry on top of that.

Did you ever crush on the same boy?
There were never any boys.
AJA: We also don’t have the same taste in men. I’m going through a transition. It used to be artsy-musician types. It’s developing into something, but I don’t know what that is yet.
ANNA: She thinks I like nerds…and I kinda do. Little popped-collar nerds.

Were you competitive when you were in the same classes?
Everyone at Parsons is competitive. The professors grade you in front of everyone. I had one professor who was very hard on me. She would say, 'I would give you an A because the design is great but the sewing…you get B. Big minus!'
AJA: The whole class laughed.

Take a look at the Gallery to see Alex and Eli's Fall 2011 collection.

2011 March 10

Getting To Know You...Tadashi Shoji

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Tadashi Shoji Tadashi Shoji
Photo Via Patrick McMullan
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Tadashi Shoji's fashion house has been around since 1982 (were some of your chisters even born?) and his designs are currently carried in more than 4000 stores worldwide.


Name: Tadashi Shoji  

Birthplace: Sendai, Japan 
Current residence: Pasadena, CA

Favorite animal: "Micha, my cat."  

Hours you sleep: "Six."
Toothpaste: "Sensodyne."
Drink: "Campari with soda."
Entree: "Sashimi."
Body part:  Hand
Tool: "iPad."
Bottled water: "Fiji."

How often do you check Facebook a day? "Once."
How do you like your coffee? "No coffee. I prefer different varieties of green tea."

Exercise: "Yoga."
Escape plan: "Bali."
How often do you drive? "Every day."
Finish this sentence: Glee is..."A good night's sleep filled with dreams of infinite possibilities."   
What make you jealous? "A nice, toned and healthy physique."
The best day of your life? "Any day I get a good night's sleep."

What shows do you DVR? "I do not own a DVR, I rarely watch television. I prefer to read."

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