2011 March 11

Shoe Dat? A Chic Mystery!

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Shoe Do I Belong To? Shoe Do I Belong To?
Photo Via Chic Cam
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These Topshop shoes belong to a charming writer who covers all the fashion news that's fit to print. Who could it be? Hint: He's usually seen sitting front row, sporting specs. Find out by clicking HERE!

2011 March 11

Alt's French Vogue Cover Revealed

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Here She Is! Here She Is!
Photo Courtesy of French Vogue
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It's the moment we've all been waiting for: Emmanuelle Alt's first French Vogue cover is revealed! As expected, it features Gisele photographed b y Inez van Lamsweerde and Vonoodh Matatin. Thoughts? Comment away! 

2011 March 11

DvF Honors Hillary!

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Viva la DVF Awards, Diane von Furstenberg! Viva la DVF Awards, Diane von Furstenberg!
Patrick McMullan
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Diane von Furstenberg, arbiter of the wrap dress, toasts to the queen of the pantsuit, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, at the second annual DVF Awards honoring extraordinary women. Along with fellow icon Tina Brown, DvF's celebration of fierce femmes will go down at the UN Plaza tonight, where Clinton will receive the "Inspiration Award" from the haute hostess. 

2011 March 11

Go West Young Ruffians!

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Don't Mess with Ruffian Don't Mess with Ruffian
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Brian Wolk and Claude Morais of Ruffian have taken Chic to the Hamptons, Williamsburg and Montreal, but their Texas journey is our fav. 

"If anyone in the fashion business needs a pick me up or vote of confidence that the industry is still viable, they should take the next flight to Dallas where the gals are still shopping and the diamonds are still sparkling. Last week, we made our bi-annual pilgrimage to Retail Mecca, also know as the “Big D” to natives of the Lone Star State. Stanley Korshak was the first store to pick up Ruffian and this incredible emporium of luxury still manages to purvey the finest and most coveted designer brands. This family run business is located in the Crescent Complex, which actually more physically resembles a crown. Its monarch is the elegant Crawford Brock, who has a hands-on approach to running this business and maintains personal contact with all designers and employers of this specialty store.  It is a fantastic case study for any fashion business looking for a successful role model.

Miraculously catching our 6am flight from LaGuardia Airport (which we thought was 7am), we were off for our weekend of down home fun. Bret McKinney, the creative director of Korshak, personally picked us up at the airport and gave us the low down on our weekend itinerary. After freshening up at the hotel spa, we headed to the store where some of our favorite clients were already waiting for a personal consultation on our new Fall 2011 collection. Marina, sales associate extraordinaire at the store, rushed us in her dressing room suite for a slew of morning fittings. The next time we emerged was for lunch at our favorite BBQ joint Sammy’s. One of the joys of Dallas is its incredible food, and Sammy’s is perhaps the holy grail of BBQ. A favorite of the Bush Family (that is, the Presidential Bush Family) this indoor/outdoor cantina offers the most delicious brisket, hot links, pork loin, and sides like zucchini casserole, and a spinach salad that is not on anyone’s diet plan. Feeling sufficiently fed, we rolled back up the street to the store, and worked on selected looks for some our favorite Dallas socials including Capera Ryan, Hassie Harrison, Bradley Agather, Leigh Bailey and Jacquelin Sewell.

That evening, the Korshak kids took us out to our favorite Dallas Tex-Mex restaurant, Manny’s. After the ceremonial Mambo Taxi Margarita at the bar, we headed to our table and indulged in the queso con carne with chips, and enchiladas with sour cream sauce. Some of dinner guests, included our lovely buyer Jordan, her handsome ginger headed husband Mark and the lovely Stephanie. After all that fine Texan grub we needed to dance off some calories. The Round Up is a legendary cowboy bar and dance club in Dallas. If you like the movie, Brokeback Mountain, run don’t walk, or better yet two step, cause that’s what the natives do here in full cowboy regalia.

The next morning, after ordering up some Advil to the room, we headed to the store for day two of personal appearance and trunk show. Martha, Anne, and Eleonora, the "designing women" sales associates of Stanley Korshak kept us busy all day with their eclectic mix of fabulous clients. We also had the honor to dress Helen and Leigh Brock for the upcoming 25th Anniversary Party of Korshak next month.

That evening, the Junior Circle of The Dallas Museum of Art held their Black Tie Fundraising Gala entitled “Maison de la Mode”, and they were kind enough to make us honored guests at this stylish event. Models in our new Fall 2011 Collection filled the space on cubes like Grecian statues next to extraordinary 20th century art and sculptures. We were honored and humbled. Dallas women love to dress up. They are fearless and bold in their pursuit of fashion, and are not afraid to make a statement. Surrounded by hundreds of these elegant young ladies in gowns of many colors, textiles and silhouettes reminded us of our passion - to make women look and feel beautiful and bring happiness and fantasy into our society. Thanks Dallas for making that point loud and clear.

Follow all of the adventures of Brian, Claude and The Ruffian Gang on Facebook and Twitter

Don't forget to view pics in our Gallery! 



2011 March 10

Whose Life Does Andre Leon Talley Want?

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Andre Leon Talley Andre Leon Talley
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Here's something Chic thought we'd never hear! Andre Leon Talley told The Hollywood Reporter, Rachel Zoe has become a great, great star. She’s as famous, if not more famous, than the people she dresses. I only wish I could have Rachel Zoe’s salary, her house and a TV show.” The aforementioned salary was once a mere $18,000 when Zoe was a fashion assistant at the defunct YM magazine. Now, the stylist makes bank at $50,000 an episode for The Rachel Zoe Project and $10,000 a pop for styling gigs, not to mention a profitable fashion line. Perhaps it's time for a raise, Monsier Talley?

2011 March 10

From Rock & Republic To Ronan

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Andréa Bernholtz Andréa Bernholtz
Patrick McMullan
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Rock & Republic co-founder Andréa Bernholtz doesn’t let a little thing like bankruptcy get her down. While VF Corp is busy overhauling the Chapter 11 company, Bernholtz and fellow Rock alum Michael Ball are back on the scene with a new venture. They're launching Ronan, an LA-produced line of men's and women's denim and sportswear along with women's shoes. Their first collection is slated to hit stores this fall: denim will retail for $140-180, leather jackets for $200-400, and shoes for $225-525. Chic phoned the jean connoisseur to chat about her new line and the “B” word, as she likes to call it.

Is bankruptcy the worst?
The thing with the bankruptcy is that it was a Chapter 11. It was very calculated and planned—it wasn’t forced. As a company itself, we were not a bankrupt company, this is just a reorganization. The “B” word is scary, but the timing of everything worked out. It was time to change gears. I’m really proud of what I did at Rock, and I have no doubt that I’m going to be more successful with Ronan because of everything I learned along the way. It’s like having a second child. Make your mistakes with your first one and your second one is like, ‘Ok, I got this.'

What did Rock & Republic teach you?
Being super focused. We grew too fast, and spread out into a lot of different categories that we didn’t license out.

How did you decide on the name "Ronan?"
We’ve taken the name and put a twist on it. It means a leader, not a follower—someone who forges their own path. It comes from a place of strength, and at the time, we were winding everything down with Rock and we wanted to do the opposite of everything Rock was. 

How is Ronan opposite?
In the last collection that we had in our last life, it kind of wore you. It was very specialized and over the top. And there were a lot of things we made in Rock & Republic that the buyers didn’t want to buy so much. We were pigeonholed. This gave us more flexibility.

You met Michael when the two of you were actors auditioning for a commercial. What TV spots did you nab?
Arby’s Roast Beef, Miller Beer, Taco Bell.

Could we see any on YouTube?
I’ve never tried. I want to see them. I actually did a jean commercial years ago...

What would a Ronan commercial look like?
Something subtly sexy that wasn’t too in your face. I think a lot of commercials and advertisements, especially in the denim world, have a half-naked person draped over another half-naked man. I’d want to capture more of the product and the spirit of the company.



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