2011 March 11

Brad Goreski As Blogger Doesn't Worry About Making Mistakes

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Brad Goreski gets picture-perfect with Prabal Gurung. Aww! Brad Goreski gets picture-perfect with Prabal Gurung. Aww!
Patrick McMullan
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Before a killer set by The Kills' Alison Mosshart and Jamie Hince at last evening's bash to celebrate the opening of the Mondrian SoHo, Chic got the scoop on Brad Goreski's recently-announced blog and how we'll all just have to wait a while for his own batch of bow ties to debut.

How often will you be writing on your new blog?
I don’t know, it’s going to be spontaneous. Whenever I have something worthwhile to share. My best ideas just come to me throughout the day.
What's your latest stroke of genius that will soon hit the blogosphere?
I have an idea for my next posting, I think it will be kind of fun. It will be a shoot involving some of my friends.
Are you worried about spelling or punctuation at all?
No, because I know people will correct me. And I did very, very well in English throughout school. I was a history major, too, so I guess you need to know how to write.
How have you been weathering the weather today?
It’s not bad, I don’t really mind it! I decided that since it’s raining, I would do a whole Burberry look today. Except the bow tie is Lanvin for H&M.
When will a line of bowties by Brad hit shelves?
Not anytime soon. I'm focusing on other projects and building up my client base right now.

2011 March 11

A Moment With...Ally Hilfiger, Domestic Goddess

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Ally Hilfiger Ally Hilfiger
Billy Farrell Agency
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Ally Hilfiger showed up at the rollicking opening of the Mondrian SoHo last night, making the rounds among a crowd of Russell Simmons, Zani Gugelmann, Yigal Azrouel, Prabal Gurung, Eve, and Olivia Palermo. The event seemed waterproof in spirit, despite the temperamental downpour outside. Chic chatted with the pint-sized reality-star-turned-RTW-designer about her prowess in the kitchen, her penchant for punchy hues and an upcoming jaunt to Paris.

Any new recipes?
I have this famous roasted chicken. I've never had juicier chicken in my life, I make it all the time. You've got to rub the chicken with a lot of olive oil, salt and pepper. I mean, you have to really massage it in. Then you stick a clove of smashed roasted garlic and a half a lemon in the middle of the chicken. And a bunch of rosemary, with sliced potatoes arranged around it. I serve it with a kale salad. 

How’s your line, NAHM, going?
We’re designing Spring 2012 now, and it’s so much fun. We put our Fall 2011 line together in three months, so now we get to have a bit more time.

What are you especially jazzed about for next spring?
Color! Right now I’m really loving an oversaturated turquoise, with a washed out, pink-y coral color.

What else is in the pipeline for you?
I’m going to Paris soon with my boyfriend for his birthday. We’re going to go to the museums and walk around and just be romantic. We’re also going to eat a lot of macarons.

What’s your favorite flavor?
Rose and raspberry.

Do you have a bakery of choice?
I like to go everywhere, but there is a place at the end of the Champs-Elysées, and it’s not Ladurée. I love the packaging.

What else is on the Paris itinerary? Anything work-related?
I’m going to see old ribbon factories and textile places.

What’s more daunting: spring-cleaning your closet or your email inbox?
I just ignore my inbox, and I’m looking forward to putting all of my clothes in the center of my room and just throwing away all of the stuff I’ve never worn. I really want to do this. Of course, it’s going to take me a whole weekend!

2011 March 11

Correspondence We Actually Received: Dee Dee Myers In Jones New York

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You Know You Wanted To Know! You Know You Wanted To Know!
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We receive a mind-numbing amount of media alerts here at Chic HQ, and they usually concern the same old suspects. But today was special, for it marked the first time we've ever been given the rundown of what former White House press secretary Dee Dee Myers (remember her?) was sporting. We had no idea we even cared! 

When: March 10th, 2011
WhoHost Dee Dee Myers wore Jones New York 
WhereJones New York Power Lunch, ADOUR (The St. Regis) in Washington, D.C.
WhatHost Dee Dee Myers wore Jones New York
Sweater: Button Front Cardigan $89 from Macy’s
 Top: Sleeveless Twist Neck Blouse $74 from JNY.com
Skirt: Textured Shantung Angled Seam Skirt $109 from JNY.com



2011 March 11

Mossy Misery

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Kate Moss Kate Moss
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We'll ignore the Page Six story today that claims Kate Moss was "wildly wobbly" at the YSL afterparty this week in Paris. Focus on the positive! Kate stars in this wildly funny video for Comic Relief, in which she sends up her own hard-partying reputation and gets totally smashed with a teddy bear, as one does. Things get rather "unbearable" in the end! It's Kate as you've never seen her! Must see! 



2011 March 11

Savannah Miller's London Calling!

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Vogue Italia Vogue Italia
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Designer Savannah Miller of Twenty8Twelve writes to us from London. Oh, joy! Today, she explains how an old issue of Vogue Italia inspired her recent collection. 


"For our autumn/ winter collection we looked at an old Peter Lindbergh shoot in Italian Vogue where the girls had been styled as boys in a tribute to '90s rockabilly. While delving through the British Vogue archive library, I stumbled across this shoot, also from Vogue Italia, which was shot at my boarding school in the '90s. I remember the casting director wandering around the school, picking the strangest-looking girls as all the pretty girls complained because they wanted to be in the photo shoot. We all thought the hair, makeup and styling was really weird, but looking back, I see how directional and visionary they were. These pictures totally led our delivery three mood as we paid tribute to the restriction of a school uniform and the magic of rebellious schoolgirls somehow managing to make it their own."


Check out the images that inspired Savannah in our Gallery. 

2011 March 11

Shoe Dat? A Chic Mystery!

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Shoe Do I Belong To? Shoe Do I Belong To?
Photo Via Chic Cam
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These Topshop shoes belong to a charming writer who covers all the fashion news that's fit to print. Who could it be? Hint: He's usually seen sitting front row, sporting specs. Find out by clicking HERE!

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