2011 March 17

A Moment With...Waris Ahluwalia at the CFDA Nominations

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Who Wouldn't Like This Guy? Who Wouldn't Like This Guy?
Photo Via Patrick McMullan
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What's new with you? 

It's a nice quiet time. That's what's new! I'm going to Hawaii. 

Fun! Where, exactly?

I think Maui, but all the other islands, too, to do a trunk show. It's nice when your trunk shows take you to uh, such difficult places. I don't really want to go, but for work…. I'll do anything!

Will you surf?

I don't surf. I like big boats more than little boards. 

What are your plans for St. Patrick's Day?

I'm going to carry green spray paint and spray everybody and go, "It's St. Patrick's Day!" Maybe I'll get some green food for lunch.

2011 March 17

Chic Chat at the CFDA Awards Nominations Party

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Wang, Bastian and Wu Wang, Bastian and Wu
Photos by Billy Farrell
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At last night's CFDA nominations, hosted by Nadja Swarosvski and DvF at the latter's studio, we asked some of the nominees, past winners and perhaps a future nom about the obvious: the CFDA Awards. C'mon!


Jason Wu

Congrats on last year's win, a year late. 
Thank you! Last year I wasn't expecting it, and I went onstage and I finally knew what it was like to completely blank out. It was a humbling moment."

How did you celebrate? 

I went out all night. I went to Boom Boom, somehow ended up at my friend's house and then I went back home, took a shower and went to work. Another day, another collection."


Sophie Theallet

Any fond memories of the CFDA Awards?

When I won the first prize. That's my memory.


Alexander Wang

How are you, love? 

Overwhelmed. I was feeling a little sick earlier this week, but this definitely lifted up my spirits.

What are you going to wear to the ceremony?

That's decided like 5 minutes before I leave.


Michael Bastian

How many nominations has this been?

This is the fifth straight year that we've been nominated. The first time was for newcomer, and I think this is the fourth for Menswear designer of the year. This one was a complete surprise, because we did not have a fall show. We had to take a season off to reorganize our business. 

Danielle Synder, Dannijo

What are you thinking?

I don't think I've ever been in a room with this many creative people at once. It's a lot of creative energy. I've seen people I love, like Bibhu. We met the Shipley and Hamos guys, Yigal (Azrouel)...I even met Anna again for a split second!  

2011 March 17

Julian Louie collabs with ALDO... Thanks to Joe Zee?!

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Julian Louie Julian Louie
Billy Farrell Agency
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This week, Joe Zee hosted a Rue La La shopping event in honor of Juian Louie's uber-chic collab with ALDO. The divine collection of four-inch ikat wedges were originally featured in Louie's presentation back in September. Thanks to a little Twitter lovin' from Elle creative director Zee, the shoes will make it onto the masses this spring. Chic caught up with Zee and Louie in the midst of trying on and buying the fab footwear...

Joe Zee

How did you play a part in getting Julian's shoes into stores (and on everyone's feet)?
I remember going to see his small presentation at Milk Studios in the fall and seeing all those shoes lined up on the floor. I thought they were the cutest shoes I'd ever seen. I took a picture and tweeted it, saying something like "guys, we love these shoes! Don't we think ALDO should make them?" The power of social media. There were overwhelming responses to my tweet. ALDO emailed me after the weekend saying they were going to make them because of the tweet and the picture.

Are you hoping Julian does a guys' version next?
I don't know if I could rock this heel with any level of authority.

How do you think Julian's designs have evolved over time?
I think he's always stuck to his guns. He just does what he does, and it's an interesting take on design through his eyes.

You're neighbs with The Daily and we share the Time-Life caf! What do you usually order there?
Dunkin Donuts coffee.

Julian Louie

How does it feel to see your shoes off the runway and front and center in an ALDO store?
Amazing! This is my second season collaborating with ALDO for my shows, and they've been insanely supportive. Joe Zee really helped in bringing this all to life, and the blog interest in these shoes has been amazing. They're helping me reach a whole new demographic, of people who probably wouldn't be aware of my collection and what I'm doing otherwise.

How did you celebrate each collab?
The first one was just for show, I don't think I really celebrated. I don't know what to do this time around, it's kind of insane. I just went back to California to visit my family, and took a bit of time off to decompress. It was my prize to myself.

Would you ever consider doing a men's version of this collection?
Menswear is something I've always been interested in doing. When the time is right, I'd definitely do it. I want to take things slow and make sure that any kind of growth is well-planned. All my friends are always asking me when I'm going to do mens.

What celebs would you love to get in your shoes?
Carey Mulligan, Gwyneth Paltrow, Cate Blanchett and Tilda Swinton. But I'm honestly excited to see them on girls on the street.

2011 March 17

Teen Vogue EIC Amy Astley on Beauty Faux Pas of the 1980s!

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Amy Astley and a gaggle of Teen Vogue's "IT Girls" Amy Astley and a gaggle of Teen Vogue's "IT Girls"
Courtesy of Teen Vogue
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More beauty blunders from back in the day! During the fifth annual Teen Vogue Readers' Choice Awards earlier this week, teens' 47 best-of picks were honored with a breakfast awards ceremony. Teen Vogue editor-in-chief Amy Astley discussed Farrah Fawcett's waves and her first bar of Clinique soap with Chic. 

What were your teen years like, beauty-wise?

My faux pas was growing up in the ‘80s! You see these thin strands? I was trying to make Farrah Fawcett happen out of this. It was an exercise in futility! I had my curling iron, and I turned it so hot I’m shocked it didn’t burn down the house. I’d stand there with my hair wrapped around the barrel until the hair started to burn. It wouldn’t last, though! Especially through gym class. Forget about it. It was just comical, I used to fix my hair after gym class and then try to put the hot iron into my backpack. I probably almost set my backpack on fire, too. Also, I definitely looked bad at prom, because my mom has the pictures to prove it. It was a little bit Pat Benatar and a lot of Madonna, including the frizzy hair tied with lace.

Did you find any of the Readers’ Choice Beauty Awards winners to be particularly relatable?

When I started to break out, my mom said I had to stop using the bar of soap in the shower. It was a rite of passage, my mom took me to the local department store in Michigan and I got the little Clinique soap in the tray, the toner and that whole set. I still use the same products that my mom introduced me to when I was 13. It’s emotional to me to see that teens today, who have such different lives, are still responding to that brand.
What beauty blunders do you advise your Teen Vogue readers against today?

Girls today actually have so many role models and looks to emulate. When I was younger, there were very few people who epitomized beauty standards of the moment and now there are so many. If I was a teen today, I hope I would choose to emulate someone I could realistically look like. Definitely not Rihanna – a red wig and a bosom, not happening! Based on the fact that I tried so hard to be Farrah, I’d probably want to look like Blake Lively. My 12-year-old daughter doesn’t seem that excited by any particular celebrities, actually.

Do you have any beauty rules for your daughter?

She just has to be clean and take showers! She barely does any beauty, she’s just fresh. There isn’t any makeup on her face and she uses drugstore hair products. She has no routine, she’s just naturally cute! 

2011 March 17

Chicaholic Spring Spirits: The Lemon & Black Pepper Collins

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Lemon & Black Pepper Collins Lemon & Black Pepper Collins
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It's about damn time: Sunday marks the first "official" day of Spring. Accordingly, this is our first "official" Chicaholic post of the season. We stole this one from Belvedere Vodka's head of spirit creation & mixology Claire Smith, using the brand's new UF80. In lieu of the classic Bloody Mary brunch, try the Lemon & Black Pepper Collins. It's random. It's luxe. It's unlikely you'll stop at one.

Lemon & Black Pepper Collins

1.5 oz Belvedere UF80
1/2 black pepper simple syrup*
3/4 oz fresh lemon juice
pinch of black pepper

Shake and strain into an ice filled highball glass and top with soda (ideally, Fever Tree).

*Black Pepper Simple Syrup: crush 3 teaspoons of black pepper and pour into a saucepan of boiling water. To the water, add super fine sugar and stir until the water becomes syrup like in consistency. Strain and chill. Will keep for one week if refrigerated.


2011 March 17

Designers Discuss St. Patrick's Day: Oh, Joy!

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Deep Questions...... Deep Questions......
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At the CFDA nominations last night, we rounded up some of our faves to discuss the holiday that made half of NYC late for work today: St. Paddy's Day! Yaaaaay! Right? 


How are you going to celebrate St. Patrick's Day?


Jason Wu: I actually didn't remember that it was, but I suppose I'll be wearing green! 


Sophie Theallet: I don't celebrate St. Patrick's Day. I'm sorry! 


Andrew Buckler: I'll try to put something green on and I'll definitely have a few beers. 


Michael Bastian: We are in the office picking out all of our fabric and finalizing all  all of our designs for our big comeback for Spring 12 , so I am getting nowhere near 5th Avenue. I used to work at Bergdorfs which is right in the middle of all that, so I learned the hard way: Don't mess with St. Patrick's Day! 


Danielle Snyder: I'll definitely be sporting green. It's one of those holidays where you just go with it.


Bibhu Mohapatra: Having drinks with friends somewhere south of 11th Street. 


What's your favorite kind of beer? 


Jason Wu: Bud Light.


Andrew Buckler: I like English beer. I'm a lager boy so I'll track down some Harp. 


Sophie Theallet: Corona with lime.


Alexander Wang: I don't drink beer. 


Michael Basitan: I'm a Budweiser guy. Don't mess with Bud!


Waris Ahluwalia: I don't drink, so I guess the kind of beer that gets everyone else drunk fast. 


Bibhu Mohapatra: I love a Stella on draft or a Heineken or a Bud. Any sort of ale! 


Jodie Snyder of Dannijo: I like Stella.


Danielle Snyder of Dannijo:  This is random, but I really like Blue Moon with an orange. 


Billy Farrell: Guinness! 


Joseph Altuzarra: I hate beer, I can't drink beer, I don't drink alcohol. 

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