2011 March 15

Mommy & Me with Stacey Bendet: Q&A Time!

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We love Stacey! We love Stacey!
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This week, our Mommy columnist Stacey Bendet of Alice + Olivia answers your most pressing queries.


What DVDs or TV shows do you let your daughter watch?

"Pretty much everything. She loves anything with princesses and Barbies. She loves Max + Ruby; I find Dora the Explorer rather educational. I actually think watching shows and playing with apps and learning to navigate an iPad are important modern-day toddler skills.


What's the right amount of time to take off after giving birth?

Well, I had a c-section on a Monday with Eloise, and I came back to the office the following Monday. People thought I was insane. Maybe I am, but it's different for every mom. Eloise came to my office every day when she was a baby. I pumped and had interns run the breast milk home! (Don’t worry—it was tightly sealed in refrigerated opaque bags.) She slept like 18 hours a day, so I felt sort of useless sitting home waiting around!


What qualities do you look for in a nanny?

Since I'm not home during the day, I really look for a caregiver to be an educator. Eloise’s nanny speaks to her in French and teaches her things all day long, in terms of both manners and skills. She takes her to museums and art classes, and does all the things I would do with her.


How do you deal with a child who has his or her "own sense of style" when it  comes to getting dressed?

Last week, when Eloise insisted on wearing a Rapunzel dress with a flower power head band (Rambo style across her forehead, with red hair poofing out) to dinner at Nobu, I contemplated crying.  But I really think that clothing is one of the first ways a child gets to artistically express themselves. So I try and just go with it---pink, purple, sparkles, polyester princess dresses and all!


What is a proper punishment for toddlers?

We have a little wood "time out" chair. She sent my husband Eric to it the other day when she told him to stop tickling her. 



Do you have a Mommy question for Stacey? Send it to chicreport@chicreport.com



2011 March 15

Living La Vida Vena

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The homepage! The homepage!
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Vena Cava relaunched its site today, and there's a lot Chic loves. Such as: the mustard or olive background. The cut-and-paste sensibility. The "vibes." (In which VC pals channel "I'm a French Student" and "Nerd Goddess.") Plus! At last, an e-commerce site, selling Vena Cava and Viva Vena!. The Garage Sales section even has a mix of items that VC designers Sophie and Lisa curated. It's so nice to see one of these things that's actually navigable. More pix in our Gallery.

2011 March 15

A Moment With...Lynn Yeager

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Lynn Yeager Lynn Yeager
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Chic had a quick gab sesh with T:The New York Times Style Magazine contributor Lynn Yeager. Behold her confession!

What was you're first Fashion Week like?
I cried like everyday. Everyone was mean. I had standing room. It was a disaster!

Do you remember the first fashion show where you sat front row?
It was DKNY, and when I saw my name on the chair, I burst into tears. I was really excited. The thing with the front row...you'll get front row at a smaller show or a show with one row, but I'm not that much of a front row freak.

Would you be okay sitting in the fourth row or the sixth row?
Well, I like to think of myself as the sort of person who would be okay with it, but no! It actually depends on what show it is. If it's some amazing show in Paris that I'm happy to be at, then sure.

Do you ride the subway?
Of course! If someone is paying for a car, I'll take it, but I'm really cheap. I won't even take a taxi.


2011 March 15

Look of The Daily: Helen Gurley Brown

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Helen Gurley Brown Helen Gurley Brown
Photo Via Patrick McMullan
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Helen Gurley Brown reminds us that chic (and Chic) is timeless! The Cosmopolitan legend looked gorgeous at the Literacy Partners Evening of Readings Gala kick-off party at Michael's last night. We're particularly obsessed with her rings and decorative cane. Sublime! 

2011 March 15

Daily Double: Rihanna and Jessica Rabbit

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Where Have We Seen This Before? Where Have We Seen This Before?
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Rihanna appears on the cover of Vogue for the first time this month, and her look reminded Chic of Roger Rabbit's sexy lady friend, Jessica Rabbit. Do you see it? 

2011 March 15

Making of XTI with Irina Shayk and Arthur Sales

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We See You! We See You!
Photo by Juan Aldabaldetrecu
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Irina Shayk and Brazilian model Arthur Sales are featured in the new campaign for Spanish brand XTI. If you have three minutes and 32 seconds to spare—and you're dying to watch two beauties pose for the camera—then go for it. But consider the mute button—this music is painful.



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