2011 March 18

Bad Hair Days and Beauty Closet Scoop with Teen Vogue's Eva Chen

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Eva Chen Eva Chen
Courtesy of Teen Vogue
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During the fifth annual Teen Vogue Readers' Choice Awards earlier this week, teens' 47 best-of picks were honored with a breakfast awards ceremony. But what about the beauty moments of the editors behind the mag's pages? Chic chatted hair nightmares and got the dish on the beauty closet with Teen Vogue beauty and heath director Eva Chen. 

What were your teenage beauty faux pas?
We could be here all day. When I was in middle school, I very strongly resembled a boy. I’ve always wanted to pull off that pixie-ish, Michelle Williams cut. I did that once when I was younger, and people actually thought I was a boy and called me Evan. It still scars me sometimes when I get mail addressed to Evan by accident. I also had the Rachel cut, and it wasn’t so flattering. I had a moment when I wanted to get those really cool My So-Called Life highlights, so I had red skunk stripes. I was just your standard teenage story; kind of awkward. 

How do you keep track of all the products in your life?
When you open my bathroom door, an avalanche of beauty products falls out.  I’ve adopted this new theory that if I take a product home, I have to bring another back to the office or give it away. So I have some very lucky friends and family.

What was your first intro to the beauty closet like?
I remember going into the beauty closet the first day of my first internship, and my brain literally exploded! They told me to clean out the old products, and I schlepped home like four bags. I couldn’t believe it was someone’s job to organize beauty products. 

What’s the story with the Teen Vogue beauty closet?
My beauty assistant, Laurel Pantin, is the keeper of the key. The closet is a magical place, and you can smell it from down the hallway—it’s very fragrant. The beauty closet is different from the fashion closet; I can’t just dip in and borrow some fabulous Jason Wu dress. The beauty closet is attainable and accessible. If you’re having a bad day, stop by, take some nail polish and everything is better! Plus, I only have ten fingers and so much surface area of skin, so I do need some guinea pigs. Luckily, the Teen Vogue staff is willing.

Have you ever cut someone off from the closet?
We do have some beauty addicts, for sure, but everyone is more or less respectful. Everyone has a beauty-obsessed side. It’s just about tapping into yours, and letting her come out to play. 


2011 March 18

A Moment with…Nicky Hilton

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Nicky Hilton and Chrissie Miller Nicky Hilton and Chrissie Miller
Billy Farrell Agency
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On Thursday night, Chic ducked into Paul & Andre, Hollywood’s most talked-about spot of the moment co-owned by Paul Sevigny (of course), for a screening of "Truth or Dare," a short, raw film by Sophomore starring Chloe Sevigny, Jen Brill, Lesley Arfin, Scott Campbell and PJ Ransone. After adventuring behind trash bins in an inconspicuous, dark Hollywood alley and down two treacherous flights of stairs, an eerie hallway and random kitchen corridor, Chic was flanked by a hip crowd of Samaire Armstrong, Hillary Rush, Chrissie Miller, Samantha Traina and Frankie Rayder. Sponsored by Kanon Organic Vodka, the party presented the B&W film depicting candid moments among a group of friends playing the classic game in a hotel room. Nicky Hilton, clad in an eclectic high/low mix of Alaia, Lanvin and H&M, took a break from texting in the corner of the club to chat.

What did you think of the film?
It was funny. I know all of those girls from New York, so it was entertaining to watch them interact on film.
Have you played Truth or Dare in the past?
A little. I didn’t really like answering questions, so I was always dared to kiss people. Which I would never do.
Would you ever consider starring in a short film like that one?
Yeah, I would do something like that with friends. But only with my friends…
What are you focusing on right now?
My jewelry line. And a ton of new fashion projects.

2011 March 17

About Last Night: Generations!

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Borgo, DvF and Altuzarra Borgo, DvF and Altuzarra
Photo by Billy Farrell
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CFDA nominees Eddie Borgo and Joseph Altuzarra were caught between their great ally, Diane Von Furstenberg, last night. We always adore a snap of the rising stars with the industry legends—especially celle-là.

2011 March 17

Chic Eats: Lunching with Holmes and Yang at Barneys

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Katie and Jeanne Check Out Every Detail with Valextra's Emanuele Carminati Molina Katie and Jeanne Check Out Every Detail with Valextra's Emanuele Carminati Molina
Photo Via Billy Farrell Agency
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The Hosts: Katie Holmes and Jeanne Yang of, obvi, Holmes and Yang

The Date: March 16, 2011

The Place: Fred's, that place on the 9th floor of Barneys where you eat the Madison Avenue Salad during the week and the Robiola on the weekend.

The Occasion: The opening of the new Valextra boutique on Barneys' main floor, and the collab between the leather haus and the aforementioned Holmes and Yang


What we learned:


1. The collaboration will launch at Barneys in July. They'll retail for $3,950 and will have a separate compartment for your iPad. 


2. Valextra is not the name of a new prescription. It's a chic Italian luxury brand found in 1937 by Giovanni Fontana. Jackie O, Grace Kelly and Maria Callas were fans; these days, it's sold exclusively at Barneys. 


3. Katie Holmes was so excited to see a preview of one of her upcoming bags that she took a photo on her Blackberry to "send to my husband!" We know who that is!


4. Barneys creative ambassador Simon Doonan is the ultimate person to sit next to at a luncheon. We promised him that most of our chat was off the record, and we'll stick to our word, but here are a few things we didn't know about this darling: He once lived in Los Angeles! He loves Hogan shoes because they give him a little height! He's been with Barneys for 25 years! He believes that writers should get out of the house more! To paraphrase: "If Virginia Woolf had worked at the Barneys make-up counter part-time, maybe she wouldn't have killed herself." Plus! Simon and his boyfriend Jonathan Adler still haven't sold their Shelter Island home. Any takers?


5. Barneys' corporate offices are actually not in the same building as the Madison Ave store, but at 575 Fifth Avenue—in the same building as L'Oreal. 


Check out photos from the event in our Gallery.

2011 March 17

A Moment With...Waris Ahluwalia at the CFDA Nominations

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Who Wouldn't Like This Guy? Who Wouldn't Like This Guy?
Photo Via Patrick McMullan
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What's new with you? 

It's a nice quiet time. That's what's new! I'm going to Hawaii. 

Fun! Where, exactly?

I think Maui, but all the other islands, too, to do a trunk show. It's nice when your trunk shows take you to uh, such difficult places. I don't really want to go, but for work…. I'll do anything!

Will you surf?

I don't surf. I like big boats more than little boards. 

What are your plans for St. Patrick's Day?

I'm going to carry green spray paint and spray everybody and go, "It's St. Patrick's Day!" Maybe I'll get some green food for lunch.

2011 March 17

Chic Chat at the CFDA Awards Nominations Party

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Wang, Bastian and Wu Wang, Bastian and Wu
Photos by Billy Farrell
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At last night's CFDA nominations, hosted by Nadja Swarosvski and DvF at the latter's studio, we asked some of the nominees, past winners and perhaps a future nom about the obvious: the CFDA Awards. C'mon!


Jason Wu

Congrats on last year's win, a year late. 
Thank you! Last year I wasn't expecting it, and I went onstage and I finally knew what it was like to completely blank out. It was a humbling moment."

How did you celebrate? 

I went out all night. I went to Boom Boom, somehow ended up at my friend's house and then I went back home, took a shower and went to work. Another day, another collection."


Sophie Theallet

Any fond memories of the CFDA Awards?

When I won the first prize. That's my memory.


Alexander Wang

How are you, love? 

Overwhelmed. I was feeling a little sick earlier this week, but this definitely lifted up my spirits.

What are you going to wear to the ceremony?

That's decided like 5 minutes before I leave.


Michael Bastian

How many nominations has this been?

This is the fifth straight year that we've been nominated. The first time was for newcomer, and I think this is the fourth for Menswear designer of the year. This one was a complete surprise, because we did not have a fall show. We had to take a season off to reorganize our business. 

Danielle Synder, Dannijo

What are you thinking?

I don't think I've ever been in a room with this many creative people at once. It's a lot of creative energy. I've seen people I love, like Bibhu. We met the Shipley and Hamos guys, Yigal (Azrouel)...I even met Anna again for a split second!  

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