2011 March 24

Shot of The Daily: Joseph and Vanessa

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Joseph and Vanessa Cuddle Up Joseph and Vanessa Cuddle Up
Photo Via Billy Farrell Agency
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Hello, Gorgeous! Joseph Altuzarra snuggles up to his dear friend Vanessa Traina at the launch of her S/S 2011 capsule collection for Maje at Barneys last night. You'd never know it was sleeting outside! 

2011 March 24

Alessandra Has It All Covered

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Allesandra Allesandra
Photo Courtesy of GQ
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Gavin Bond shot Alessandra Ambrosio for the cover and premiere issue of GQ Brasil. (Does anybody know why they'd ask her for that? We don't get the correlation...kidding!) Non-shocker of the day: She looks hooooot. But we can't quite figure out what's on her leg in this pic. Any thoughts? 

2011 March 23

A Moment With... Emily Dougherty, Beauty and Fitness Director at Elle

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Robbie Myers and Emily Dougherty Robbie Myers and Emily Dougherty
Patrick McMullan
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Last evening, Chic popped into the opulent downstairs den at Lavo for the unveiling of The Decision, Katie Holmes' short flick for John Frieda Precision Foam Colour. The Real Housewives were out in masse for the event, plus a tight-lipped Holmes, but the giddiest sighting for mag-loving Chic was Elle's Emily Dougherty. Chic caught the longtime beauty and fitness director on the street heading out of the event for a quick chat about Dougherty's Scrabble secrets and the prospect of the dark-tressed brunette going uber blonde.

The Decision is about cheating on one's hair colorist. What was the last game you cheated on?
Now no one will play board games with me! I love cheating on Scrabble.

What's your Scrabble-acing secret?
Just Google the letters and everything gets sorted out for you.

What was your biggest hair blunder ever?
I think every day is a faux pas. We have a lot of fun in the beauty closet, so there are a lot of faux pas.

What's a product from the bounty of the Elle beauty closet that you've been keeping at home lately?
There's so much good stuff that it's hard to narrow it down to one! I can't decide. But I do love the John Frieda precision foam. It's very cool.

What would you do to your hair if you could do a 24-hour revamp, sans repercussions?
I guess I'd go platinum blonde. But we do have this daily makeover tool on Elle.com, so that's like a quick change without consequences. I uploaded my picture last weekend -- I tried bangs and blonde and everything. There actually are certain blondes that would work on me, but most shades don't. You can do make-up too, so I gave myself blue eye shadow to go with the blonde.

Any plans to make the blonde happen?
Well, I thought about making it my Facebook photo, but decided people would know it wasn't real because I use the same photo as my professional shot for Elle. 

2011 March 23

Vera Wang: Mall Rat?

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Vera Wang Loves Where? Vera Wang Loves Where?
Photo Via Patrick McMullan
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Vera Wang went on Chelsea Lately this week and made a shocking revelation: She loves the mall, y'all! "I love malls! I really do," the designer told Chelsea. "I love food courts...I can go from Chinese to Spanish to pizza to smoothies all in a matter of three seconds." Wang also admitted that she "loves" New Jersey, and she's looking for a house in Los Angeles. If anybody spots Vera at Sbarro, please send us a photo.



2011 March 23

Jonah Hill and Terry Richardson Make An Impression

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Silly Boys! Silly Boys!
Photo Via Terry Richardson's Diary
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Photographer Terry Richardson is such a ham! We paid our weekly visit to his online diary and noticed that Terry's been asking famous actors to impersonate him. (You'll recall that James Franco gave us his best Terry a few weeks ago.) Now, Jonah Hill's getting in on the act, but as you can see- Terry's in on the action, too and doing an impression of Jonah! Can you stand it?! The pics were taken at Jake Hoffman's 30th birthday party at the family home. Jake's famous father Dustin served cake. 

2011 March 23

Getting To Know You....Erin Beatty of Suno

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It's Erin and Max! It's Erin and Max!
Photo Via Patrick McMullan
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Chic worships Suno's Erin Beatty and Max Osterweis, but we need to know them individually, as people—not just haute designers! First up: Erin.


Name: Erin Beatty

Birthplace: Colorado Springs, Colorado


Favorite animal: "Elephants."

Hours You Sleep: "Eight (pathetically, less than which, I’m a zombie)."

Street of choice: "Bedford Street (in Manhattan, not Williamsburg)."

Number: "Seven."

Toothpaste: "Crest TOTAL."

Word: "Persnippity. I just like the way it sounds."

Drink: "Dirty martini."

Favorite teacher: "Ms. Cortez from first grade."

Entree: "Pasta Pitti."

Body part: "Belly button."

Showtune: "'On My Own' from Les Miserables."

Tool: "Pencil or paintbrush. I think Photoshop is also pretty amazing."

Bottled water:  "Badoit, Rouge -  when big bubbles are just too much."

Interns: "Tanni, Kathy, Aimee."

How often do you check Facebook a day? "It sorta depends on how busy I am. Once…at least."

Allergy: "Penicillin."

How do you like your coffee? "I like a soy latte."

Exercise: "Gyrotonics—frequently."

Greatest Expenditure: "Gyrotonics.  Or shoes."

Escape plan: "A one-way ticket to Bali."

How often do you drive? Only when I’m in Colorado.

Finish this sentence: Glee is... "Seeing something beautiful."

Illicit Crush: "John Krasinski."

What make you jealous: "Celine."

Best day of your life? "I spent it with my dad and sister at Epcot center when I was 7.  I actually remember thinking ‘this is the very best day of my life.’"

Dance: "It depends on my mood."

Monthly drying cleaning bill: "About $200-not including fashion weeks."

Taxi or subway? "Taxi."


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