2011 March 29

Shot of The Daily: Sheryl Crow, Anna Sui and WHO?

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Not Something You See Everyday! Not Something You See Everyday!
Photo Via Patrick McMullan
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Who is that man in the middle of Sheryl Crow and Anna Sui? It's Beastie Boy Adam Yauch! Really! The random trio were celebrating The Cinema Society's screening of Meek's Cutoff at Jimmy at the James Hotel last night in New York. Also in attendance: Eve Plumb, AKA Jan Brady from The Brady Bunch. You might recall that Florence Henderson (AKA Mrs. Brady) attended the Cinema Society screening of The Fighter a few months ago. Andrew Saffir knows everyone.

2011 March 29

BTE TV Lands Exclusive Zang Toi in Jersey City Interview

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Sweet Zang! Sweet Zang!
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Why have we just discovered BTE TV's fashion and beauty reporter Sofia Davis? Never have we seen such exuberance in a journalist! Chic buddy Zang Toi spent a few moments talking to Ms. Davis while he was in Jersey City (!!!) at an event for Dress For Success. Chic nominates Sofia to replace Oprah. 


2011 March 29

Chic Police Blotter: Bridget Hall Busted

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Bridget Hall Bridget Hall
DAVID X PRUTTING/PatrickMcMullan.com
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Page Six reports that model Bridget Hall was stopped by cops last week in East Hampton for driving without a license. She was arrested last August in the Hamptons for a DWI, and has been carrying out community service ahead of her sentencing. According to the police report, Hall told cops, "paying for taxis was too expensive." The Post also mentions that Hall was once one the world's top-earning models. We'll leave you to digest that information. 

2011 March 29

Things To Discuss: Rob Lost His Shirt

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Rob and Rob Rob and Rob
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Rob Lowe and his piercing blue eyes cover the May (it's on the way!) issue of Vanity Fair, and the cover looks very familiar. Did Graydon forget to read his October issue of Men's Fitness again!? Lowe appears shirtless at the beach on both covers and we see a lot of white, red and black. If George Wayne is writing about his how to get the best abs ever, we're officially concerned. 

2011 March 29

Getting To Know You...Jennifer Meyer Maguire

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Bieber Lover Bieber Lover
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Jewelery designer Jennifer Meyer Maguire was put on the map when Jennifer Aniston wore one of her signature pieces in the movie The Break-Up. Now you can find her collections at Barneys, Maxfields and Shopbop.com. 


Name: Jennifer Meyer Maguire


Favorite animal: "Anything rescue."

Hours you sleep: "Not enough!"

Street of choice: "Pacific Coast Highway"

Number: "23"

Toothpaste: "Dental Herb Company, The Paste."

Cellular carrier: "Verizon."

Drink: "Iced tea during the day and ice cold beer if I go out at night."

Favorite teacher: "My principal, Mrs. Menzies, from elementary school."

Entree: "Sushi."

Favorite recent magazine article: "The latest Tina Fey essay in The New Yorker. She is a genius."

Body part: "Hands."

Showtune: "Anything from Rock of Ages."

Tool: "Swiss Army knife."

Bottled water: "Fiji."
Interns: "Here is the short list: Meegan runs it all, and Caitlin and Jen keep it well-oiled!"

How often do you check Facebook a day? "I don't have a Facebook page."

Allergy: "Mean people."

What would you never watch on TV? "Forensic Files or anything scary. I'm a total baby."

What's overrated? "Trends"

Coffee order: "Decaf latte."

Exercise: "Chasing my kids."

Greatest expenditure: "Online shopping."

Escape plan: "Hawaii."

How often do you drive? "Every day of the week."

Finish this sentence. Glee is...  "If you're asking about the TV show, I have to admit I have never seen an episode—although I hear people love it. But 'glee,' in general, is hearing my kids laugh."

Illicit crush: "I'm not going to lie: I have Bieber Fever."

What make you jealous? "I try not to go there and just be grateful for all that I have."

Best days of your life? "When Ruby and Otis were born."

Dance..."With my husband."

Monthly drying cleaning bill: "Too much!"

2011 March 29

Look Of The Daily: Michelle Monaghan in Versace

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Gorgeous! Gorgeous!
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Oh, white! We've missed you! Michelle Monaghan looked radiant in a Versace cocktail dress last night at the Los Angeles premiere of her new film, Source Code. She completes her look in nude pointed Versace pumps with a white heel. Love! 

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