2011 March 31

A Very Vivienne Red Carpet

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The Gang's All Here The Gang's All Here
Photo Via Patrick McMullan
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Admittedly, we're not all that familiar with the gang in this picture, but we still celebrate their spirit. Last night in Los Angeles, Walkie Talkie, Lenora Claire, Feliz Navidad and Ernie Omega (birth names, right?) hit Vivienne Westwood's party to celebrate her flagship store's grand opening in West Hollywood, bringing some classic Westwood punk and even...bunny ears. Keep being you, darlings! 

2011 March 30

Bravo's Newest Guilty Pleasures

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Brad Goreski Brad Goreski
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Bravo announced its 2011-12 schedule today with a no-brainer in the mix. Brad Goreski will be returning to the network with his own show called It’s a Brad Brad World following his rando VIP stylist adventures. Will we finally get to see his BF of ten years? If only... Vintage hotspot, Second Time Around, will also get their own show called Ready to Wear. We're pretty sure a retail meltdown or two will happen in the first ten minutes. Count us in! Not to be outdone, Mad Fashion will record the daily dramas of Project Runway alum, Chris March, as his team of hoodlums design one-of-a-kind pieces for his demanding clientele. How are we going to find the time for all of this? 

2011 March 30

One Is Not Like The Other

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Constance and Thakoon Constance and Thakoon
Photo Via Patrick McMullan
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We know! We know! Chic admits we can be ridiculously silly sometimes, but a tall model and a little anything still gives us a giggle. Perhaps we've never gotten over Tom and Nicole's split...Last night at Christie's, Constance Jablonski towered over Thakoon at the Runway to Green: A Bid To Save The Earth event. For those keeping track: She's 5'11" and he's...a little shorter. 

2011 March 30

J.Crew, Part Deux! Checking in with Frank Muytjens

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Frank Muytjens Frank Muytjens
Patrick McMullan
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Ready for another dose of chit chat with J.Crew's design masterminds? Here's all you never knew you wanted to know about Frank Muytjens, head of men's design. Chic learned that the Netherlands native has found "THE pair" of glasses, and pines for a simpler era. And check out our Gallery for images of J.Crew's fall collection for men!

What's going on with the J.Crew man for fall?
We wanted to keep everything quite sturdy. Guys react to that very well. We wanted to take those workman fabrics and putting them up in suits and slim pants. Our color palette is always guy friendly, so it's austere but we manage to have fun at the same time.

What's the story behind your glasses?
They're Sol Moscot. This frame style is called the Nebb. I've been wearing them for five years. It's such an easy pair of glasses now, I guess I've found my default and I don't have to look for anything else.

What are you reading right now?
Keith Richards'
biography. It's pretty good, and it's great to be thrown back into the '60s and '70s.

What's missing in modern culture compared with the '60s or '70s?
I think we're over-culturing ourselves! We've got way too much going on, with all the social networks and everything. Sometimes, I really long for simpler times, when people were writing letters.

Do you use Facebook, despite your qualms about social networks?
Yes, I do. It's great for keeping in touch with all of my friends back in Amsterdam.

What aspect of Dutch culture are you fondest of?
Rembrandt and other Dutch masters will always be close to my heart.

Speaking of Amsterdam's greatest hits, are you a herring fan?
No, I'm not. I've never liked herring. I wish I could say that was my go-to thing, though.

2011 March 30

La Vie en Ruffian: Message In A Bottle

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Another Weekend Away with The Ruffians Another Weekend Away with The Ruffians
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We know it's not the usual time of year to read stories about weekends in Fire Island, but that's exactly why Ruffian designers and our devoted columnists Brian and Claude took a sojourn there for the weekend. 

"As a Ruffian, we often rely on the kindness of strangers to make weekends magical.  A certain unnamed friend was kind enough to let us take up residency in his gorgeous Fire Island home whilst he traveled in Europe. We thought this would be a great opportunity to introduce a new format to the already multi-suited approach of La Vie en Ruffian. The new genre’s name, you ask? “Message in a Bottle from Fire Island." As we plan on spending multiple weekends this summer in many of our fabulous friends’ fabulous homes, why not be a bit Robin Leach and have our own “Lifestyles of the Rich and Gaymous!"

Well, as many of you may or may not know, The Pines really doesn’t get its groove on 'til Memorial Day, but that didn’t stop us fun-loving creatures from getting an early glimpse of what’s to come for Summer 2011! We played hooky on Friday (nothing new for our religious readers) and headed East. Unlike its fancy cousin, the Hamptons, Fire Island is a mere 54 miles from the city. We got off at Sayville Exit 60 on the L.I.E., made a quick stop at the Stop&Shop for sundries, and sea-bound we were on the ferry to paradise. One of the lovely things about the Land of Fire is that there are no cars!  So once your feet touch down on this fantasy island, a sense of relaxation like nothing else takes over. We walked down the boardwalk, entered through the house gates, crossed a bridge over a little pond and finally arrived. We dropped our bags and headed for the beach. For those of you Fire Island virgins, (first off, a very ironic combination of words, and furthermore, there can't be that many of you considering the demographic of the Chic Report!) the Island is about a city avenue wide. So, no matter where you are the beach or the bay is no more than a hop, skip and a jump away. Beautiful modernist homes, serendipitously intentional landscapes, and divine flora and fauna all flank this legendary utopia. What also is special to Fire Island is their own unique brand of “Man’s Best Friend," and believe it or not, we are not talking about other men. It’s the local breed of deer. Yes, these docile creatures have absolutely no fear of humans. In fact, considering we were two of 30 people on the island over this pre-season weekend, we relied on them for entertainment, companionship and a lyrical sense of movement. After a brisk ocean promenade, we hunkered down for the night, built a fire, roasted a chicken and thanks to our hosts’ DVD collection, began our very own Ruffian-Elizabeth Taylor Film Festival. First up was National Velvet. It truly warmed the cockles of our heart. Next up, Father of the Bride. [Aside] Why don’t people get married like that anymore? Let’s do a benefit and recreate that wedding! In fact, let’s reenact all eight of Elizabeth Taylor’s weddings! “The Eight Weddings of Elizabeth Taylor”…who wouldn’t pay to go to that! But, I digress… The next day, after a hearty breakfast, we decided to venture to the other part of the Island. Yes, Cherry Grove (although often snubbed by Pines goers, but in fact, Cherry Grove was the original gayborhood). According to legend, Oscar Wilde stayed at the Perkinson Hotel, which was later destroyed in the Great Hurricane of 1938. Other original pioneers of this community included Greta Garbo, Christopher Isherwood and W.H. Auden. Cherry Grove is also home to the Belvedere Castle, one the most unusual architectural landmarks on Fire Island, created, constructed and continually owned by the same gentleman, Mister John Eberhardt, since 1956.

That evening, we finished our Elizabeth Taylor Film Festival with Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and dreamed of the incredible life and career of this extraordinary actress who literally grew up on film and inspired generations of Fire Island cognoscenti to achieve her level of exquisite taste and joie de vivre.

The next day, we enjoyed our afternoon lying in the sun on the deck before we boarded the last ferry home. We look forward to our next trip to The Pines and encourage everyone to visit this spiritual Mecca at least once this summer. 

Don't miss pics from their trip in our Gallery and follow the boys on Facebook and Twitter!

2011 March 30

Buy This Shirt!

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Tadashi and Johnny's Shirt Tadashi and Johnny's Shirt
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Designer Tadashi Shoji, who was born and raised in Sendai, Japan and Olympic skater Johnny Weir have joined forces to create a t-shirt in support of relief efforts in Japan. Proceeds will go to the Japanese Red Cross Society. The T-shirt is only $25 and will be available in unisex sizes XS-XL. In other words: There is no excuse not to get one. Order at www.johnnygweir.com  or call 877.TADASHI. 

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