2011 April 1

Print: Not Dead! Not Even Close!

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Here's one way to use your Post-Its... Here's one way to use your Post-Its...
Courtesy Post-It
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Does Chic pride itself on being organized? Well...we were newly motivated to get our desks (and lives) in order on Tuesday, when we traipsed across town to the presidential suite of the new Gansevoort Park to check out the latest offerings from Post-It. The "Keep It Simple" event featured demonstrations from lifestyle/planning expert Rory Tahari, sustainability guru Sophie Uliano, and parenting and education maestro Michele Borba. Chic left with too many tips to count—we're especially grateful to the write-and-toss weekly organizer pad—and a renewed interested in (recyclable) paper products. You should see our desks! Check out photos in our Gallery. 

2011 April 1

Shot of The Daily: He's So Jake!

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Hottie! Hottie!
Photo Via Patrick McMullan
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Jake Gyllenhaal nabs our shot of the daily for no other reason than he wakes up every day and he's...Jake Gyllenhaal!! The actor and his gorgeous blue eyes attended the Cinema Society's Coach-sponsored screening of his new film Source Code last night in New York. Call us! 

2011 April 1

Chic Book Club

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King Adz King Adz
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Details mag and Lacoste L!ve hosted a shindig last night at Le Bain at the Standard Hotel to celebrate the launch of the book STREET KNOWLEDGE, which is artist King Adz's encyclopedia of street culture. The book includes works and interviews with David LaChapelle, Banksy, Tama Janowitz and all those other urban cool kids. Adz brought a little edge back to the MePa by installing Lacoste L!ve's logo Thursday morning on West 13th. 

2011 March 31

A Moment With...The Lovely Erdem

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Talented, Stylish and Sweet Talented, Stylish and Sweet
Photo Via Getty Images
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Chic stopped by Saks Fifth Avenue yesterday to meet the very charming Erdem Moraliglu, designer of Erdem, who's in New York for a few days to meet his customers (and mostly, cavort with Chic). The London-based personal fave of Anna and Glenda (and alumnus of DvF!) is worshipped for his florals, so we decided to ask him about... guess!

How many flowers can you name off the top of your head right now?
Begonias, tulips, dandelion, lily of the valley, forget me nots, roses, poinsettia. Are you counting?

Actually… no.

Lilies, carnations, bluebells, peonias, geraniums... Did I say that already? Okay...I'm out! 


Well done! What's your favorite kind of flower?

I like a lily. 


Do you think sending flowers after a first date is cool or creepy?

Cool! Absolutely! I never get flowers. Would you want to be dating someone who was weirded out by receiving flowers? What a lovely thing to get.


What kind of flowers? 

Something small and personal.

Do you garden?


Do you have a gardener?

No. We have a great garden in our backyard and our neighbor takes care of them. Flowers die when I take care of them. 

There is a rumor going around that you're starting a blog.
Gosh! That's so random! I have dresses to make. 


Do you tweet?

Our studio does.



Nope. I don't have a Facebook account.  I call people or I meet them like in real life.

Check out pictures in our Gallery of Erdem's collection at Saks.

2011 March 31

Coco Rocha's Celebrity Visitor

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Coco and Her Pal! Coco and Her Pal!
Image Courtesy of Coco Rocha
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We've been waiting for the right opportunity to put the missing Bronx Zoo Cobra on Chic Report for days now, but couldn't find the right opportunity. Luckily, Coco Rocha has come to the rescue! The supe tweeted this photo yesterday of a visit from the snake of the hour visiting her on set. He's making the rounds everywhere

Chic's top five fave tweets, courtesy of this @BronxZoosCobra:

1. If one more person on the streets asks me, "Do you like comedy?" someone's getting bit. #snakesonthetown

2. Want to clear up a misconception. I'm not poisonous as has been reported. I'm venomous. Super venomous, but not poisonous so don't worry.

3. Does anyone know if the Whole Foods in Columbus Circle sells organic mice?

4. Taking the Sex and The City Tour!!! I'm totally SSSamantha. #snakesonthetown

5. Rockefeller Plaza is amaz...wait...OMG! Tina Fey totally just walked by me! HUUUUUUGE FAN! 


2011 March 31

Look of The Daily: Dita Von Teese in Vivienne Westwood

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Dita! Dita!
Photo Via Patrick McMullan
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Let's face it: Dita Von Teese can do no wrong! She pulled off this classic black Vivienne Westwood gown last night at the designer's store opening in LA. We love it all, but it's the hat that's most heart-stopping. Si Hollywood! 

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