2011 April 4

Situations and Salutations On The West Coast with Emily Current and Meritt Elliott

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We love these girls! We love these girls!
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Emily Current and Meritt Elliott are Los Angeles-based stylists also known for cult-favorite denim line, Current/Elliott. Now, they're Chic-ing with us on a weekly basis. Joy! This week, they write a love letter to Vivienne Westwood, who opened her Los Angeles boutique last week.


"Dear Dame Vivienne Westwood,


Welcome to the West Coast! Isn't it warm and beautiful here?! Your store is divine. We are smitten with the stunning rooftop deck, the unapologetic pink neon sign, and the simple fact we can walk there from our houses. We perused your new mecca and relished in your signature, oh-so-flattering corseted dresses with draping and gathering that is so mindfully strategic! You are a master at dressmaking. We marveled over the different iterations of your iconic pirate boot and texted ourselves reminders to come back over when the registers are open! It was also a treat to check out your collaboration with LEE jeans. We really must say the store opening was brilliant, but the private after-dinner at the Chateau was even better! It was a cacophony of wondrous things—your tangerine-colored hair and floor-length crochet dress (drool), the decadent lemon tart that was served for dessert, the fragrant fuschia sweet peas as centerpieces, and a perfectly styled Dita Von Teese sipping rosé and adjusting her lace-brimmed hat (with a dapper male friend saddled up on her arm.). Sigh...the sweetest sort of a Thursday that lifelong Vivienne fans could ask for.


With Love and Style,

Your new friends and neighbors,

Emily + Meritt


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2011 April 4

Let Naeem Entertain You!

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The Expert Tells All! The Expert Tells All!
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The elegant designer Naeem Khan is known for throwing some of the best dinner parties in New York, so naturally, he was the first choice to come aboard Team Chic to share his ideas and rules on entertaining. 

HOW TO CHIC CHAT: "People are always interested in your life. You don't want to talk about yourself all the time, but you need to know the interests of your host or hostesses—where they've been, how they are doing. Keeping it simple and casual and not too heavy is most important. Gloomy or heavy subjects can really bring a party down. You need to make sure that whatever the conversation is, try and keep it a happy one. Travel is a great topic—if you've been somewhere. You have to be well read, too. I like reading. I'm up-to-date in what's happening in fashion and politics. I read The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal....If you are well read, party conversation is easy.


TOPICS TO AVOID: "Religion and politics should be kept out, definitely. It's spoiled many moods at parties, whether you're a Democrat or a Republican. People takes sides, and it can become nasty."


PICK APPROPRIATE MUSIC: "Some of my friends are young party people who love having fun, and when we're not at the Boom Boom Room, I play up-to-date, happening music at my home. But certain friends, like Iris Apfel, enjoy music from the fifties or sixties. We put on Doris Day, Frank Sinatra, Judy Garland...I always make a playlist when I'm entertaining. And have dance music ready, too. Most of the time, somehow, we all end up dancing after dinner. But keep the music at a certain tone during the meal—it can't be too upbeat. Jazz would be amazing, but I wouldn't play rock for Iris."

2011 April 4

Cynthia Vincent's LES Love

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Cynthia Vincent and Aussie actress Bella Heathcote Cynthia Vincent and Aussie actress Bella Heathcote
Billy Farrell Agency
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Last week, Cynthia Vincent celebrated the opening of her flagship boutique on Elizabeth Street. Chic dropped by Don Hill's for the afterparty, featuring a performance by ExitMusic and VeeV acai berry vodka cocktails, and a fashionably late appearance by Ed Westwick. Getting in a moment to gab with the bubbly designer wasn't hard, thanks to a serendipitous bathroom run-in with the Angeleno. Check out Vincent's potential second career as an interior designer and the Bowery resto that brings back beloved family memories!

What’s the vibe at your new flagship store in Nolita?
It’s almost like walking into my home. I had tons of fun doing it—I actually designed it myself and worked with the contractor directly. That’s my other love. I’ve done my own home and a few friends’ houses. 

Are you a Don Hill’s regular when you’re in New York?
No, I’ve never been, but I’ve always wanted to—I’ve heard so much about it over the years. I love to have fun and not be so serious about things, so it seemed like a great fit to celebrate the store opening.

Any plans to get an NYC pied-à-terre?
I’ve been looking in the Lower East Side, actually. It reminds me of my neighborhood in L.A.; I live in Silver Lake. I love the history of the Lower East Side, and when I tell older people who grew up there that I just opened a store nearby the area, they think I’m crazy. It’s interesting to hear that, given the transition of the area.

Do you have any local NYC haunts yet?
Oh, my God. Hecho en Dumbo is beyond incredible. I had a visceral experience when I went there. I'm Mexican, and it literally tasted like my grandma had gone to cooking school, because all of her flavors were there. The radish salad was amazing, and their chicken sopes were actually better than my grandma’s, because she would leave them in the pan too long. Hecho en Dumbo’s are perfect, because they’re crispy on the outside but fluffy in the middle, and people usually overcook them until they’re rock hard. When I first ordered sopes in L.A., I was like “What are these?!” I also had this dish at Hecho en Dumbo which they call “dry soup,” and last time I was in New York, they were kind enough to wrap it up for me to eat on the plane ride home. I lost my grandma recently, and it was just a beautiful moment. It’s crazy what food can do to the senses!

2011 April 4

Anna's Handy Met Gala Rules

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Anna Is There For You! Anna Is There For You!
Photo Via Getty Images
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Anna Dello Russo will be "participating" in the Met Gala on May 2nd, and she was kind enough to take time out of her busy schedule to update her blog with her top ten rules for this particular event. Print and memorize, darlings! 


1. It's Prohibited choose the wrong OUTFIT.

Look and look again hundred thousand times

all the shows on Vogue.com.


2. Opt for the HAUTE COUTURE.

You only live once!


3. For at least a month before, prepare your

BODY with an iron DETOX discipline and

a daily TRAINING.

You must be radiant!


4. Choose a long evening GOWN.

Unless you don't have the Giselle's body

not wear a short dress!


5. Put some beautiful SHOES with which

walk straight and FIERCE.

Your legs cannot wobbling over

HELLS exceeding 11 cm.


6. MAKEUP and HAIR: 

Here you can exaggerate!

You have to invent a character,

you'll transform into another woman,

give her another name

and you'll feel more SECURE.


7. Strictly: JEWEL-CLUTCH in hand.


8. Leave your WATCH at home, even if precious,

cause it may be unkind to those who invited you.


9. Rigorously forbidden to take iPhone pics

at VIP'S and CELEBS!


10. When you get to that very long,

dreadful RED CARPET,

take a deep breath and SMILE."


2011 April 4

The Most Important People in The World for ALDO

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It's The Most Loving Press Release Of All Time! It's The Most Loving Press Release Of All Time!
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Can Chic please meet the publicist who wrote these exuberant bios of Lily Donaldson and Sean Opry? (The mods appear in ALDO's Spring/Summer 2011 campaign.) Such passion! Such admiration! Such...fun facts! It's the most enthusiastic press release EVAH! Don't miss the vid of the two most important and beautiful people in all the land! 


"Brit-girl Lily Donaldson, the Brit-girl who was scouted at 16 in Camden Market and became a fast favorite of superphotographer Steven Meisel's--and British Vogue, and Harper's Bazaar, and Dior, and Burberry, and Victoria's Secret.. the list is almost as long as those legs! Yet despite her stratospheric stardom, 23-year-old Lily's never lost her love of thrift shopping. Converse kicks, and adventure, making her a perfectly adorable muse for ALDO girls everywhere. Fun fact: Her favorite thing to eat is the Portugese rotisserie chicken in ALDO's home; Montreal. 


"Sean Opry is the all-American male model, an everybody from Nowhere, Georgia (he was discovered on Facebook!) with the cheekbones of a Norse god. You know him from, like, every Calvin Klein ad or issue of GQ in the last few years; in 2009, he was named Forbes' most successful male model. Tall, dark and so handsome he makes Robert Pattison look like Danny Devito, the former high school football star is now kicking it with ALDO. We couldn't be more in love."

2011 April 4

Elle's Heidi Moment

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It's Elle It's Elle
Photo Via Patrick McMullan
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Looks like Elle Macpherson is following in the footsteps of Heidi Klum. She's tapped to host NBC's new show, Fashion Star, a reality competition show from the producing team of Top Chef. In the show, 12 unknown designers will earn the opportunity to compete for a multi-million dollar contract that will put their designs in a major American stores. Well-known designers (qui?) and retail buyers will judge the creations, and viewers at home can purchase their favorite designs. It's Project Runway meets American Idol meets...Home Shopping Network? 

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