2011 April 13

The Tonchi Suggestion Box

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Stefano Tonchi Stefano Tonchi
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"I think Stefano Tonchi should take tango--he's so graceful and handsome." ---Fairfax Dorn, Ballroom Marfa Co-Founder and Executive Director, on the W EIC's extracurriculars at last night's NYC Ballroom Marfa event

2011 April 13

Oh, Eddie!

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It's Eddie Borgo It's Eddie Borgo
Photography by Robbie Fimmano
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If Olivier Theyskens, Marc Jacobs and Tom Ford can take their shirts off, why not, uh, Eddie Borgo? The 32-year-old jewelry designer appears in the April 2011 issue of Interview as we've never seen him before. He tells the mag that his Spring 2011 collection was inspired by Madonna's controversial 1992 book Sex, adding: "I found it really liberating when I read the book in high school." Gotcha!

2011 April 13

Chris Benz Shuttles to Savannah

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Chris Benz Chris Benz
Patrick McMullan
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At Monday's MoMA premiere of The Conspirator, an Abe Lincoln assassination flick, hosted by The Wall Street Journal and Piaget, Chic gabbed with the thoroughly modern and freshly-dyed Chris Benz

The hair! You’ve gone neon pink!
I don't have any tattoos or piercings, so my one thing is my hair. I was getting tired of the multicolor look, so I decided it was all about one bright color for spring. It's high maintenance compared to a multicolor look.

Have you ever considered dyeing your facial hair?
I have, but I think it would be too much work. Bleach on your face is probably not where it's at.

What's new, besides the bubblegum-hued coif?
I'm working to finish up resort so I can go away for the weekend!

Where do you plan to go?
I always feel like going to L.A. in the springtime for some reason, and driving around in a convertible. I think I'll have an L.A. moment come May.

What else are you up to this spring?
I'm an industry mentor at SCAD, so I've got two more trips planned there. It's amazing in Savannah—there's Spanish moss everywhere, and the buildings are all falling apart. I'm mentoring eight students there.

Is it like a parent-child relationship between designer and student?
It's very emotional. I need to push them in certain directions and pull back in other ways. My job is to bring a dose of practicality to what they're doing. They're isolated in Savannah, so they're not interning with Donna Karan or anything. I have to tell them that they'd never actually be able to do certain things; there's no such thing as hand painting on a mass scale. I try to keep it funny, though.

If you swapped placed with your SCAD students, what harebrained schemes would you be into?
There's so much beautiful decay in Savannah; a sense of Wabi-Sabi. So I'd probably be burying my collection for a month and then digging it up.

2011 April 13

Emmanuelle Alt: She's just like US!

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A Disney Fan!? Who knew? A Disney Fan!? Who knew?
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We've been featuring a lot of Carine Roitfeld lately, but we never want to ignore our most recent fixation: Emmanuelle Alt. Jamais! Our friends at I Want To Be An Alt  (the cousin of I Want To Be A Roitfeld) keep us abreast on all the latest news in her world, but today, we're particularly intrigued by the 1997 interview she did with Elle Decor. Her favorite things? Shocking!  

Favorite designers: Saul Bass and Mies van der Rohe (editor's note: Don't worry! These guys didn't work in fashion.) 

Hero: Her father

Favorite film: Saturday Night Live

Breakfast: Tea and freshly squeezed orange juice

Favorite building: Disneyland, Paris

Favorite hotel: Blakes in London

Favorite artists: David Hockney and Francis Bacon

Preferred time of day to work: Afternoon

Next Big Thing prediction: Tourist trips to the moon

2011 April 12

Getting To Know You...Aja Singer of Alex and Eli

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It's Aja! It's Aja!
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Yesterday we got to know Alex & Eli's Anna Zeman; today, let's delve into the mind of her design partner and close friend Aja Singer

Age: 27

Birthplace: Toronto

Current abode: New York


Hours you sleep: "Anywhere from 3 to 8."

Street of choice: "Bond Street."

Word: "Cake."

Drink: "Vodka soda, or a Bloody Mary on Sundays." 

Ideal room: "The Temple of Dendur at the Met."

iPad app: "No iPad yet, but I use the New York Times app on my iPhone every day."

What do you pay your cleaning lady? "No cleaning lady, just me, so free."

Bottled water: "Fiji"

Facebook addiction? "I check it like once a week."

Allergy: "Cats."

Coffee order: "A latte with skim milk"

Exercise: "Running."

Bread: "Challah."

First fashion show: "Costello Tagliapietra"

Greatest expenditure: "Delicious food."

Escape plan: "None"

How often do you drive? "Not since I was 16. I don't have a license."

Illicit crush: "Freja."

What make you jealous? "People with giant apartments."

Average monthly dry cleaning bill: "I don't want to think about it."


2011 April 12

Simon Spurr Makes His Mum Proud!

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Spurr's Moment Spurr's Moment
Photo credit: Eric Ray Davisdon
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Chic stopped by the charming and talented Simon Spurr's Chelsea showroom to chat with him about his recent CFDA Menswear Designer of the Year nomination. Well deserved, love! 

How did you feel when you got the nom? 

Amazing! To be nominated for the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund two years ago, the Swarovski Award for Menswear last year and now the major men's award... It's win, lose or draw. It's a pretty phenomenal trajectory for a young brand.


Did you suspect that you were going to be nominated?

I got a call from Steven Kolb. When he calls, and he's called the previous years as well, it's always a very brief and short message- 'I'm just calling to let you know! See you tonight.'  The support from the CFDA has been amazing. The support all around, from retailers to young Hollywood, everywhere. Was I expecting it? No, I wasn't expecting it. Was I hoping to be nominated again for an award? Yes. But I wasn't expecting the big menswear award nomination. 


What do you mean by young Hollywood? 

The Twilight boys, the Star Trek boys, Bradley Cooper, Zac Efron, even some of the boys from Glee. It just happened naturally, in the beginning, that they started wearing us. I think they feel there's a synergy. They're the next generation of Hollywood, I'm the next generation of American menswear. I think people are looking for newness. Newness of everything—ideas, talent, fashion designers. 


What will you wear? 

Obviously I'll wear something from Simon Spurr.


Will you borrow it? 

I'll borrow it! Thank God I'm sample size. I actually haven't thought that far...


Who will you bring as your date? 

I don't know yet, actually. I might keep it pretty low-key. I'm friends with a lot of those young actors in Hollywood that I just mentioned, so maybe one of those guys.


Is there anybody in fashion that you'd like to meet who might be there that night? 

I'd like to see Ralph Lauren again. I think I'm at a different stage in my career. It will be nice to see him. He obviously taught me a lot. I'd like to exchange a few words. We haven't spoken since I left, which was 5 years ago. 


Who has reached out to congratulate you?

Nadja Swarovski, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein. My friends and family—my mum was on the floor, as usual. She can't believe her youngest son has achieved so much. They are super proud because it's the family name. It carries more weight and meaning. Even when it was announced, I was standing next to Robert Geller and people in the room were genuinely pleased. People looked over with sincerity. That's the biggest achievement, feeling that your nomination is valid. The recognition from this nomination is always the biggest pat on the back. You work so hard at such a fast pace that I don't know many of us who have the time to stop and pat ourselves on the back and say, 'That was a great show, that was a great season.' You just keep going. When the industry does that for you, it means a lot. 


We'll have more with Simon later this week.

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