2011 April 14

A Moment of Chic: Susan Lucci

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Building a Habitat for Humanity home in 2003 Building a Habitat for Humanity home in 2003
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We take a moment from our regularly-scheduled programing to call for a moment of chic in honor of All My Children. Today, ABC announced the cancellation of its long-running daytime drama which will go off the air in September...after a whopping 41 years. How will our life go on without Erica Kane Martin Brent Cudahy Chandler Montgomery Montgomery Chandler Marick Marick Montgomery? Luckily, we still have Susan LucciChic put together a Gallery of some of her finest looks in recent years. We'll miss you, darling. You're our kinda gal! 

2011 April 14

Liz Hurley and Glenda Bailey: Fabulous, Ageless

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Glenda Bailey and Elizabeth Hurley Glenda Bailey and Elizabeth Hurley
Patrick McMullan
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Harper's Bazaar and Estee Lauder took over the Hearst Tower atrium to announce and toast to the latest slew of Fabulous At Every Age winners. Elizabeth Hurley and Glenda Bailey made for a darling, poshly accented duo of hostesses for the affair. Chic chatted with an Erdem-clad Bailey, accessorized with a duo of envy-inducing braided Givenchy cuffs, and Estee spokeswoman Hurley - donning a slinky black Cushnie et Ochs number for the occasion - about what it really means to stay fab as the years roll by.

So Glenda, what was your most fabulous age?
GB: It's like a scene from The Way We Were, when Robert Redford is asked by a pal about when his best decade was. And he named a point during each phase of his life!

How does a woman stay fabulous at 90?
We have a special guest here tonight who's receiving a "Fabulous At Every Age" honorable mention. At 102, Margaret Bonner is totally fabulous.

Who is the most fabulous senior citizen?
Betty White.
And my pick for someone who looks unbelievable for her age has got to be Joan Collins. It's because she has an unbelievable sense of humor and she's so beautiful. I saw her in a play and she did splits! Then she gets back up and carries on talking, laughing and making you laugh. I really admire her spirit.

Which fabulous young designers are you into right now?
I prefer to talk about designers who are established but can and will go onto the next level of greatness. Like Erdem, who is a prime example of someone who already has a successful business, is still in his twenties, yet has a maturity in the way he designs and produces his clothes.

What are your summer plans?
I haven't yet gotten around to that! It's rather odd because I've skipped the summer months and I'm already thinking about December because of how far ahead we plan. I'm already back into the holidays, and am thinking about big wooly coats.

And Liz, how are your 40s treating you?
EH: I'm having a great time right now. By the time you get to my age, you really work out who you want to be with, who you want to hang out with, and who you want in your life. You cut out a lot of dead wood in your 30s; you get rid of the people you've acquired that you don't want in your life. So it's more about relationships than anything else.

Do you have any role models for aging fabulously?
I remember seeing my grandmother sitting around the table with six or seven of her sisters, and they were all in their 60s or 70s and they were just laughing and laughing. They were probably being mean about their husbands or something. I remember thinking, wow, what a way to be!

Why do you think they were so at ease?
You care a bit less about what people think as you get older. You're very insecure when you're young. You just get over that. Also, once you have a child you care so much less about other things; everything else seems rather silly.

Are there any ages you're happy to be over with?
No, I enjoyed bits and bobs of every phase. Although I would like my skin back! But my hair has actually gotten better with age. I don't know why. I've always had rather limp hair, and as I've gotten older it's become thicker and nicer. It's a miracle, but it's true!

Is there a particular age where you had especially good style?
Well, back in 1995, it was a really pretty time in fashion. I was friends with Gianni Versace, and he made me a lot of clothes. Mostly couture suits that were a little Jackie Kennedy-esque, in peppermint greens and pinks. I have to say, the fashion now is beautiful again! Everything is once again so pretty; the bags, the shoes, they're all like little jewels. We've gone through some grungy stages of fashion, but I've never taken too much notice. I like women looking kind of glamorous! There's always been somebody who's kept the glamour going.

2011 April 14

Spring Fever with Michael Bastian

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Michael and his Mods Michael and his Mods
Photo Via Billy Farrell Agency
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We joined the perpetually charming Michael Bastian at Lure Fish Bar this week to celebrate the launch of his Spring 2011 collaboration with Havianas. With Spring officially in the air, we asked him about whatever popped into our mind—but we might have gone off the rails…


What's your favorite thing about spring? 

It's not winter! I'm from upstate New York, where it snows on Halloween.  


What's your preferred month in spring?

May is just perfect, before it gets too hot and crazy.


What's your favorite Easter candy?

I love those Cadbury eggs with weird gooey white stuff inside of them and the weird fake yolk.


What are your bed springs like?

I don't know! What are the options? 


Did you see Spring Awakening



Have you ever gone on spring break?

Yes, to Puerto Rico.


Do you have a favorite song with "spring" in the title? "It Might As Well Be Spring," for example.

I don't think there is any cool song with Spring in the title. These are the type of questions you need to sleep on! 


Check out a video of Michael chatting about Havaianas. 



2011 April 14

This Week In Terry Richardson Impressions: Kate Does Terry, Terry Does Kate

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Thumbs Up! Thumbs Up!
Photo Via Terrysdiary.com
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It's that time again! Chic's weekly visit to Terry Richardson's diary always brings us something delicious to share with you. Who is giving the thumbs-up this week? None other than Kate Moss! Major! Terry also gets in the act and does his impression of Kate. Kids today! So kooky! 

2011 April 14

"If Only" by Cynthia Rowley: The Codependent Walking Coat

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We all know a few couples who would wear this! We all know a few couples who would wear this!
Illustration by Cynthia Rowley for Chic Report
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She's done it again! Cynthia Rowley's latest invention that she'd produce "if only" she had the time is another winner! Introducing...The Codependent Walking Coat, for couples who feel a hand in the back pocket isn't quite close enough. We all know a few couples who'd wait in line for this! 

2011 April 14

Haute Tracks: Timo Weiland's T*n*A

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Haute Tracks of The Week Haute Tracks of The Week
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Designers Timo Weiland and Alan Eckstein of Timo Weiland have sent Chic their latest playlist for your enjoyment. We're only slightly embarrassed that we have no idea who half of these groups are, but we're gonna download now. The boys haven't let us down yet...


1. Baths, Hall

2. Panda Bear, The Preakness

3. California Wives, Tokyo

4. Little Walter, I  Got to Go

5. Foster the People, Pumped up Kicks

6. The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, Belong

7. Duran Duran, Girls on Film

8. A Tribe Called Quest, 1once Again

9. Erasure, Chains of Love

10. A Band of Bees, No Trophy

11. Arctic Monkeys, Do Me a Favour

1 2 904 905 906 908 910 911 912 1261 1262

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