2011 April 19

ADR's Big Honor

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A Proud Moment for Our Anna A Proud Moment for Our Anna
Photo Credit: Lorenzo Oddo
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What took so long? Chic is proud to announce that Anna Dello Russo has been Barbied. We could cry. Details are slim, but she reveals on her website that the doll is donned in a black lace Dolce & Gabbana dress and leopard accessories, and is a one of a kind creation made by MAGIA 2000's Mario Paglino and Gianni Crossi. Get a closer look in our Gallery. 

2011 April 19

Russian Tatler Puts Models To Work

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Hilary For Russian Tatler Hilary For Russian Tatler
Photo by Regan Cameron
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Look at this! A real live model is on the cover of a magazine! The lovely Hilary Rhoda is Russian Tatler's May cover girl. Check out more pics from the issue in our Gallery. 

2011 April 19

Rabbit. Rabbit. Rabbit.

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A Happy Kate Moss A Happy Kate Moss
Getty Images
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Adweek isn't usually our first stop to catch up on the latest Kate Moss projects, but that's exactly where we found this commercial of our girl seducing a bunny. The ad for Chilean clothier Basement has Ms. Moss dancing with a rabbit and...just watch. Even with Easter just a few days away, this is totally bonkers. Adore! 


2011 April 19

Look of The Daily: Jordana Brewster in Carolina Herrera

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Jordana Brewster in Carolina Herrera Jordana Brewster in Carolina Herrera
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How Carolina should be worn. Jordana Brewster sported an orange and rose printed crinkle chiffon gown to the premiere of Fast and Furious 5 at Cinepolis Lagoon on April 15, 2011 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Mrs. H, we'll take this in every color.

2011 April 18

Todd Lynn Toured With U2, Hangs Out With Erdem

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Todd Lynn Todd Lynn
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British boy wonder Todd Lynn has done it all: he's toured with The Rolling Stones and U2 designing edgy stage getups, outfitted Janet Jackson, Courtney Love, and Marilyn Manson, and sold his eponymous line around the world with luxe retailers like Net-a-Porter. What is the roadie designer up to now? Chic found out last Thursday at Elizabeth Charles, where he hosted a trunk show. 

What’s your average day like?
I’m a workaholic, so my days are intense. Fashion is all I think about. I wake up really early in the morning at about 6 and start thinking about work; I’m in the office by 8. I try to get out by 8 p.m.. The business takes up most of my week, but the weekends are best for working creatively. That's the hardest part of being a designer right now--juggling all the hats.

Who do you hang out with in the industry?
Christopher Kane, Erdem, Mark Fast...

Where do you produce?
Everything is produced in Europe: England, France, Italy, and Portugal.

Where do you source your fabrics?
Italy—in terms of quality, they produce the best stuff. I work with some of the top mills in the world. Fabric is seriously important. A $300 leather jacket is nothing like a $2,000 leather jacket.

How have the rising costs of raw materials affected you?
In the last year, cotton has more than doubled in price, and it's a problem. My mills are changing their prices daily, so I book in my fabrics as soon as possible to get the best price. I don't believe that buying a cheaper fabric is the solution. My main costs are in production. I produce in smaller quantities. The benefit of that is the pieces are more exclusive. People love that there are only ten dresses like this made. Huge brands do it all the time, even if they don't admit it.

When you have trunk shows, who covers the bill?
The boutiques usually pay, because I'm a smaller label. When you get bigger, that changes. But they're really an American thing. I like hearing what my customers have to say. I'm a social person, and I don't get out often since I work so much.

When you designed clothes for Bono and Mick, would they keep them?
I don't actually give things away. I'm not that rich. When I'm in the position to do so, I'll absolutely do it. 

What was your favorite band to tour with?
My first tour was with U2, and I was treated like royalty. They're just really nice guys. It's brilliant 80% of their staff is women. It's not a sexist thing, they're just better workers. It's a big family and once you're a part of it, you're in.

Did you hang out with Bono and The Edge?
We'd go out to lunch or to a museum sometimes, but we didn't sit around playing cards. We're not personal friends—we're work colleagues.

What is Mick Jagger's waist size?

What was your experience like with Courtney Love?

She's so sweet. She's a little crazy...but she's so giving. Celebrities have exaggerated personalities, but that's why we love them. I would say to a lot of people, 'Maybe you don't want to meet your idols, because you'll be disappointed.' The people I worked with aren't different than you think, though. What you see is what you get—and that's why I respect them.

2011 April 18

Things to Discuss: Coachella Getups

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Love the energy drink in hand! Love the energy drink in hand!
Photo Via Getty Images
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Chic was a little envious of our friends who made it to Coachella over the weekend, but it wasn't the music that we missed, it was all the people watching! These two ladies in Rodarte dressed to impress! That is Rodarte, right? 

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