2011 May 2

Cameron Covers Elle: So Natural!

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Strike A Pose! Strike A Pose!
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That's quite a shot of Cameron Diaz on the June issue of Elle UK. Everything about this cover gives us a Madonna vibe (particularly the crotch shot), and we're very impressed with the ultra-toned arms of Ms. Diaz. Sexy! You'd make Madge proud. 

2011 May 2

Retailer Report! With Neapolitan's Kelly Golden

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It's Kelly Golden! It's Kelly Golden!
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Neapolitan owner Kelly Golden, our favorite correspondent from Chicago (that hell of a town!), is back with more dish from the Midwest. 


"So it's probably no surprise that one of the most sought-after items these past two weeks has been a chic raincoat.  After enduring a very dreary April, Chicagoans were flocking to neapolitan for some great looking outerwear. Thank goodness there are plenty to choose from this season: Jil Sander, Lanvin, Moncler Gamme Rogue, Derek Lam... I'm finally retiring my favorite nearly decade-old Céline red trench designed by Michael Kors during his final season at the house.  It's the most beautiful shade of red, and the lining features various vintage snapshots of Paris.


Speaking of sensible yet chic, Anya Hindmarch is the queen!  We just held a trunk show last week for her fashionable yet practical bags, purses, pouches and totes.  Nearly all of my travel items are encased in adorable Anya pouches or bags emblazoned with fetching phrases like "cables and cords" and "jewelry" and "odds and ends." Anya makes packing a breeze. Not more digging around for my IPhone, keys or lipstick. It's like gar animals for fashion people! Anya even designed a clear plastic pouch for toiletries that says "take off" and "touch down" so you can ditch those ugly ziplock bags to pass through security.  No wonder how she manages a household of five kids, a hubby and an international business!

Looking forward to our trunk show this week with Kimberly McDonald's stunning jewelry. Husbands have already been in neapolitan eyeing the cases with their wives' Mother's Day wish lists in hand.  Her geodes, agates, opals and other natural stones are some of the most gorgeous gems I've ever seen.  I've been dreaming about her turquoise blue boulder opal earrings surrounded by white diamonds..."

2011 May 2

Toddler Tales From Gwyneth, Rachel, Jenni, and More

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Mommy Expert! Mommy Expert!
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Alice + Olivia's Stacey Bendet took her Chic Report contributor duties very seriously this week by asking her friends to share the funniest things uttered recently by their toddlers. She calls them "Eloisisms." We call it adorable. First, a conversation between Stacey and her 3-year-old daughter Eloise:


Stacey: Eloise, what are you doing? (as she tackles her friend Pierce for a toy)
Eloise: Mommy, I TAKE HIM DOWN. (as she pins him to floor)
Stacey: Um, yes Eloise, you did…

*the next day when I tried to explain that tackling wasn’t the best way to get a toy, she replied, “In it to win it." Mental note: no more watching daddy and Uncle Marshall play soccer.

Stacey: Eloise, I think you are frustrated.
Eloise: Mommy, what is fwustwated?
Stacey: Frustrated is when you want something that you can't have and you get upset because you don’t understand why you can't have it.
Eloise: Oh, fwustrated is when you want chocolate and you mommy says no so you cwy? Can I have chocolate now?


Rachel Roy, designer and very glamorous mom of Tallulah (one of Eloise’s best friends) 
Tallulah: Mommy, are you mad?
Rachel: No, baby, why?
Tallulah: Because you don't have any lipstick on.

Gwyneth Paltrow, actress, author, singer, blogger and supermom. The woman who does it all!
"While getting dressed for school (they had a royal wedding party on Friday—no uniforms, they dressed as princes and princesses), Apple was putting on her white dress, feather capelet, etc., and Moses said "Apple! You are all in the color white!" Apple said, 'Mosey, white is not a color, it's a shade.'"

Jessica Seinfeld, philanthropist, author, and size 2 mommy extraordinaire to a future comedian kindergartener
"My 5 year old son just said, 'Why is you underwear so small when your tush is so big?'"

Jenni Kayne, designer and mom of Tanner (Eloise’s LA boyfriend)
"It was Tanner's big easter vacation in Palm Springs, and he was invited to go to a children's birthday party with my mom... his Pitty-Pat. It was an outdoor party and they took the golf cart. He was singing the whole way, so excited to get to the party. Much to his surprise, when they pulled up, there was an Elmo pinata hanging from a tree like a noose with several kids viciously beating him to a pulp with a bat.  He screamed "Elmo, no! Pitty-pat, what are they doing to Elm?' Seeing Elmo take this beating was his most traumatizing experience to date, and he insisted on rescuing what was left of him. He and my mom drove home with Elmo's head in the back of the golf cart, missing a mouth and one eye. He carried Elmo around the rest of our vacation." 

Stefani Greenfield, my working mommy retail idol and parent to future fashionista Theodora
"Can we sleep in Cinderella's Castle at Disney for........ 2 minutes? No, 4 minutes…because I'm 4!"

Kelly Bensimon, The only mommy I know who looks like she 24/7 just got a blow out!

"I remember telling my youngest, Teddy, I had to go to Miami. She immediately asked, 'What's in your ami?' I love how literal kids are."

Cynthia Rowley, one of New York's most creative mommies

"You know you are a true New Yorker when your baby’s first word is 'TASSSSSI!' as in, taxi."

Alli Lamb, my sister, 1st grade teacher, and parenting guru on call 24/7…and mommy of Miss Madden
Madden: Mommy, I wet the bed.
Alli: What happened?
Madden: There was holes in my underwears.

2011 May 2

Introducing...BFF With Francesco Clark

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It's Francesco! It's Francesco!
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Chic's an utter fan of Francesco Clark , and not just because of all the life lessons found in his revelationary book, Walking Papers. (There's that whole Clark's Botanicals line we also semi-worship.) So we're delighted that he's come on board to pen a column for us about beauty, fashion and food: We call it BFF! 

"So there was that thing last week. And it was pretty…major. It was Royal; it was Elegant; it was Sublime, and to everyone watching it, it was the modern fairytale. Catherine Middleton was a bright epiphany to the McQueen house, which, under the late designer’s demise, had faced questions on how it could sustain its vision. But, with Sarah Burton’s design and Catherine’s poise, it burst the house back into the forefront of everyone’s minds again.

The wedding, and being English Royalty, was appropriately embedded in tradition. And with that, came the fascinators. No, not Victoria and David Beckham. A fascinator refers to a more elaborate version of a cocktail hat. Queen Elizabeth has had to address fascinators in her defining new standards in English culture, specifically, for entry to Royal Ascot. They aren’t nearly as omnipresent in America as they are in the UK, but I’d except some attendees to tonight’s Costume Institute Gala to don them, considering this year’s theme is Mr. McQueen himself.

But to many in the fashion community it goes beyond just McQueen, the fascinators we saw last week was also a perfect tribute to the designer and his early friend, Isabella Blow. The two shared a similar aesthetic, almost a rugged, intellectual, punk-rocker, with many historical references. Ms. Blow has been said to have helped the then undiscovered designer gain traction in an industry that can chew-up and spit-out talent as quickly as the passing (fashion) season. And his personality, outspoken in design, but seemingly shy to press, seemed to compliment hers perfectly.

They were artists, and they were trailblazers, and the Royal wedding and tonight’s MET gala are perfect tributes to how talent, collaboration, and hard work are respected and can be both enormously treasured in the past, as the late designer and his friend will be remembered, as well as how timeless a living passion can become a true heritage, lasting so much longer than any one lifetime."

2011 May 2

Look of The Daily: Lake Bell in Cushnie et Ochs

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Lake Bell in Cushnie et Ochs Lake Bell in Cushnie et Ochs
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Nice! On Friday night, Lake Bell sported a white silk dress by Cushnie et Ochs to the premiere of A Good Old Fashioned Orgy at the Tribeca Film Festival. Chic will take one of these in every color...

2011 May 2

Shot of The Daily: Vera and Martha

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Vera and Martha Vera and Martha
Patrick McMullan
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Vera Wang hosted a special screening of the Yves Saint Laurent documentary L'Amour Fou last night in Manhattan. Vera's pal Martha Stewart joined guests Anja Rubik, Katie Lee, Erin Beatty, Max Osterweis, Prabal Gurung and Yigal Azrouel to toast the film. For some reason, we think these two should collaborate. But on what?!

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