2011 May 9

Getting To Know You...Devi Kroell

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Here's Devi! Here's Devi!
Photo Courtesy of Dax Gabler
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Devi Kroell exited her namesake brand in 2010—and now she's all about her new line, Dax Gabler, a collection of handbags, footwear and ready-to-wear that debuted at New York Fashion Week in February. With new beginnings in her future, we thought it was the perfect time to get to know Devi..again. 

Nickname: Devi's as short as it gets. No nickname needed here!
Birthplace: Vienna
Current abode: New York


Hours you sleep: 8
Hours you'd prefer to sleep: 12
Street cf choice: "Bond Street in New York, via della Pace in Rome, Kohlmarkt in Vienna, rue Bonaparte in Paris, and the Bund in Shanghai."
Word: "REALLY. I like superlatives, it either has to be really amazing or really suck, or I won't remember it."
Drink: "Margarita on the rocks, no salt. I make a MEAAAN one."
Airline: "I'm dreaming of my G-6!"
Favorite recent magazine article: "I'll have to go for a whole issue. December/January 2010 French Vogue about/with/by Tom Ford. He's my IDOL."
Body part: "My really well-toned abs."
Showtune: "American Idol, but that will now be replaced by X-Factor, I'm sure."
How much does your cleaning lady charge per visit? "I have a cleaning man."
Blackberry or iPhone? iPhone
Tap or sparkling? Bubbly
Dog or cat? "Dog, the one and only Santo (it means Saint in Italian)."
Exercise: "Riding, kickboxing, diving." 
First fashion show: "February 2010 for Fall 2010"
Greatest expenditure: "Yet to come!"
Escape plan: "I don't need one. I face my hurdles and knock them out of my way."
Will you watch the last episode of Oprah? "I feel it will be like the 'last Stones concert.' She'll be back, and back, and back... She just can't get no satisfaction."
Illicit crush: "Robert Pattison, the pale vampire dude (and only as such)."
What make you jealous? " I've been so lucky, I have no reason to be."


2011 May 9

Shot of The Daily: Naomi Campbell and Christopher Walken

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Together At Last! Together At Last!
Photo Via Billy Farrell Agency
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This shot of Christopher Walken and Naomi Campbell is so beyond that Chic's head is exploding a little. This heavenly duo met up this weekend at the Brant Foundation Art Study Center Opening of Josh Smith's The American Dream in Greenwich, Connecticut. Thanks for kicking this Monday off to such a fab start, guys! 

2011 May 6

Karl's Fairytale

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Karl Lagerfeld Karl Lagerfeld
Getty Images
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The gambling! The hallucinations! The topless fairies! Karl Lagerfeld's latest projet has all the captivating trappings of a major motion picture wrapped up in a 30-minute short called The Tale of a Fairy, starring Lady Amanda Harlech, Bianca Balti, and man muse Baptiste Giabiconi. The czar of Chanel will screen the "fairytale" in Cap d’Antibes Monday, May 10, at 9 p.m. alongside his Resort 2012 collection. In his own words: "It is a movie about an ill-advised use of money which begins with violence and ends with feeling.” Sold!

2011 May 6

Mom and Me, Part 3: Wes Gordon

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Wes and his Mom.  Wes and his Mom.
Photo Courtesy of Wes Gordon
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Next up in our Mother's Day Special: Wes Gordon.

“My sister (Lindsay), our dog (Lily), and I are so lucky to have the best mom in the world (although we're a little biased!).  Along with my dad, she gave us the most amazing childhood, shaping us into who we are today.  I consider her one of my best friends, and hardly a day goes by without communicating. She loves to BBM!  I love her so much and truly appreciate everything she has done and continues to do. This photo was taken about 4 years ago during a trip the two of us took to Vienna.  While I was in college in London, she'd often come visit, sometimes treating me to a weekend away to explore a new city.  One time, however, she stayed to help me work on my graduation collection.  She literally spent days helping me put clasps on hundreds of glass beads I had ordered to be embroidered on a pair of pants. She is, literally, the best and I wish her a happy, happy Mother's Day!  Thanks, Mom! 

2011 May 6

Shot of The Daily: Daphne Guinness and David LaChapelle

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What's Going On? What's Going On?
Patrick McMullan
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Daphne Guinness appears in awe of something while chatting up David LaChapelle at a showing of his early work (circa 1984-1987) at Michelman Fine Art last night in Manhattan. There's no mistaking the blonde standing next to LaChappelle—it's his longtime muse Amanda LePore, of course. 

2011 May 6

Mom and Me, Part 2: Rebecca Minkoff

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A Very Young Rebecca Minkoff and Her Parents A Very Young Rebecca Minkoff and Her Parents
Photo Courtesy of Rebecca Minkoff
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This week, Rebecca Minkoff travels down memory lane with a tribute to her ma. So cute!


"My loyal readers, in case you haven’t heard, I’m pregnant! I gotta say, it’s very interesting to be taking my maiden voyage across the sea of pregnancy with Mother’s Day happening this weekend. I’ve never been pregnant before, so it really has me thinking about all of the wonderful, priceless memories, life lessons, embarrassing moments and unforgettable advice my mother has given me throughout my life. In light of this delightful holiday, I vote for taking a little break from my hectic travel schedules to pay homage to the exquisite woman who shaped and molded who I am as a human, businesswoman, wife and (very near-future) mother. This ode to my mother, Sue Minkoff, is happening for no other reason than because she is totally astonishing (and it’s totally mother’s day on Sunday).


My mom, a former hippie who could (and most definitely should) teach the world a thing or two about true BoHo chic style, shaped my personal style. This woman pushed me to discover my talents in fashion and design, and she spent time nurturing them within me—albeit through a little bit of good ol’ fashioned tough love. When I was 8 years old, I wanted a sewing machine like whoa. In true Sue Minkoff fashion, she wasn’t going to simply buy one for me and watch me grow tired of it after a couple of days. No, no—she made me figure out a way to pay for it myself. My mother was used to making things happen, and she wanted her daughter to have that quality as well. 


Another example of how cool this woman is: when it came time for her wedding to my father, she naturally wanted a beautiful honeymoon dress. Not satisfied with any ol’ pretty dress, she wanted “The Perfect Dress." But she didn’t go shopping for something extravagant. She rolled up her sleeves and made a dress so beautiful, that I could do nothing but wear it to my high school prom. It was gorgeous! I’m just going to say it—I looked hot in that dress, and the fact that it actually meant something to my mother and I was just an added bonus. I felt such pride wearing that dress; it may as well have been vintage Christian Lacroix couture. To me, it was better—vintage Sue Minkoff couture!

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