2011 May 20

Hell on Heels: Sasha's Stuff Goes Missing!

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Sasha Hearts Heels! Sasha Hearts Heels!
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Chic's intrepid shoe chronicler, UsWeekly fashion director Sasha Charnin Morrison, reports back with some ultra-distressing news. Pray for her!

"I was traveling back to New York from my Los Angeles book-signing party at Coach last week. Total high. I flew in a lovely first class seat, non-stop from LAX to Newark. Upon arrival...no bag. Why did I check it? Because that's what you do when you're a fashionista and you need to travel with your stuff. I didn't have time to "edit" my looks. And it’s still on a milk carton. HAVE YOU SEEN THIS BAG?

So what's missing? It's a Tumi “jungle” medium hard case rolley bag. Aside from my favorite H&M green "Stella McCartney"-inspired coat, which is not available anymore, and cute notes from my kids?  YSL shoes, new Gucci shoes, Tom Ford for Gucci shoes, a Genevieve Jones fringed "Kate" bag, a  Chanel red velvet quilted bag, a Jamin Puech sequined purse, a YSL black bag with my monogram stamped inside, 2 pairs of Alexis Bittar earrings in gunmetal pavé, David Aubrey turquoise polished drop earrings, Ippolita rose gold hoops, 5-6 pairs of Claire's and Mandees earrings...OK, I can survive without those. Juicy lace-up sandals, Repetto black ballerinas...Oy! Three new Rachel Pally dresses! Three older, never-worn Rachel Pally dresses! One black slip dress, another fave! About 4-5 new jersey pieces from Wilt. M.A.C plugs. And a copy of my new book, Secrets of Stylists! This drama has eclipsed my happiness with the book. The only smart thing I did? Tweet pics to my bff and Twitter followers of some of the items in the case. I’ve been more socially media active with Continental customer care than with the world wide web!  And in my Tumi beauty kit: Lancaster self tanner, Prada Vetiver, M.A.C Greasesticks (not made anymore!), Dior mascara, M.A.C false lashes, Nars and M.A.C glosses...

The only funny thing? My husband suggested I send out tweets as the bag. So @SashasTumi is using the BronxZooCobra snake as inspiration. The bag has 28 followers."

Check out our Gallery for evidence of the missing goods. Sasha, stay strong!

2011 May 19

Kiehl's Pres on Harleys, Beard Maintenance

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Chris Salgardo Chris Salgardo
Patrick McMullan
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Since 1851, many mains have been swathed in Creme de Corps, a pear tree has been felled and replanted, and an impressive, Harley-concentrated, 100+ motorcycle collection has gathered over the years. Viva la Kiehl's! A new retrospective, officially opening tonight, features a fabulous vid chronicling Kiehl's history (complete with verbal Valentines for the brand from fans like Julianne Moore and Adrian Grenier), a video booth for leaving a Kiehl's memory of message of your own, and old-school antiqued apothecary dispensers for product samples. Did we mention the coolest - and gratis! - photo booth around, featuring a motorcycle to hop on and a crankable screen that you can adjust for day or night backdrop. Tonight, the East Village born and bred apothecary is toasting over a century and a half moisturizing the discerning masses with a shindig -  but Chic popped in last night to ham it up on the Harley and with Kiehl's president Chris Salgardo about high points of history and unexpected usages of Kiehl's concoctions. 

Kiehl's has been around for awhile! What point of that history would you like to transport back to?
It would have to be 1950, when Aaron Morse and his father, Irving Morse, developed the first actual Kiehl's products. Whenever I need inspiration, I think back to Aaron Morse. He had the vision to take the Kiehl's DNA, this service model and an old-world apothecary idea of curing ailments through the best, most efficacious ingredients. 
Do you play favorites with the Kiehl's product lineup?
I'm a big eye cream fanatic. We just came out with a new cream that was a labor of love. We wanted something that would have a bit of a heavier texture, but would give the skin a glow. We came out with Rosa Arctica. I have to tell you, I use it morning and night and it makes my beard so soft!

Interesting! Do you intentionally use eye cream as facial hair conditioner?
No, it only happens because I'm a big buffoon and I don't follow my own application directions - I stick my entire hand in the container and end up with it all over, from my eyebrows to my beard.

Any other surprise uses of Kiehl's concoctions?
So, Midnight Recovery is a botanical oil with no oil in it. I had it by the bathtub, I'm clumsy, and my dog knocked it over with her little paw. I got in the tub and all the sudden I had the most amazing bath, thanks to Poppy! Now I tell people to put five or six drops into the tub - on purpose - and enjoy. It has this great lavender scent, and with heat, you'll come out of that tub feeling like a million bucks.

Are you a moto enthusiast yourself?
I've been riding since I was 14. I have two motorcycles, a Harley Dyna Wide Glide. My other Harley Davidson is a V-Rod Muscle, which is a bit of a fatter, more squat-y bike.

How do you feel when you're on the bike?
I live in Tribeca, and I zip up the West Side Highway. Once you leave the city, it's all green. It's like a big exhale and I can just relax. It's super zen! But I'm also not going 90 miles an hour.

2011 May 19

Have You Seen "The Greatest Marriage Proposal" Ever Yet?

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Try To Top This! Try To Top This!
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It doesn't always have to be about fashion, darlings! Sometimes we want to celebrate amour! Matt Still of Atlanta, Georgia proposed to his girlfriend Ginny Joiner by creating a movie trailer that he played in a rented cinema. Naturally, her reaction was filmed. We'd call that slightly ambitious! The video has become a viral hit and we know why: A clever marriage proposal is always in fashion! Have a tissue standing by. 


2011 May 19

Getting To Know You...Azature

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Azature Azature
Courtesy Photo
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Azature, also known at the "Black Diamond King" (you learn something new every day!) was selected as a featured designer in GenArt's Fresh Faces in Fashion in 2008. These days, Rihanna, Fergie and Beyoncé are wearing his jewelry. Not too shabby.  


Nickname: AZ

Age: "Young."

Birthplace: Los Angeles

Current Abode: Los Angeles and New York


Hours you sleep: 6

Hours you'd like to sleep: "More"

Street of choice: "Sunset Boulevard, the street I was born on."

Foreign Word: "Shukran. It means Thank you in Arabic."

Drink: Jack on the rocks

Airline: JetBlue

Body part: Eyes

Snack: "Peanut M&M’s, but the dark brown ones only."

Blackberry or iPhone:  "Blackberry—I'm a Blackberry Messaging addict."

Tap or Sparkling? "Champagne…so I guess sparkling!"

How often do you check Facebook a day? "Don’t ask."

Allergy:  "Blue denim."

Exercise: "Powerbox. I have to release my stress somehow."

First fashion show: Versace

Greatest expenditure: Airplane tickets

Escape plan: "Why would I tell anyone?"

Dog or cat? "Penguin."

Illicit crush: Rihanna and Queen Rania of Jordan."

What make you jealous? "I don’t get jealous … I’m just demanding."

Monthly drying cleaning bill: "Too much. I do only wear black, after all."

2011 May 19

British Chat with Josh Madden

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Josh Madden Josh Madden
Courtesy Photo
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Josh Madden is known to some as the older brother of Good Charlotte's Joel and Benji Madden, but he's also a stylist and a DJ. Last night at the Gramercy Theatre, he spun a set during Ben Sherman's Very Important Plectrum (VIP) initiative, which supported Life Beat. In between performances by Graffiti6 and Talib Kweli, we caught up with Josh to talk about all things British! It was a Ben Sherman event, after all.

Favorite Beatle: "Probably George Harrison, because he wrote I Got My Mind Set on You. 

Favorite Royal: "I don't want to say the one that dressed up badly for Halloween. I would always vote for Princess Diana." 

Favorite clock in London: "The clock in the dining room of Sanctum Soho Hotel."

Favorite bridge in London: "London Bridge. "

Favorite Brit: "That's tough. There's so many good ones. Probably my friend Frank Carter."

Favorite Britney: "Spears. "She's killing it right now. Have you heard the Nicki Minaj remix of Till The World Ends with Ke$ha? It's so crucial!" 

Favorite British TV show: "Top of The Pops with The Smiths or Old Grey Whistle Test."

X-Factor? "I've never seen it."

Favorite British comedian: "Eddie Izzard."

Favorite British film: "Trainspotting"

Favorite area: "Highgate. Actually… Marble Arch."

Favortie drink in London: "Iced Tea at Wagamama."


2011 May 19

Anna Dello Russo Dancing = Pure Joy

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ADR Dances! ADR Dances!
Patrick McMullan
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Anna Dello Russo continues to outdo herself! Clearly, dominating the fashion world isn't enough—she's now adding music video star to her resume. The more "laid back" Anna appears in a short music video entitled Fashion Shower with talky lyrics such as, "Fashion is always uncomfortable. When you get comfortable, you never get the look." She raps! She dances! We want all of you to have this choreography down by Memorial Day. It's one minute and fourteen seconds of pure joy! Share this with your friends! 


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