2011 May 16

Rihanna Channels Ariel for Vita Coco

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Rihanna's Vita Coco campaign Rihanna's Vita Coco campaign
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The latest rocker to embrace the coconut water craze: Rihanna. Naturally, the songstress opted to join Vita Coco's other musical backers Madonna and Anthony Kiedis by starring in the company's latest campaign. “I love Vita Coco," she says. "It’s real coconut water from hand-picked coconuts. It’s delicious and so good for you!” Donning her electric red locks on the beach...the Little Mermaid references abound, non?

2011 May 13

Where Does Oprah Think the Color Yellow Belongs?

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Fashion Hit! Fashion Hit!
Photo Courtesy of O
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The new issue of O, The Oprah Magazine hits newsstands next week, but the magazine gave us an exclusive preview of its feature on Ms. Winfrey's fashion hits and misses that creative director Adam Glassman and Oprah's stylist Kelly Hurliman picked. Glassman gave Chic some details on what Oprah wore on one of her most iconic episodes. We won't make a you get a car, you get a car, you get a car joke—though tempting. 

"One of the biggest highlights was the Celiné red suit that Oprah wore on the premiere show when she gave away all those cars in 2004. I had it made for the magazine for a cover shoot, but for whatever reason, we didn't use it. She said, "I have a perfect place for this!" She was the only who knew about those cars. They had tied red ribbons around every key so she knew that red would match the key and that would be the picture that would go around the world. She's very smart like that. She wears red very well, I will say. She loves green, too. That's one of her favorite colors. People always seem to think purple is her favorite color because of The Color Purple. Yes, she likes purple. But yellow is the one color that she doesn't often wear. She likes to say that yellow is best for a kitchen or a living room. There is always a funny banter between Oprah and Gayle King, because Gayle's favorite color is yellow. She's always like, "Why don't you get this yellow shirt?" and Oprah's like, "No! You can wear the yellow. Pick another color."

2011 May 13

Rebecca's Philadelphia Freedom

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Rebecca's Hits Philly Rebecca's Hits Philly
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This week, our travel columnist Rebecca Minkoff channels her inner-Rocky Balboa and celebrates the city of Brotherly Love. 


"Let me get this out there right off the gate: I heart New York. However, as a New Yorker, I cherish the opportunity to escape the mania of Manhattan and spend some time exploring neighboring cities that may not earn the recognition that they deserve. Philadelphia is a perfect example. Even though it's is famous for cheesesteaks, Benjamin Franklin’s discovery of electricity, cream cheese (any city famous for cheese is just fine by me), and the home of the Liberty Bell, some might say that Philly is the underdog of East Coast tourist destinations. It’s time to change that!  I love it like crazy—and here’s why. 


I’m not saying I’m high-maintenance, but I’ll admit it: I’m a city girl who truly appreciates the value of a lovely and serene spa only an elevator ride away. For that (and the dead reliable stellar service that I ALWAYS experience), I set up camp at The Four Seasons. However, if you’re looking for something a little more on the quaint & boutique-y side, check out The Rittenhouse 1715 for its incredible location and cozy atmosphere. It’s located downtown off of the super-picturesque Rittenhouse Square.


One thing I always remember to bring with me when I visit Philly (aside from my Morning After Bag) is my appetite. Well, I rarely leave home without it, but when I’m heading here, I make sure it’s in top form. All that brotherly love can really work up an appetite—plus, I’m eating cheesesteaks for two! I’m kind of obsessed with the Northern Liberties area of Philadelphia. The row houses, the cute restaurants, the amazing boutique stores on every corner. Swoon! This neighborhood is also home to Honey’s Sit-n-Eat, where you not only feed your tummy, you feed your soul. It’s one of those brunch spots that requires a 10-minute interpersonal conversation about what to order because everything is so crazy delish. I particularly love the potato latkes because, well, they’re perfect. A couple of things to note about Honey’s: It’s BYOB, so feel free to pack a cooler if you’re looking to get a little sauced, and it’s cash only, so make sure to pit stop at an ATM beforehand.


My tummy is full and happy. My soul is also full and happy, but strangely missing something. Hmmmm… What could it be? RIGHT! I need to feed my soul with a remarkably well-stocked vintage store fix. How could I forget? I make a beeline to Reverie because this place has so much outstanding stuff that one might find oneself totally overwhelmed. Luckily, the gals who own this shop know how to run a vintage store after my own heart. It’s a flawless, well-oiled machine of meticulously-organized, gorgeous vintage apparel and accessories. I recommend driving to Reverie because you really won’t want to carry all of your “must-haves” home by foot.

I believe that a trip to any historical locale isn’t complete without paying homage to our past. With that, I hop in the car and head to the final resting place of one of the world’s most influential men, Benjamin Franklin. His funeral was said to have drawn 20,000, and today, you can easily walk to some of the great historical sites in downtown Philadelphia such as Liberty Hall, Congress Hall, the Betsy Ross House. Personally, I love getting down with my patriotic self and seeing sites that have been so integral and paramount to our country's development. 


Let’s lighten the mood…with food! Everyone has different ideas on the best cheesesteak in Philly, but I’m always reduced to a giddy little girl when I get mine from Geno’s on 9th Street. The bread is so delicious, and if you’re like me, you want it “wit wiz” all the cheesy, meaty goodness you can fathom. Oh god, it’s so scrumptious, my mouth is watering as I’m typing this.


If you’re not a believer in the old adage “all you need is love”, fret not. Philly offers up a whole lot more than brotherly love—the food, the history, Northern Liberties, and the food. Yes, I said that twice

To hear more about my adventures and get up-to-the-minute updates on what I’m up to, follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and my blog.

2011 May 13

Situations and Salutations with Emily Current and Meritt Elliott

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Spa Time! Spa Time!
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Looking for a way to relax on your next visit to Los Angeles? Stylists Emily Current and Meritt Elliott share their fave places to spoil themselves.

Dear favorite spas,

We just wanted to thank you for being there just when we need you.  We're so busy dressing, designing, doting and decision-making that sometimes, we just need a moment to recharge. We are so lucky to be surrounded by these local respites that are perfect for soaks, shiatsus, saunas and scrubs. Our faves:

BEST THAI EXPERIENCE: El Leon, 8217 Beverly Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90048
Who knew Beverly Boulevard could hold such a sweet spiritual oasis?  We love the silent, peaceful environment, the beautiful tapestries and pillows, and some of the toughest little massage hands in town! These masseuses knead with complete discipline and stretch you out until you feel like you just finished hours of Bikram yoga. They finish with a traditional bow and an offering of delicious mint tea and fruit.

BEST LUXURY SPA: The Peninsula, 9882 South Santa Monica Boulevard, Beverly Hills, CA 90212
Why let out-of-towners have all the fun? The Peninsula’s spa in the roof garden was voted #1 for service and #2 for treatments by Condé Nast Traveler. Pretend you're on vacation, and go for a massage outside in a cabana! Get The Shiffa Precious Gem Treatment, perhaps?  These diamond, emerald and ruby oils have healing powers, you know.

BEST KOREAN SPA: Beverly Hot Springs, 308 N. Oxford Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90004
For serious spa-goers only! If you are modest or a spa-snob, DON’T bother. If you DO want to indulge in the healing powers of the only natural mineral thermal spa in Los Angeles, then you must try. We love the meditative sounds of rushing water and how our skins feels after a full body scrub and alternating dips in the hot and cold whirl pools. You may not find the plushest towels or posh champagne service here, but we can promise your achin’ muscles and ashy skin will swirl down the drain. 

BEST QUICK FIX: Sunset Foot Spa, 7125 W. Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90046
Thirty dollars for an hour head, shoulder and foot massage. Need we say more? The huge delicious recliners and stay-in–your clothes-but-relax vibe is an ideal way to spend a lunch break. This reflexology treatment should be a regular thank-you to your lovely dogs.

BEST BEAUTIFYING SPA: Ole Henriksen, 8622 W Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood, CA 90069
Innocuously hidden in the Sunset Plaza shopping center, this little slice of heaven is semi-addictive.  Ole Henriksen is legendary for their epic facials—and they’ve earned it! From the restorative microdermabrasion to totally unnecessary-but–amazing eyelash tinting, you're guaranteed to leave with a healthy, happy swagger. Take extra time to breathe in the eucalyptus steam and rinse joyfully in the rain room. Save a few bucks to grab some chocolate-dipped fortune cookies at Chin-Chin next door. Bliss!

WITH LOVE AND STYLE, your decadently relaxed residents, 


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2011 May 13

Sean Avery Gives Terry the Thumbs Up

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Thumbs Up! Thumbs Up!
Photo Via Terrysdiary.com
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Terry Richardson is expanding his horizons by enlisting sports figures as TR impersonators. Way to keep it diverse! The New York Rangers' Sean Avery is the latest to appear on Terry's Diary giving the signature thumbs up. Avery is no stranger to the fashion galaxy, remember—he once interned at Vogue!

2011 May 13

Checking in with NAHM! A Party, a Trunk Show, Some Styling...

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Ally Hilfiger, Nary Manivong, Byrdie Bell Ally Hilfiger, Nary Manivong, Byrdie Bell
Patrick McMullan
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Christopher Street got trunked on Wednesday night as Byrdie Bell hosted a soiree at cute boutique A Man & A Woman for young label NAHM, named for the mixed-up initials its designers, Alexandria Hilfiger (she's ditched Ally, at least professionally) and Nary Manivong. A crowd of Georgia May Jagger, Christian Cota, Timo Weiland, Rebecca Minkoff, Fern Mallis, Jenne Lombardo and Derek Blasberg came dressed apropos in NAHM. The trunk show runs through next Wednesday--and this Saturday afternoon, the duo will be styling at the store, so we asked Manivong for a few styling secrets. Check out the Gallery for more party pics.

What's the NAHM styling approach?
It's definitely going to be pretty organic, and it's all about the shirtdress. Our whole collection is based on it! 

Why style in-store?
It’s the starting point to see who’s grabbing what off the hangers, and what the process is behind that. I think we'll have a better idea of what works and what we'll do for our next collection as a result.

What's the feedback been like so far?
We'll probably know more after the trunk show! Some of our friends are placing orders, which is really exciting.

Any must-try items yet?
Our mesh pieces have been our hotcakes so far, so that's going to be our signature core piece from here on out.

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