2011 May 18

Look of The Daily: Rachel McAdams in Vuitton

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Rachel McAdams Rachel McAdams
Patrick McMullan
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Rachel McAdams stepped out to the premiere of The Cinema Society and Thierry Mugler hosted screening of her new Woody Allen film, Midnight in Paris, at the Tribeca Grand Screening Room last night in New York. The actress looked every bit the movie star in a white Louis Vuitton dress and H. Stern jewelry with heels (unseen) by Christian Louboutin. Gorgeous! 

2011 May 18

Can't Win 'Em All

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Mellow on The Yellow Mellow on The Yellow
Courtesy Photo
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Chic doesn't usually condone anything negative uttered about Oprah, but since she's on board with this, we'll let this one slide. The current issue of O, The Oprah magazine highlights her fashion hits and misses from her 25-year run on daytime, chosen by the two people who've been behind her looks in recent years, stylist Kelly Hurliman and O mag creative director Adam Glassman. We chatted with Adam to get his thoughts on this yellow diddy. 

"The yellow is a miss. That's what Oprah refers to as her after-school outfit. Between tapings of the show, she takes off her high heels and puts on comfortable clothes. A pair of sweatpants, a comfortable sweater. She had these dresses made in this sort of jersey fabric. When she wore this, Kelly was horrified—she put her hands over her eyes, and she was scared."

2011 May 17

Looking For Love with Cushnie et Ochs

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There Were A Few Nerves There Were A Few Nerves
Photo Via Chic Cam
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Designers Carly Cushnie and Michelle Ochs of Cushnie et Ochs want to fall in love—really—and they recently attended the Fashion Meets Finance mixer at Bar Basque to, yes, find a date. Chic went along for the ride...

7:15 p.m.: Outside of Bar Basque. 


How are you feeling?

Carly: We didn't have enough champagne before we left the office.

Who would be the perfect guy to meet tonight?

Michelle: Preferably taller than us in YSL's. 

Carly: (Long pause…) It's already going to hell.

Michelle: He must be wearing a tailored suit...and you can tell the difference.


What are some turn-offs?

Michelle: A really bad joke doesn't help anything.

Carly: Bad breath.

Michelle: Bad teeth.


Are you guys going to go up to guys and say hello?

Michelle: We're ladies! We like them to come to us.

Carly: I don't know. I'd do both. 


7:32 p.m.: First Impressions


Initial thoughts?

Michelle: It doesn't seem any different than any other bar.

Carly: It's kind of weird knowing what everyone is here for. 


Do you see any cuties?

Michelle: One or two.

Carly: It's not quite as awkward as I thought it was going to be. 


Are you feeling shy or outgoing?

Michelle:  Outgoing, but there is a lack of interaction because everyone is trying to get a drink. There are a lot of pretty girls here, and nobody's talking to them. It's very elementary school. 

7:50 p.m.: Mingling is underway.


What's going on?

Carly: One guy said he was here for the charity event—he pretended he wasn't there for the singles mixer. I was like, "Oh yes, we're here for the charity, too!" 


Cute boys?

Michelle: Yes!

Carly: A couple!


Are you going to talk to them?

Carly: Eventually! 

Michelle: It's very crowded.


Have you run into any friends?

Michelle: We've talked to more women than we have men. 

Carly: Women have said to us that they love our shoes and our hair. 


Maybe this is your night to turn lesbian!

Michelle: Yeah, right! Maybe… 


8:06 p.m.: The night wares on.


Any updates?

Carly: I don't actually think I'm going to meet someone. I'm here for my own entertainment value. We talked to a couple of guys…I don't know. There's a bloke chatting up Michele at the bar now. I don't know who he is. I was talking to one guy earlier who was from Paris and another from home furnishings. 


Do you want to meet a guy in fashion or in finance?

Carly: Oh, finance! I don't need to meet a straight man in fashion.  

Michelle: All the men are denying that they are here for Fashion Meets Finance. All of them! They are all like:, Oh, Is something going on here tonight? I'm in finance!


We saw you talking to someone at a bar.

Michelle: He was very nice. Tall, handsome, old enough. 


Was he the intern? 

Michelle: Carly and I started talking to these two guys. One was from France and one was from Greece. They met at Sean John. One was an intern, one was in marketing. I don't know if a Sean John intern counts as fashion… A straight man in a Sean John fashion internship counts as fashion, allegedly. What is Diddy like? is my first question! And then other guy was very American Psycho. It was nice.


Why would you like an American Psycho guy?

Michelle: There's something about the confidence...and our first collection was based on American Psycho. There's something about a tall man in a suit and that confidence that's very reminiscent of that first collection.


8:34 p.m.: Michelle and Carly have temporarily split up.


Your bestie is chatting with some boys.

Michelle: I'm not gonna be a wingman right now. She's fine. She'll signal if she needs it. 


Do you think he's hot?

Michelle: The one in the blue is. I don't like his wingman. 


What do you think they are talking about?

Michelle: About Carly's hair, usually. It's a fabulous talking point. And then, You're designers? Is that your dress?


8:40 p.m.: Carly returns!


What just happened?

Carly: I chatted with two kinda muscle dudes at the bar! Not interested, but fucking funny! Really! He was the first to tell me straight that he's here to look at beautiful girls—and why the hell not? 


Were you attracted to them?

Carly: Not at all, but there is something to say when a man can you make you laugh. It makes a difference.


8:44 p.m: Hopeful!


What's happening?

Carly: It's kinda getting a little sexy in here, actually. Everyone's had a few drinks and people have mellowed out a little bit. It's not uptight. You can actually have a conversation. It's nice. 


Michelle: There's a guy with dreadlocks who is attracted to Carly. Guys with dreadlocks are extremely attracted to Carly. I saw him in line outside and knew he was going to talk to her.


Chic chats with one of the guys at the event to see how his night was going. 

Do you work in finance?

Stephen: I work for a hedge fund. 


What made you decide to come to a finance and fashion party?

Stephen: I knew there was going to be attractive and smart woman...and not that many men.


Has this reached your expectations?

Stephen: Absolutely! 


Do you have a pick up line?

Stephen: Those are really nice shoes.


8:52 p.m.: Chic is exhausted. Final thoughts!

Any numbers?

Carly: No numbers. It's always better to take their number and not give yours. That way you can wake up tomorrow and decide. 


And what did we learn from tonight?

Michelle: There are a lot of single people in New York, still. There's hope!


Check out the Gallery for all the photographic evidence. We love these girls!





2011 May 17

Chic's Got Your Back

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Who Does This Back Belong To? Who Does This Back Belong To?
Getty Images
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She's bringing sexy back! Who does this one belong to? This gorgeous model attended The Beaver premiere at the Palais de Festivals at the Cannes Film Festival today. Who could it be? Hint: She's reportedly recently single! Unearth the mystery our Gallery.

2011 May 17

Calvin Klein Collection Celebrates the High Line...Again!

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Linda Fargo and Francisco Costa Linda Fargo and Francisco Costa
Billy Farrell
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Calvin Klein Collection hosted a cocktail party last night under The High Line on 30th Street to celebrate the eagerly anticipated opening of section deux, which opens to the public in June. Another major win for New York City! Designers Francisco Costa and Italo Zucchelli were on hand on a rainy and misty evening to greet Edward Norton, Diane Von Furstenberg, Sky Ferreira, Eddie Borgo, Andre Balaz, Mary Alice Stephenson, Hamish Bowles, Fabien Baron, Steven Kolb, Adam Glassman, Jeisa Chiminazzo, Linda Fargo and Rachel Roy, who all got a sneak peek. Uptown girl Fargo told Chic, "I live at Sutton Place, but I wish we had the High Line on the east side." Fargo won't be above 34th Street all Summer. "I just booked the airline today! Meridiana, Capri. I also booked Christmas and New Years this week--Tulum." Now that's planning! Check out our Gallery for more evidence of the celebration. 

2011 May 17

Retailer Report! With Neapolitan's Kelly Golden

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Wes and Kelly Wes and Kelly
Photo Courtesy of Kelly Golden
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Neapolitan owner Kelly Golden's latest column concerns a Chic columnist (and Chic favorite!) Wes Gordon, who recently worked worked his many charms in the windy city. 

"My favorite new designer, Wes Gordon, was back in Chicago to co-host a charity fashion luncheon with neapolitan collection this past week.  The event benefited Maryville Academy, the largest childcare organization in Illinois, and Wes swooped into town just for the show.  Models sauntered down the runway donning pieces from both his Spring and Fall 2011 collections.  Wes wooed all of the women with his gorgeous gowns and his southern charm.  (I overheard two women ask Wes if they could ‘adopt him.’) After the show, several ladies rushed backstage to see if they could buy pieces right off the runway (“I have to have that coat…now.”). The hands-down favorite piece was the navy cashmere coat with leather sleeves from Fall 2011. The quality of his fabrics is unbelievable and his workmanship is flawless, especially for a 24-year-old designer who only has three seasons under his belt!"

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