2011 May 23

Getting To Know You...Dorian Howard

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The Howard Sisters! Dorian (left) and llisa (right) The Howard Sisters! Dorian (left) and llisa (right)
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Sisters Ilissa and Dorian Howard of milk and honey have come up with an idea that gets the Chic stamp of approval. They've created a site where you can build your own shoes online. Hello!! With over one million possible shoe combinations in an array of materials and colors, we're in love. We sent the girls our silly questionnaire to get to know them better. Today, we meet Dorian and tomorrow we'll catch up with Ilissa. 


Nickname:  Dori, Do, Dobie, DHo, Doho, Dolly

Age: Old enough to know better.

Birthplace:  The beautiful garden state.

Current Abode: Los Angeles


Hours you sleep: 6

Hours  you'd like to sleep: 8 (please!)

Street of choice:  Bank Street 

Foreign word: Vino

Drink: Vino

Airline: Virgin

Favorite  recent magazine article:  "Paul Haggis' New Yorker article on Scientology... fascinating."

Body part:  "Mouths with corners that turn up."

Showtune: "Fame!"

Snack: String cheese

How much does your cleaning preson charge per visit?  "It's the best $75 I spend all week. "

Blackberry or iPhone? "Blackberry. I can't break my corporate habits…"

Tap or sparkling? Brita. 

How often do you check Facebook?  "More than I'd like to admit."

Allergy:  "I just sneeze a lot, for no apparent reason."

Exercise:  "Hiking, pilates, yoga, cirque training, TRX, barre classes, ballet, gymnastics..."

First fashion show:  "Marc Jacobs (with my sister!)"

Escape plan:  "Run away and join the circus! It's why I'm cirque training now."

Dog or cat?  Dog

Illicit crush:  "Bill Hemmer from Fox News and Rob Marciano from CNN. I have a soft spot for news anchors."

What makes you jealous? "People that are smarter and savvier than I,  and people with pools and iPad2s."

Will you be watching the last episode of Oprah? "With a box of tissues."

Monthly drying cleaning bill:  "It could feed a small village…."

2011 May 23

Sergio Says! Weekly Musings from Marie Claire (and Beyond...)

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Birthday debauchery crew assembled for MC associate market editor Abby Kalicka's big 3-0 Birthday debauchery crew assembled for MC associate market editor Abby Kalicka's big 3-0
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More birthday antics ensued for Sergio Kletnoy last week (though, surprisingly, not to belatedly celebrate his own this time around!), followed by a bit of babysitting, a new British music obsession, and hobnobbing with a Housewife. The week wound down with a rummage through The Boss' purse. All part of the job, of course!  The Daily's "The Assistant Files" kicked off with Sergio, and each week we're following his escapades as Marie Claire EIC Joanna Coles' gatekeeper. As always, don't forget to peruse the Gallery of Sergio's fantastic photographic evidence!

Saturday, 10 p.m.
The Marie Claire fashion crew will use any excuse to party, and tonight, we partied till the sun came up. In honor of associate market editor Abby Kalicka (or as I refer to her, ‘My Munchkin’) turning the big 3-0, we converged on Toro Lounge in Tribeca for the first stop in a long night of debauchery. After waiting for a drink at the bar for 45 minutes alongside preppy banker dorks and Jersey Shore castoffs (the things I do for friends), I was quickly over the place. I talked the crew into leaving Toro for Monster, our fave spot in the West Village. The club was packed with shirtless boys, drunk girls and everything in between. Five minutes into arrival, the birthday girl found herself in a dance-off against some of Manhattan’s burliest drag queens, which looked a lot like that dance scene from White Chicks. With our drinks up in the air, we cheered Abby on and danced the night away. Next stop: a private room at Karaoke Boho at 2:30 a.m. for an hour of really bad off-key singalongs to some of the cheesiest songs ever made. (My take on "Puttin’ on the Ritz" was roundly booed by all of my so-called friends. Haters.) So much for my dream of becoming the next American Idol. Cut to 4 a..m.—we’re wolfing down countless slices of the best pizza in NYC, at Bleeker Street Pizza, and wondering where we lost the birthday girl.

Sunday, 10:30 a.m.
Jogged the Central Park loop in a desperate bid to sober up before my babysitting gig this afternoon. By 1 p.m., Baby Graydon and I were crashed on the couch watching the Jim & Pam wedding episode from The Office while he rocked out to Chris Brown’s “Forever”. Who said white boys can’t dance?  

2011 May 23

Shot of The Daily: The Pitts and a Panda

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We Know You! We Know You!
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Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are all smiles last night at the premiere of Kung Fu Panda 2 in Los Angeles. Jolie voices the character Tigress in the animated film, which opens on May 26th. How 'bout those legs? 

2011 May 23

BFF With Francesco Clark: Beauty Tips from Selita Ebanks

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Jeffrey Costello, Mary Alice Stephenson, Francesco, Robert Taglliapietra and Selita Ebanks Jeffrey Costello, Mary Alice Stephenson, Francesco, Robert Taglliapietra and Selita Ebanks
Photo: Francesco Clark
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This week our-beauty-food-fashion guru, Francesco Clark, takes it out in the field and talks beauty with a real angel. 


"New York can be one of those fun cities, where no matter where you go, you can run into friends in the most random places, or be completely anonymous in your own neighborhood. Last week was an example of the former; the London-like weather we’ve been having started to make everything feel like ‘Twilight,’ but maybe a more, ‘Wet Twilight,’ so the surprise of a friendly face in an unsuspecting place was especially gratifying. 


Having run into Victoria’s Secret supermodel Selita Ebanks at the Prada cocktail party for New Yorkers For Children, I couldn’t help but give her a beauty pop quiz on what she does to look so luminous on a gloomy day.  


Francesco: Since we've become friends, I have never seen you not glamorous. Ever! Beauty-wise, what's the last thing you do before going to bed (other than taking off make-up), and the first thing you do when you wake up?


Selita: I dry brush first, shower, then use Carol's Daughter Almond Cookie Shea Souffle on my entire body. 


Francesco: We all see you working your magic at the Victoria's Secret fashion shows. What does it feel like that day? What do you do to prepare: more cardio for two months, more weights, shower in Holy Water? Also, what is going through your head as you walk the LONG televised runway, almost completely nekked?


Selita: That day I'm super relaxed because the 2 months prior I drink tons of water, exfoliate, and do a million squats. The only thing on my mind is to have fun, and suck it in! 


Francesco: Do you get to keep your first set of wings? Did you cry when they made you an angel?

Selita: Not my first set, but I got to keep the picture of it. Tyra gave me wings that will be put in the Cayman National Museum. It didn't hit me at first, but I cried later.


Francesco:  What did you see as beautiful when you were 16 and what do you see as pure beauty today?

Selita: I always felt the same about beauty. As cliche as it sounds, beauty does start from the inside out. The bigger the smile, the more beautiful.


Francesco: How has the beauty industry helped you do things outside the industry? You've been a big supporter of the Reeve Foundation; can you tell us about other projects you work on?


Selita: The ultimate "beauty" house Victoria's Secret has taught me to be more elegant, and to use beauty for the greater good in things such as working with Shine on Sierra Leone, which helps with lowering child mortality in their country.


Francesco: What are five beauty products you need when on a long plane ride?


Selita: Clark’s Botanicals Ultra-Rich Lip Balm, hand sanitizer, visine, face wipes, a brush, and under-eye patches.

2011 May 23

Liebe Is In The Air

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Alessandra and Jamie Alessandra and Jamie
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Love is in the air for Vogue Germany. The June issue has three different covers (collect them all!) with models and their real life mates. Alessandra Ambrosio and her hubbie Jamie Mazur got their own cover along with Anja Rubik and her mate Sasha Knezevic and Karolina Kurkova and her honey Archie Drury. For those of you who don't speak german, the word liebe on the cover means love. 

2011 May 20

Rebecca Minkoff Falls For Austin

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Howdy! Howdy!
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Even if you've been to Austin, Texas, you're still gonna love Rebecca Minkoff's latest travel column celebrating the coolest city in the Lone Star State. 

"From San Antonio to Dallas, Houston to Amarillo and all the way down to balmy Galveston, the great state of Texas never fails to establish itself as built-upon deep-seeded Texan pride and good ol’ fashioned patriotism. While there's certainly a huge expanse of predictable great Americana within Texas, it's also chock full ‘o surprises. Can you say...Tex-Mex? I was lucky enough to take a very quick jaunt to Austin a few weeks, and by the end of the trip, I was actually sad to leave.  I’ve always heard the energy here is very youthful, (Hello, they filmed a season The Real World here, back when it was still entertaining) and that there is an incredibly vibrant music scene. What I wasn’t prepared for was to find myself in one of the trendiest, most fun, most super cool cities I’ve been too in a very long time—even as a relatively quiet pregnant gal just looking for some great food and even better vintage shopping.


Base camp was the San Jose Hotel, an adorable bungalow style place a few blocks from the Colorado River right downtown. My jaw dropped when I pulled up. It’s kind of the quaintest little place that I’ve ever stayed. Located right off of South Congress, aka the neighborhood where I could spend the rest of my life due to the seemingly endless vintage shops, quirky shopping and airstream trailer food stands (which I’ll get to in a minute, not to worry). Here at the San Jose, you can lounge by the pool, sip coffee and nosh on yummy pastries in the wonderful little coffee bar, Jo’s (which is literally located in the parking lot) or follow my lead and put on your favorite exploring outfit and dive into the infinite options for fun, culture, and art within Austin’s city limits.  


Austin takes eating and food very seriously- this may be why Austin and I got along so well. Because of this, I plan out my entire day of eating before I even finish my morning coffee at Jo’s. First up is brunch at Sandra Bullock’s restaurant, Bess Bistro. The atmosphere is warm and cozy with yummy-smelling candles burning and the smell of crème brulée welcoming you. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a Ms. Bullock run-in while I was there, but I did have a run-in with the croque monsieur that induced a light spaz attack. 


Feeling the Austin love all around me, I head to the vintage mecca known as South Congress to replenish my wardrobe and rejuvenate my design inspiration. I start at Feathers Boutique because this place has so much amazing-ness that I want to be fully energized for it. Then I bee-line down to By George for some indulgence. This place is certainly not the cheapest on the block—OK, fine, everything is pretty damn expensive, but if you’re looking for truly unique designer goods, the buck stops here. I never spend too much time or money in a fancy pants store, because I live in NYC and have access to some of the best shopping in the world, but I was still VERY impressed with By George.


Now let’s get back to those airstream food trailers I mentioned earlier. While gourmet food trucks are taking over Manhattan, Austin has had this idea down pat for awhile now. It’s a weird concept, but Austin is known for being a little weird. The Airstream trailers are all over downtown, the majority of them are found lining the streets in South Congress. It’s genius! I spot an airstream trailer with the words “Hey Cupcake!” on it and, as if stuck in a tractor beam, I am helpless to not stop in for a little slice of pure joy in the form of a cupcake. Mmmm!!!!!!   


After dropping off all of my magnificent new purchases at the hotel, I take a nice leisurely stroll through Zilker Park & Botanical Gardens. I swear, I actually felt my blood pressure dropping as I walked through the perfectly manicured rose gardens, past picturesque streams, waterfalls and koi ponds. If flowers don’t do it for you and large grassy knolls, lake kayaking and bike trails are more your pace, not to worry. Zilker Park has you covered. Bring a picnic, iPod speakers, and a blanket and enjoy the always warm Texas weather.


I can hear the dinner bell ringing loud and clear, so I freshen up at the hotel and head to Paggi House because this place not only embodies the spirit of Austin with live music, truly special outdoor patio dining and incredible skyline views but also serves some seriously amazing food. I savor the atmosphere, the fare and the people watching here and drag myself back to the hotel for bed. It’s rare that I find myself so completely taken with a city as I am with Austin. I’ve decided to make an annual Austin pilgrimage to explore this city further and I promise to bring you guys along. Stay tuned for the next great Texas adventure!


To hear more about my adventures and get up-to-the-minute updates on what I’m up to, follow me on FacebookTwitter, and on my blog."

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