2011 May 19

Penelope Cruz Owns The Red Carpet in Giorgio Armani Privé

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Penelope Cruz Penelope Cruz
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Ahoy! Penelope Cruz dazzled last night in Giorgio Armani Privé at the premiere of Pirates of The Caribbean 4. The actress wore a mermaid-style long dress in black silk cady, featuring a black floral design silk lace on the top with embroidery tone on tone. Pirates opens in theatres tomorrow. 

2011 May 18

Jane Squared

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Courtney Love, Michael Stipe and Jane Pratt Courtney Love, Michael Stipe and Jane Pratt
Patrick McMullan
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Jane, in so many forms! Last night, Jane Pratt hosted a dinner at the Jane Hotel's Café Gitane, followed by a soiree in the Jane's bar, where the masses gathered to celebrate the launch of XoJane.com. Pratt chatted with guests like Michael Stipe, Mickey Boardman, Courtney Love, and Bonnie Morrison an alongside her cozy posse of XoJane.com staffers  - Christina Kelly, Cat Marnell and Emily McCombs. Check out the Gallery for the evidence...

2011 May 18

Tilda's Hypnotizing Ad

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Tilda Swinton Tilda Swinton
Walter Pfeiffer
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Actress Tilda Swinton furthers her rapport with Pringle of Scotland by appearing in the brand's Fall 11 campaign. The new pics were shot at the Glasgow School of Art by Walter Pfeiffer. (Pringle of Scotland recently went under some major changes, 'member? Alistair Carr of Balenciaga replaced Clare Waight as the design director? Right.) For those wondering if Tilda is a native Scot, the answer is non—she was actually born in London. 

2011 May 18

Kate Moss Shocker!

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Kate Moss Reveals Shocker Kate Moss Reveals Shocker
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Fascinating Kate Moss revelations from Paris! In a rare interview with The Telegraph while promoting her new gig as the face of Mango, we learn more details about the mysterious world of our beloved Brit. 

1. She doesn't consider herself an icon. "Liz Taylor's an icon. I'm just normal. A dame's for old women like Margaret Thatcher, I'm too young - I'd prefer to be a baroness. I'd like to be Lady Kate. But I'm happy just as I am." 

2. She has regrets. "I wasn't in (George Michael's) 'Freedom' video... I just missed it. That would have been amazing."

3. Will Naomi Campbell be a bridesmaid when Kate marries Kills frontman Jamie Hince? "Now that would be telling," Campbell told the UK's The Mirror. Evasive! 

4. How does Kate feel about the other Kate? "Oh, I love her! She was so chic and seamless. And just beautiful, it just as a royal wedding should be." 

5. She enjoys jam! There were rumors that Kate had enjoyed making jam, but some people (a.k.a. Chic) didn't believe. What fools we were! Kate tells The Telegraph writer (who brought her jam as a gift, the clever girl!) "I love my jam. I've just had a batch of it come through, I've been making it." Chic just fainted. 

2011 May 18

A Moment With...Woody Allen

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Woody Allen, (Director), Soon-Yi Previn Woody Allen, (Director), Soon-Yi Previn
NICK HUNT / PatrickMcMullan.com
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Chic grabbed a quick momento with Woody Allen last night during the Cinema Society's screening of his new flick, Midnight in Paris, in Tribeca

What's your writing process like?
I just use a pen and paper or my typewriter. I’ve had the same typewriter since I was sixteen years old. I bought it for 40 bucks; it’s an Olympian Portable. It doesn’t have a scratch on it. You could drop it off a building and nothing would happen to it. It doesn’t require any coddling or nurturing. Every word I’ve ever written in my life has been typed on it.

One of the characters in the film is Ernest Hemmingway. He once said, "Write drunk and edit sober." What do you think of that?
I can see that. The problem is, when you edit, you’ll probably eliminiate 98 percent of what you’ve written. Hemmingway had a great capacity for drinking, so that might have worked for him, but if I have just one beer or two wines, I would write The Prophet by Khalil Gibran or something like that.

What do you dislike doing in Paris?
I don’t like to go to the theater because I don’t understand French. I’ve found myself sitting in there for two hours to give it a try, and it just didn’t happen. I hated it.

2011 May 18

Getting To Know You...Christopher Bastin

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Christopher Bastin Christopher Bastin
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Today in Chic class, we're heading abroad to learn more about GANT Rugger head designer, Christopher Bastin. (Such a similar last name to another Gant designer, Michael Bastian. Fascinating!) 


Nickname: Stoffe

Age: 37

Birthplace: Stockholm

Current abode: Stockholm


Hours you sleep: 5

Hours you'd like to sleep: 8

Street of choice: Bleecker

Foreign word: "Sprezzatura"

Drink: Porkslap Pale Ale

Airline: SAS

Favorite recent magazine article: "The Journal De Nîmes piece on our New Haven Math Club."

Body part: "On women, legs. On me, the beard"

Show tune: "I hate show tunes."

How much does your cleaning lady or man charge per visit? "100 bucks, maybe?"

Blackberry or iPhone? "What's a Blackberry?"

Tap or sparkling? "Porkslap."

Allergy: "Non-Loro Piana wool blends."

Exercise: "Shopping."

First fashion show: "Diesel, 1993-ish."

Greatest expenditure: "Food and shoes."

Escape Plan: "Blame Canada!"

Illicit crush: "Yes, please."

What make you jealous? "A Rolex Submariner 5508."

Monthly drying cleaning bill: "Most of my things get the wash and tumble treatment at home."


Check out this clever video that celebrates the first ever GANT Rugger pre-fall collection hitting Barneys Co-Op stores nationwide. 


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