2011 June 2

David LaChapelle Returns

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David LaChapelle David LaChapelle
Seth Browarnik/WorldRedEye.com
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Director and photog-in-hiding David LaChapelle has returned to the New York art scene with a highly anticipated exhibit called "From Darkness to Light," debuting at the Lever House today. The controversial shutterbug got his start as Andy Warhol's protégé at Interview, quickly becoming the no-brainer pick for glossies like Vogue, Rolling Stone, and Vanity Fair. After two decades in the biz and a portfolio overflowing with high-profile shots, he hung up his hat and moved to an organic farm in Maui. A couple years have gone by and much to LaChapelle's surprise, he's back--and bolder than ever. Chic sat down with the artist before his grand opening on Park Ave.

What started "From Darkness to Light?"
The genesis started in '91 when I did a show downtown that no one saw, and no one came to. That's the worst thing that can happen to an artist--being ignored.

Why the Lever House?
They asked me, and it's a huge honor for any artist to show there. It's one of our great public art spaces--everyone can see it, and I really believe in that. When you go, you'll likely see every walk of life pass through from bike messengers to secretaries to CEOs to food vendors.

What's the biggest misconception about you?
People are pleasantly surprised after they talk with me. I don't know what they expected--maybe it's the photographs. I think they expect me to be rude. I get that over and over again. I feel like I always have to clear up who I am and what my motives are.

Why did you 'leave it all behind' as they say?
I've always lived very intuitively. I just knew I was at the end of a chapter in my life. There were signs.

Like what?
I wasn't excited about shooting Justin Bieber or the next pop star. It wasn't fair for me to continue even though I was making tons of money doing it. I knew that I had to move on and let the 20-year-olds who were really excited to shoot Bieber, have a chance.

Who is the most visionary fashion editor right now?
I think all magazines have shifted. Sadly, Isabella Blow was my good friend, and she was my editor. Now, that she's gone and I've been invited back into this world, my editor, or the person I go to for advice, is Julian Schnabel. He's been generous with his criticism. I value his opinion. He gets right to the point. He's always on it, and I really respect him. He has a whole new body of work that's going to shut people up when they see it. I've known him since I was a kid, and he's always been nice to me for some reason.

Is it time for a new guard in the magazine world?
Online blogs are the new guard.

Who was your favorite person to photograph?
My most nervous was Muhammad Ali. My dad was a huge fan, and he's such a hero. On set, every time I would turn around, he would flip me the bird. I wouldn't see it, but the crew would laugh. Finally, I caught him, and it just really broke the ice. It said so much about him and his humor. In a real gentle and humorous way, he taught me, 'Chill out, boy. It's just a photoshoot.'"

Who was the most difficult to shoot?
Rock stars and pop stars are the easiest. They love the sets and the glamour. Actors are the same. Sports stars, with the exception of Ali or Lance Armstrong, are the most difficult. A lot of NBA guys are treated like demi-gods and don't see the value of getting their picture taken.

What do you expect for your opening today?
We're planning a low-key opening since everyone's in Venice, but we'll have a second opening in September. My mom thinks I soak up the attention, but I don't. I don't even like my own birthday parties. I don't like the focus on me--that's why I like to be behind the camera.



2011 June 2

Chic's On The Case

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Ettinger Ettinger
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The highly anticipated BlackBerry Playbook tablet is available on June 16th in Europe, and naturally, it needs a little clothing to stay gorgeous. Creative agency Winkreative has collaborated with brands including Delvaux, Valextra, Ettinger, Brooklyn, Porter, WANT Les Essentiels de la Vie and Ganzo to create seven contrasting cases, and they are chiiiiiic, darlings. "We were proud to ask some of our favorite artisans to create cases for the BlackBerry PlayBook," Winkreatives creative director Tyler Brûlé boasts. "Each designer brought their unique eye to the brief, whether through Porter’s signature utility style or Delvaux’s history of luxury leatherwear.The Made for Playbook accessories will be available in July and prices range from $197 to $434.




2011 June 2

Getting To Know You...Tori Praver

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Tori Praver Tori Praver
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We all know Tori Praver  from her walks down the runway and appearances in Sports Illustrated swimsuit issues, but she's not just a model! No siree! She has her own line of sexy swimsuits, too! The busy gal took a break to fill out our questionnaire of important questions! 

Nickname: Toe-Toe, Age: 24, Birthplace: San Diego, California, Current Abode: New York

Hours you sleep: "I try to get at least 8 every night. I'm a grump if I get less than that."

Hours you'd like to sleep: "10 would be amazing!"

Street of choice: "Elizabeth Street in NY"

Foreign word: Aloha

Drink: "I'm torn between my morning coffee and red wine."

Airline: "Cathay Pacific is awesome for the long haul."

Body part: "My lips – they’re full and have a natural red color. I never need lipstick."

Show tune: "If referring to Broadway, I'm not a huge fan."

How much does your housekeeper charge per visit? "Too much, but worth every penny."

Blackberry or iPhone? Blackberry

Tap or sparkling? Sparkling

How frequently do you check Facebook? "Once a day. It's a great way to keep in touch with all my friends back home in Hawaii."

Allergy: "I don't have any, lucky me!"

Exercise: "I try to everyday, I love my yoga."

First fashion show:  "It sounds bad, but I can't remember. Too many!"

Greatest expenditure: "Upgrades. I travel so much, it makes such a difference!"

Escape plan: "My trip home to Maui this week for my birthday. Home is always my escape."

Dog or cat? Dog

Illicit crush: "All the men in Disney animated movies."

What make you jealous? "When I'm in bad weather and I speak to someone that’s on the beach in sunshine."

Monthly drying cleaning bill: "Very little. I hand wash everything, even if its dry clean only. I prefer to do it myself; I hate the smell of dry cleaning product."

Summer holiday: "Bali is my summer retreat every year!"


2011 June 2

David Beckham Speaks, Crowd Swoons

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David! Swoon! David! Swoon!
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Dreamy David Beckham paid a visit to Craig Ferguson last night, and the crowd went wild. The expectant dad was there to promote his new cologne, and the boys had a deep chat about tattoos, life in the US and Becks' recent dinner with President Obama and the Queen of England! That's just how he rolls, people!


2011 June 2

BREAKING NEWS! Kate Moss to Change Wedding Date?

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Everything Anybody Ever Writes About Kate Moss Is Always True! Everything Anybody Ever Writes About Kate Moss Is Always True!
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The Times of India (for realz!) is reporting that Kate Moss has pre-poned her wedding date to July 1st, after originally planning to tie the knot with Jamie Hince on July 2nd. Chaos! The paper reports that a guest told the Daily Star: "I received a piece of white card with silver writing on it. It read, 'Kate Moss and Jamie Hince will be marrying on Friday, July 1. Save the date." The couple's 300 guests are allegedly in a tizzy over wedding details. Sources say, "It's very confusing. We have no idea how long to block out our time or where in the country we'll be. We don't know whether that's the church or the party, whether we need to travel or what's going on." Don't these people read the tabloids? What are some of the other fun wedding rumors that have popped up lately?  1. Kate has enlisted the help of John Galliano's boyfriend, Alexis Roche, to oversee every last detail of her wedding dress. 2. The future Mrs. Hince has reportedly locked in Dame Shirley Bassey to sing at her wedding. As we "reported" last week, Snoop Dogg is also scheduled to sing.   

2011 June 2

Let's All Chip In For This...

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Monroe in The Subway Dress Monroe in The Subway Dress
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The white halter dress made famous by Marilyn Monroe in The Seven Year Itch is going on the auction block in Beverly Hills later this month. According to estimates, it could fetch a whopping $2 million. The dress was designed by William Travilla and is part of the Debbie Reynolds' collection, which also includes Hollywood costumes including Judy Garland's gingham dress from The Wizard of Oz. "I'm heartbroken," Reynolds recently told the LA Times. "I don't want to see the collection broken up. It should stay intact." West Coasters can (and should) view the collection at the Paley Center for Media in Beverly Hills before the auction on June 18th.


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