2011 June 1

Getting To Know You...Lauren Moffatt

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It's Lauren! It's Lauren!
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What does designer Lauren Moffatt look for in an airline? You'll never guess! 


Nickname: N/A

Age: 35

Birthplace: Philadelphia

Current Abode: NYC


Hours you sleep: 8

Hours you'd like to sleep:

Shampoo: Anything

Entree: Spaghetti & meatballs

Show tune: "I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Out of My Hair"

Airline: "The one that serves freshly made chocolate chip cookies. Midwest Express?"

Cellular provider:  Verizon

Still or sparkling? Tap

Charity: Stoked Mentoring

Exercise: Walking to work

Gym: N/A

The title of your autobiography? The Perpetual Procrastinator.

Greatest expenditure: "Kids."

Escape plan: "Apparently I'm ill-prepared, because I don't have one."

How often do you drive? "Once a month."

Thoughts on Bridesmaids? "I haven't seen it."

Illicit crush: "My morning bagel guy."

The last time you were at the post office? "Years ago."

What makes you jealous? "People who are organized."

Dance? "Riverdance."


2011 June 1

Terry Richardson Impressions: An Olsen Turn

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Ashley Olsen Gives Us Her Thumbs Up Ashley Olsen Gives Us Her Thumbs Up
Photo: Terry's Diary
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We knew the Olsens were gonna get in on this party! Following in the footsteps of James Franco, Kate Moss and Jared Leto, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen give us their best Terry Richardson impressions this week. It might be time for us to start rating these! Mary-Kate is in the Gallery. 

2011 June 1

Who Knew? Tom Gets Migraines!

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Tom Ford Tom Ford
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Have you ever wondered why you've seen so much of Tom Ford's chest over the years? The mystery has finally been solved! "I wear my shirts open because ties give me a headache," Tom Ford says in Visionaries: Tom Ford, a new documentary set to premiere on OWN on June 24th. "I can only wear them for a few hours and then I start to get a migraine." We'll all sleep a little better tonight knowing this...

2011 June 1

The Memorial Day Sunburn: How to Deal

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Chic Cares Chic Cares
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Attention, sun worshippers! Chic's very own Dr. Oz (of beauty), Francesco Clark, is here to help. 

"So it’s the week after Memorial Day, and everyone has been running around the Hamptons or Berkshires. The return to Manhattan always feels like the trip back to school. As you return to your cubicle, it hits you: "I thought I had applied and reapplied sunblock all weekend, but I look like the Red Lobster mascot. What the frick?" One helpful nutritional remedy to help prevent damage is to take beta-carotene before going into the sun, as the antioxidant will help stage off the free radicals of the UV rays, but this should be used in conjunction to generous sunblock applications. 


Here are my quick, at-home remedies for sunburn relief:


1. Vinegar. Mix it with cold water in a spray bottle and reapply as often as you like. It won’t get do much about the redness, but it will help you get rid of the pain very effectively. Weirdly, I didn’t even notice the smell—probably because my skin just soaked it all up. I added a drop or two of lavender oil to make it more pleasant before spraying. Tip: don’t rub the vinegar in. Spray or gently splash it on and let it drip dry. You don’t want to aggrevate the skin!


2. Cold tea bag compresses. Make tea, place the used bags in the freezer until almost frozen solid, and place as many bags as you can spare over the affected area. This will help with the inflammation and pain.  


3. A make-it-yourself body mask. Combine oatmeal, aloe vera, a couple of crushed vitamin E tablets, and a drop of tea tree oil (to help keep the area free of infection and promote healing). This is going to get messy, but after cooling it for about 30 to 45 minutes, slather it and reapply it and leave it on as long as you can. It’ll help cool the heat of the area and decrease inflammation.


2011 June 1

Retailer News! Cheap Monday Opens Concession Store in London

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Cheap Monday Cheap Monday
Courtesy Photo
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Hurrah! This is the best thing to happen to the Brits since you know who and you know who got married a few weeks ago. A Cheap Monday store is opening at London style emporium Selfridges on August 15th. The boutique will be located on the menswear department on the 1st floor and consist of Cheap Monday's menswear collection, men's and unisex models of the jeans and accessories. The brand launched in 2004, but is now available in 38 markets and an impressive 1800 stores all over the world. 

2011 May 31

Prom Dreams, Courtesy of Ashley Greene

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Ashley Greene Ashley Greene
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Actress Ashley Greene, the cute starlet currently starring in nostalgic coming-of-age tale Skateland, is donating the gorge Lela Rose dress off her red carpet-strutting back to a lucky gal this spring. As the face of Donate My Dress, a national campaign to ensure girls everywhere have glam gowns to wear to prom, Greene made an adorbs video about the program and its latest chic prize. The program, as part of the Teen Hearst Network, counts pretty young things like Brittany Snow, Miley Cyrus, and Taylor Swift as past prom dress fairy godmothers. The sweepstakes runs through June 4 on DonateMyDress.org, so click away, darlings!

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