2011 June 16

Fashion's Coolest Pops

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Johan and Blue Johan and Blue
Photo Via Refinery 29
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In honor of Father's Day this weekend (We sent our card! Did you!?), our peeps at Refinery 29 have compiled a list of 17 of NYC's Coolest Dads, and what pressie they'd like to get this Sunday. Who were some of the pops that made the cut? Ben Watts, Naeem Khan, Steven Alan, Carlos Souza, Rag and Bone's Marcus Wainwright and David Neville, Ernest Alexander, and Gilt Group's Tyler Thoreson. What's Johan Lindeberg hoping to get from daughter, Blue "Del Toro velvet slippers in oatmeal. Oatmeal feels like an important color right now… I like also the chic twist of a velvet slipper with my biker jacket. It makes a nice contrast." Totes! 

2011 June 16

Anna Wintour Officially Gives Her Blessing to the Internet

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Anna hearts the WWW Anna hearts the WWW
Sylvain Gaboury/PatrickMcMullan.com
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Anna Wintour wasn't much for words on Monday night when she picked up her People's Voice Award for Fashion at the Webby Awards on Monday, but she talked to CNN's Felicia Taylor before the show to discuss the WWW! The highlights:


Anna on the difference between print and the web: "I think what we bring to the website is really what we bring to the print version of Vogue, which is our access and our authority and very tough editing. I think the website compliments the print version of the magazine and vise versa. I think they both offer very different experiences to the reader. One is a fantastic visual experience where you look at the photography and read the articles that you can't see anywhere else. And you can carry it around with you and enjoy it for months at a time. And I think you go to the website for a very different experience — instant information, access...it's much more instantaneous, yet still edited with the Vogue eye."

Anna on The Way We Web: "I remember when we first tried to get seats for people at the shows. The internet people were put like in the twentieth row, if they were lucky, at a Chanel show. And we were told things like, you can only put five looks up because we don’t want anything to be copied. And then you fast forward to today and for whatever reason if we don’t put up a collection on the website they’re calling us up to complain. So, you know, obviously we learned with the internet explosion. I mean, we were as naïve as everyone else but we saw it grow. We saw it grow when we were at Style.com and then when we branched off onto our own website, you know, it was even more of an engrossing and interesting experience."

Anna on Style.com's page view count beating Vogue: "We launched the site in September so we’re a relatively new site. But we fully intend to get our numbers up, you know, within the next couple of years. We have access and authority and ability to connect with everybody within the industry. And, you know, whoever we call will pick up the phone."

2011 June 16

Shot of The Daily: Rebecca Minkoff & Bebe to Be

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Sweet Sweet
Patrick McMullan
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Oh, baby! This shot of Rebecca Minkoff last night at the 3rd annual Bent on Learning benefit gave us the Awwoutlouds. The pregnant designer and loyal Chic travel columnist looked absolutely radiant on the red carpet.  

2011 June 16

Jessica White Is Not Slammer-Bound

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Off the hook Off the hook
Patrick McMullan
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The New York Post reports that model Jessica White is in the clear after a judge gave her a pass on charges she slapped another woman reportedly in the face over a cab last October. All charges are dismissed, but White is required to serve three days' community service and two days' anger management. And she can't be arrested again! She tells the Post that she got by with the help of mentor Russell Simmons: "For my birthday-which is next Wednesday- Russell paid for mediation classes. He's one of my greatest supporters and pushed me into humanitarian work. I don't have anyone around me that's not spiritual." This is giving us Naomi flashbacks. 

2011 June 16

Getting To Know You...Katherine Kwei

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Katherine Kwei Katherine Kwei
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Katherine Kwei began her career in the PR department at Louis Vuitton, and now she's growing her own empire with her handbag line. With celeb fans including Sienna Miller, Fergie and Blake Lively, we thought it was time to get to know her a little better. 


Age: 39 (But feel 25) 

Birthplace: Hong Kong

Current abode: Soho 


Hours you sleep: "I try to be physically lying down by 10, but I'm usually not asleep until 11. I'm usually up by 5 because of our new baby."

Hours you'd like to sleep: "Ten hours of uninterrupted sleep would be heaven."

Street of choice: "Bowen Road in Hong Kong for the old colonial style buildings surrounded by lush greenery."

Entree:  "Anything with ikura or uni. Both together is even better!"

Favorite recent read: "Vanity's Fair article on Patti Smith. I bought her book, Just Kids, on Friday."

iPad application: "Pandora and Baby Story (A Chinese app that has stories like The Ugly Ducking, The Little Mermaid.)"

Showtune: "Anything from Jersey Boys. I have seen that show over 3 times!"

How much does your housekeeper charge per visit? "We have a full-time house keeper. My husband pays her."

Would you like tap or bottled water? "Filtered tap. Bottled only for sparkling water."

Intern's name:  "I don't have one right now….but the last one was Jackie."

What's the longest you've waited for something? "I ordered canvas bins from Restoration Hardware that were on back order for 6 months."

Allergy: "Dust, cats, raw pitted fruits (i.e. apples, pears, apricots, plums). It's really sad that I can't eat these anymore."

Superhero: "Superman, of course."

How do you like your coffee? "I don't."

Exercise: "Nothing right now, but I'm hoping to start with SoulCycle and pilates soon."

Greatest expenditure: "My Louis Vuitton agenda annual refill. It's over $100 for a bunch of paper!!"

Escape plan:  "I live in Bali and drink fresh coconut water all day."

How often do you drive? "Not often enough. Driving is a pleasure for me."

How many times do you look in the mirror everyday? "Twice. In the morning before work, and in the evening before I go to bed. Basically, to put on makeup and then make sure it is all off."

Illicit crush: "Colin Firth. Finally saw The King's Speech and I am in love all over again."

What makes you jealous? "People who don't have dark circles under their eyes and people with naturally wavy hair."

Monthly drying cleaning bill: "I'm not sure. My housekeeper never shows me the bills."

2011 June 15

Prabal Gurung Resorts To Rap

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CFDA winner Prabal Gurung CFDA winner Prabal Gurung
Patrick McMullan
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How does Prabal Gurung follow up winning his CFDA Swarovski award winner for womenswear? He resorts to rap, of course. PG teams with M.I.A. protege Rye Rye for a video that launches his first resort collection, entitled New Thing. You like?

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