2011 June 21

Francesco Clark: Skincare I'd Steal

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Tips from the man who knows Tips from the man who knows
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We worship Francesco's Clark's Botanicals, but this week the man himself has a suggestion of another must have product for your skin. We're listening! 

"I’m always trying different skincare lines. It’s kind of part of my job, but that’s an excuse—I actually love studying the ingredients, the story behind each line, the new active breakthroughs, the delivery system (which is an annoying way of saying how the product is dispensed and absorbed into the skin). Because my skin is so sensitive to chemical ingredients and parabens, I can’t really play with that many new serums and moisturizers, but there is one line I'm particularly fond of, and I’d go so far as trying to pretend to “drop” it into my bag while shopping, if I didn’t have Clark’s Botanicals. It’s called By Terry, and you should just throw your computer out the window right now and go buy the Hydra-Smoothing Toner and the Skin-Expert Detox & Rescue. The toner will make your skin feel cashmere-soft, and it’s so gentle, anyone can use it.  Many make-up artists use this to gently remove make-up, too. The Skin-Expert Detox and Rescue is portable and has a clickable brush—it was this invented by the woman who invented the famed YSL Touche Eclat, so expect the best. It gives your skin that “pep” you sometimes get…after being slapped in the face. Slap! You’re beautiful."

2011 June 21

Getting To Know You...Yeardley Smith

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The lovely Yeardley Smith The lovely Yeardley Smith
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The latest celebrity to get into fashion---Lisa Simpson! Kinda. Sorta. The voice behind the iconic cartoon character, Yeardley Smith, has launched her own upscale footwear line, Marchez Vous, so we couldn't think of a better way to initiate her into our world than by having her fill out our questionnaire. Consider this your hazing. 


Name: Martha Maria Yeardley Smith

Age: 46
Birthplace: Paris, France

Current abode: Los Angeles, CA


Hours you sleep: "6, off and on."

Hours you'd like to sleep: "Eight, straight through!"

Street of choice: Boulevard Saint Germain
Entree: "Today, a hamburger with a bun." 

Favorite recent mag read:  "What the West Doesn't Get About China" in the Harvard Business Review. (As a shoe mogul, I need to know these things.)
iPad Application: iAnnotate
Show tune: "Roxy" from CHICAGO.
How much does your housekeeper charge per visit? "Not important. What's important is that she's been with me for 21 years."

Still or sparkling? "I order tap when I'm out and drink Qure bottled water at home. Go figure."

Intern's name: "Aren't interns people who work for free? I don't have one of those. But I do have a kickass assistant on salary. Her name is Erin." 
What's the longest you've waited for something? "I don't wait."

Allergy: "Rude people."

Superhero: Wolverine.
How do you like your coffee? "Very light, with cream and agave."
Exercise: Treadmill, elliptical and kettle bells.

First fashion show: "I've never been to one."
Greatest expenditure: Charitable donations.
Escape plan: "Absurd! I'm here for the long haul." 

How often do you drive? Every day.

How many times do you look in the mirror everyday? "As much as the day requires."

Illicit Crush: Jon Bon Jovi.
What make you jealous: "People who never worry."

Monthly Drying Cleaning Bill: "Is it high season, or low season?"

First Car: Honda CRX

Perfect temperature: 77 and sunny.

2011 June 20

Rebecca Takes On Costa Rica

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It's Costa Rica time! It's Costa Rica time!
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Our travel guru Rebecca Minkoff returns from yet another vacation with the inside scoop on what to do and where to eat and stay. 


"This week, I’m embarking on the fantasy part uno of my big ol’ fashioned summer vacation. (Why fantasy, you say? Because I am banned from traveling to faraway places just in case my little one decides to come early!) While part of me wishes I was flanked by Chevy Chase and Beverly D’angelo , navigating the slapstick repercussions of one awkward situation after another, my summer vacation is much less National Lampoon and much more Minkette in the sun, on the beach, by the pool—you get the idea—in sunny Costa Rica! This trip came courtesy of my gorgeous husband, who has long had an affinity for Central America—I’m just along for the ride… and the beach, and the food, and the dazzling scenery.


The way I see it, you can go two ways when traveling to exotic foreign countries—take it easy under the security blanket of a resort / hotel compound with a spa and a concierge (which I am ALL for, most of the time, you all know this),  or you can venture off on your own, forge your own path, and actually plan your own vacation! When traveling to Paris, London and other glossy metropolitan cities, I love me a cushy hotel, OBVIOUSLY. But when I’m hopping off the grid for awhile for the sole purpose of recharging my batteries and slowing things down a bit, I want to make the experience as authentic as possible. Base camp Costa Rica came to me after a few hours of poking around on the incredible vacation planning resource, Homeaway.com. It’s essentially a lookbook of vacation homes all over the world with a dream vacation house for everyone, no seriously, EVERYONE. It all just depends on your personal budget and idea of a fabulous vacation. We opted for the very secluded and totally stunning Jade House for our trip because there is no excuse for skimping on ocean views when in Costa Rica. You need them! Travel to the Puntarenas area of Costa Rica couldn’t be easier. After a totally pain-free direct flight to San Jose and a quick hop skip and a jump (unless you’re scared of little puddle jumpers) over the exceedingly lush rainforest, complete with waterfalls, hidden lakes and verdant green mountainsides, on a Sansa flight, you touchdown in Quepos.  Make sure to tell your car rental company to meet you at the airport, hop in your ride and head off to your fully stocked, gorgeous, Beverly Hills-esque Oceanside manse. SWOON!


After arriving at The Jade House and taking in the view while spotting a monkey, a toucan and a sloth, I decided it was time to dig into some local Costa Rican fare. I’m pregnant, show me the food! The locals here swear by Bar Jolly Roger, which happened to be just down the road from our house. This local pirate-themed (when in Rome?!) restaurant is owned by a warm, delightful Southern family. They pile the charm on from the moment you walk in the door and proceed to pile every dish they serve with just as much love and care. Maybe it’s the true local down home vibe of this place, but it’s one of those kinds of places where you want to linger, savor, and remember. After a long day of travel and eating, we head back to our palace and enjoy one of the three infinity swimming pools and call it a night early.


Day two began (a little on the late side) with brunch at the UBER LOCAL spot, Tortilla Flats in the surfer town of Dominical. Who knew I’d fly all the way to Central America only to have lunch at my fave West Village Mexican spot? Small world. This very friendly local haunt is always stocked with surfers talking shop and munching on the most damn delish nachos and fish tacos I’ve had in a fortnight. You can sit for as long as you want, burrowing your feet into the sand, listening to the rain forest happen around you, while watching the Pacific Ocean pushing against the coast. It ain’t so fancy, but it’s magic.


I was ready for a little rest and relaxation—I’m 6 months pregnant, after all! We headed back to the Jade House for a sun-soaked nap and prepared for a real adventure… What are we going to do to get our adrenaline flowing? Tune in next week for my Costa Rican fiesta excursion part dos!


To hear more about my adventures and get up-to-the-minute updates on what I’m up to, follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and on my blog."



2011 June 20

Calvin Klein Collection Parties in Milano

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Italo Zucchelli and Joe Jonas Italo Zucchelli and Joe Jonas
Image: Montingelli-Lucat/SGP
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Calvin Klein Collection hosted a party to celebrate men's creative director (and total sweetie) Italo Zucchelli's Spring 2012 runway show in Milan yesterday. The event was held on the grounds of Calvin's European headquarters and drew guests like Joe Jonas, Jesse Williams, Brad Goreski, Francisco Costa and Kevin Carrigan. But we wanna know: How do we get our hands on Italo's Marky Mark t-shirt? Love! Check out some pics in our Gallery. 

2011 June 20

Dolce & Gabbana: Fedora Alert!

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Boys! Boys!
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Men's fashion week in Milan kicked off over the weekend, and by the looks of things, Dolce and Gabbana are in a fedora mood. That's what you're looking at in this pic, right?  All right, all right—this might be our subtle way of providing you with some eye candy on a ho-hum Monday afternoon. Chic cares. 

2011 June 20

Normal or Not: Tavi's Locker

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The contents of Tavi's locker The contents of Tavi's locker
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At last! AT LAST! Tavi Gevinson's first contribution for xoJane.com has finally arrived. America's girl next door gives us her take on "What's in My Bag"—but the locker edition, loves. OMG! What do we learn? Tavi keeps tap shoes, a blue wig, Play-Doh, baseball cards, and a veil in her locker. We repeat: A veil! There are also some "normal" items in there like a French dictionary and a copy of A Midsummer Night's Dream, but we know you don't care about that. Tavi shares: "You know that kid in movies who opens their locker and stuff just falls out and knocks them to the ground? That's me!"  Someone call Hoarders! P.S. Do those books look read to you? Study up, darling!

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