2011 June 20

Normal or Not: Tavi's Locker

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The contents of Tavi's locker The contents of Tavi's locker
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At last! AT LAST! Tavi Gevinson's first contribution for xoJane.com has finally arrived. America's girl next door gives us her take on "What's in My Bag"—but the locker edition, loves. OMG! What do we learn? Tavi keeps tap shoes, a blue wig, Play-Doh, baseball cards, and a veil in her locker. We repeat: A veil! There are also some "normal" items in there like a French dictionary and a copy of A Midsummer Night's Dream, but we know you don't care about that. Tavi shares: "You know that kid in movies who opens their locker and stuff just falls out and knocks them to the ground? That's me!"  Someone call Hoarders! P.S. Do those books look read to you? Study up, darling!

2011 June 20

Correspondence We Actually Received: Vanessa Minnillo Edition

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Free photo Free photo
Photo credit: David Becker/Wire Image
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Vanessa Minnillo isn't our usual turf, but we're making an exception today because this press release revealing all the details of her Vegas bachelorette weekend is too hilar to keep to ourselves.


"Hi there!  Let me know if you can get in a PHOTO of Vanessa Minnillo celebrating her bachelorette party in Vegas this weekend!  Link to download FREE PHOTOS below!  Most important thing to mention is Marquee Dayclub!  Thank you!


Vanessa Minnillo celebrated her upcoming nuptials with a weekend in Las Vegas.  The bachelorette party began on Friday at LAVO with dinner and dancing at the hot spot.  After a round of shots and a feast of signature Italian dishes, the bride-to-be and friends took over a VIP table where they danced to the sounds of DJ Politik.  She jumped into the DJ booth, taking the mic and telling the crowd, “I’m about to get married.  I’m about to get a ball and chain…but not yet and tonight’s my bachelorette party!”  She also invited the first person who came to her table and showed an ID proving their birthday was Thursday, Friday, or Saturday could come join her table – an offer she made good when a club patron celebrating his birthday approached the table with his girlfriend.


Surprises were in store when Minnillo was serenaded by a midget impersonating her fiancé Nick Lachey.  The pint-sized performer sang a song from Lachey’s former band 98 Degrees while removing his shirt.  She was a good sport and donned the traditional bachelorette sash and crown while celebrating.


The party continued on Saturday at Marquee Dayclub at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas as Minnillo and the group commanded a cabana at the roof deck pool party.  Always the gracious hostess, she found a bachelor celebrating his own upcoming wedding and invited the groom and his friends to take a dip in her cabana’s infinity Jacuzzi.  The future Mrs. Lachey was treated to a cake topped with a sugar ring from Gimme Some Sugar as she danced around with her friends and posed for photos, showing off make up from Violet Hour Hair | Nails | Beauty at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas."


2011 June 20

Shot of The Daily: Johan Lindeberg and Lassie

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Sweet Sweet
Patrick McMullan
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What's not to love about this sweet shot of Johan Lindeberg hugging a horse this weekend at the Brant Foundation Art Study Center in Greenwich, CT? This is going to melt the heart of a certain someone at our very own Chic Report HQ. 

2011 June 20

Persol Shades and Other Personal Obsessions

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Yep, Dree Hemingway wears her sunglasses at night. Yep, Dree Hemingway wears her sunglasses at night.
Patrick McMullan
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Chic popped by Persol's shade-y soiree to toast "Magnificent Obsessions: 30 Stories of Craftsmanship in Film" at Center 548 in Chelsea. So did the likes of Elise Overland, Sir Ben Kingsley, Lance Bass, Famke Jenssen and Monty Python comedic mastermind Terry Gilliam. The event marked the opening of the "Magnificent Obsessions" installation. So Chic asked around for a few au courant obsessions among the partygoers--besides their new pairs of Persols, of course. 

What are you obsessed with—right this minute? 

Rebecca Minkoff: Voluminous dresses. 
Shanae Grimes: Wedge shoes. They've been saving my life in New York City. Wedge shoes, literally, have been saving my life. 
Genevieve Jones: I'm obsessed with everything. Whatever I love I'm obsessed with. Okay, I'm obsessed with boys!  
Vincent Piazza: You know what? Lately I've been obsessed with my work. I'm in the middle of shooting season two of Boardwalk Empire.  
Dree Hemingway: Mexican food is my personal obsession, right now and always. Maybe guacamole is my obsession. And watching bad movies on airplanes.  

2011 June 17

We're Baaaaaack!

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The Daily Dan returns The Daily Dan returns
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Did you miss us? The Daily Dan returns to the Hamptons this weekend, and we've got another jam-packed delicious issue. We meet Soul Cycle's Elizabeth Cutler and Julie Rice, visit model Julie Henderson at her Southampton home, and get all the dish on the eternally haute Nick and Toni's! We also unearth the story that the fashion world has breathlessly been waiting to know...How does Karl Lagerfeld like his ice cream? The answer will shock you! The Daily Dan can be found in Dan's Papers and in stores all over the Hamptons. Collect and Discuss! 

2011 June 17

Sergio Says! Weekly Musings from Marie Claire (and Beyond...)

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Kristin Chenoweth has the privilege of chatting with Sergio. Kristin Chenoweth has the privilege of chatting with Sergio.
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While you were home watching repeats of The Good Wife, Marie Claire's very own Sergio Kletnoy was having another epic week. The fiercest assistant to ever step foot in the Hearst Tower- (OK, OK, ANYWHERE) shares more tales of his VIP life. 


Sunday, 3 p.m.

So stoked! No, I did not run into Madonna or have another one of my bloody mary benders. I’m rushing off to East Side Ink, in the East Village, for another tattoo, two actually (my ninth and tenth!). The first one is a continuation of Dali’s Meditative Rose, which I had done about six weeks ago. The second is a tribute to Keith Haring, my favorite '80s pop art genius. My only question: how will I hide these from THE BOSS? JoCo isn’t a fan of tats. You know what that means, right? Long sleeves for the rest of the summer. I wonder if Y-3 makes burkas…


Monday, 6 p.m.

The Old Spice guy, Isaiah Mustafa, is in the building. Don’t ask me why. I just work here. I half expected him to ride in shirtless on the back of a horse. Oddly, though, he was dressed head-to-toe like the guy that sold me home-owners insurance. Later that evening, I was off to the Gansevoort Park for the TV Land Premiere Party. It was serious vintage A-list: West Side Story’s Rita Moreno, Jane Leeves (Frasier), Valerie “Still a Size Six”  Bertinelli, Just Shoot Me’s Wendie Malick, Fran Drescher (my mom’s fave), and the woman who should be president, Betty F***** White. Here’s some fun juice for you: Saw Rita’s boob after a wardrobe malfunction, watched as Betty White helped Moreno off the floor after she took a tumble, and confessed my childhood crush to the absolutely stunning and forever young Wendy Malick. When I told her I worked at Marie Claire, a huge grin came over her face. “I used to model for Marie Claire back in 1975!” Wendy said. Too bad I wiped that grin off her face when I told her I wasn’t even born yet.


Tuesday, 9:30 a.m.

Lauren Zalaznick came by the office for a breakfast with THE BOSS. For those of you who don’t know who she is (shame on you!), she’s the woman responsible for Bravo, Style and Oxygen, aka the holy grail of reality TV: Housewives (all of ‘em!), Top Chef, The Rachel Zoe Project, Jerseylicious, Bridezilla and my new favorite, Braxton Family Values. On her way in, she oohed-and-ahhhed over the fashion closet. I suggested we do a switch. “You mean like a job swap?” she responded. “Smells like a hit TV show!” I said.  Can’t wait for my guest spot on Watch What Happens Live. Hey Andy! Lauren’s also a mother of three running one of the most successful cable TV enterprises in the world. My only question: when does this woman sleep?!


Wednesday, 10:45 a.m.

Back from the set of Regis & Kelly, where I interviewed guest host Kristin Chenoweth. Backstage, she offered me a Crumbs cupcake (yes, she eats!!) as she greeted a hysterical crowd of fans she’d invited in for autographs and pictures. I was pushed to the sofa by a 50-year-old in a Wicked sweatshirt who was practically convulsing with excitement. No judgements—I kind of felt the same way. But seriously, Kristin is way more adorable in person, which I didn’t think was possible. She was far and away one of the most fun interviews ever, talking to me about our shared obsession with Dolly Parton, her upcoming Broadway role as Tammy Faye Baker (br-zilliant!) and her infectious new single “I Want Somebody (Bitch About)." And when I asked her who her celebrity crush was, she looked directly in my eyes and cooed, “You, baby.” Needless to say, maintenance had to be called to mop me off the floor. 


Thursday, 2 pm

Saw a private screening of Anna Faris’ new flick, What’s Your NumberMarie Claire plays a major role in the movie, and I was stoked to see our mag on the big screen. Kind of pissed I wasn’t asked to do a cameo. I am, after all, “the fiercest assistant to ever set foot in the Hearst tower”  (according to this very esteemed website).  The movie’s about a woman who racks up a lot of, ahem, gentleman callers. Get it—what’s your number? I’ll never tell!


Friday, 11 a.m.




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