2011 July 6

Who's That Girl?

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Who's that girl? Who's that girl?
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That's not Jill Zarin with Jean Paul Gaultier (can you imagine?!)! It's French singer Mylene Farmer, who walked in his Fall/Winter 2011/12 haute couture collection today in Paris. According to the always-reliable Wikipedia (cough!), Farmer holds the record for the most number one hits on the French charts. Incidentally, a costume that JPG designed for her 2009 tour is on display at his retrospective exhibit in Montreal. 

2011 July 6

Getting To Know You...Deborah Pagani

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Deborah Pagani Deborah Pagani
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Chic's fallen in love with Deborah Pagani's art-deco inspired jewelry line that recently launched at Barneys, so we had to get to know the woman who makes it all happen.

Nickname: Debita

Age: 34

Hometown: Cranford, NJ

Current abode: Soho


Favorite animal: "My two havanese, Mojita and Havana."
Hours you sleep: "Depends where the night takes me. I’ve always have been an early riser, though!"  
Street of choice: "Houston. It may not be pretty, but it's the main vein of downtown!"
Toothpaste: "Crest. Americana all the way!"
Word: F#CK.
Motto: "Well behaved women rarely make history."
Entree: Mac N' Cheese.
What was the last movie you saw? "Mesrine: Killer Instinct with Vincent Cassel."

Thumbs up or down? "THUMBS UP!"
Rap Song:  I Just Wanna Love U (Give It 2 Me) by Jay-Z.
Tool: "New York City. It's the best creative tool for when I need inspiration."
Intern's name: "I don't prefer those titles, but if you'd like to be a part of my team, we are hiring young, creative minds!"
Favorite Tweeter: "Amanda Brooks, @barneysFASHION always stands out."
How do you like your coffee? "The green tea kind."
Detergent: "BabyGanics."
Exercise: "Pilates, cardio, and my trainer Lauren Goldberg keep me in line!"
Greatest expenditure: Art.
Escape plan: "Planning a trip to Morocco... I might wear a mask!"
Illicit crush: "David Bowie and Dave Gahan... depends on the day."

Where do you summer? "My roof in the city... no need to leave! But I do love a last minute trip to Capri."  
What make you jealous: "The person with the bigger slice of cake."
Monthly Drying Cleaning Bill: "I prefer not to know myself."
Taxi or Subway: "I took the subway for long enough, I'm a taxi lady now!"
When did you give up your AOL account? "At this point, like all things vintage, I prefer to keep it for worth’s sake."

2011 July 6

BFF With Francesco Clark: The SPF/Bronze Debate

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Francesco Clark Francesco Clark
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Chic skincare guru Francesco Clark is back with more tips to keep you looking radiant all summer. He recently shared coping mechanisms for a sunburn. Now? Merits of self-tanning! 


Everyone wants to look like they’ve been cheating the clock, but in the summer, the debate still rages: to bronze, or not to bronze? Now, I don't tan, but if I do happen to spend the day outside—as in, July 4— I must figure out how to protect myself. Should one self-tan before the BBQ? Which SPF lasts longest, without leaving a metallic sheen from the titanium dioxide? How to pull off the (believable) self-tanned, bronzed goddess look? Without further ado, my tips.


1. The key to even coverage is exfoliating and shaving your skin before applying the-tanner. Try exfoliating using lemon juice and sugar in the shower.

2. Apply a soothing moisturizer to areas prone to dryness, like elbows, knees, feet, and hands.  The darkening agent in the sunless tanners can be a bit drying. I recommend an oatmeal or glucosamine intense formula that will be rich, but not greasy.

3. Use self-tanner lightly at first, and build up the color later. Guerlain’s Terracotta Sunless Luxurious Self-tanning Balm is easy to use because its formula is slightly colored and iridescent. This formula also is great for fixing mistakes if you were a bit overzealous or in a rush when applying the base coat. 

4. Don’t overdo it! You don’t need to self-tan every day, because it starts to look too orange. Let it fade a little, like a tan does, and reapply after moisturizing. 



I prefer spray SPF products, because they can be easily, quickly reapplied. But sometimes a cream-based SPF is good for moisturizing coverage. 

1. For the spray, Try Aveeno Hydrosport Sunblock SPF 50. This product is supposed to work well on wet skin as well, using a hydrophic formulation with oil from lotus flowers. I like this because it is good for my really sensitive skin and can be so easily reapplied. 

2.For a cream, try La Roche-Posay Anthelios 50 Mineral Ultra Light Sunscreen Fluid SPF 50. Okay, so the name is as long as the Iliad, but so what? It works. And this formula does not leave the chalky, metallic sheen many others do. I gave this one the nickname, Roche Beach, and even my three-year old niece knows what I’m talking about.

2011 July 5

Editors Judged for Prettiness Instead of Prose

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Racked's 2011 Hottest Fashion Editor Competition Racked's 2011 Hottest Fashion Editor Competition
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The cult of personality continues in the madcap world of mags (and online publishing; this is 2011, after all). Thanks to Racked, the faces behind fashion's biggest bylines, chicest party-hopping editrices and plummest placements on the masthead are being pitted against one another for the site's debut Hottest Fashion Editor Competition. Kind of reminds Chic of Gawker's digital throwdown of the (already dishy) gossip reporting scene six years ago. Whether you're jazzed by Elle's Joe Zee, think Marie Claire's Zanna Roberts Rassi is where the glossy mag's zeitgeist is at, or are very loyal to a fave Voguette, cast your votes through July 20! We're keeping our bets under wraps for now...

2011 July 5

High Watts-age: Ben and Co. Toast July 4 in Montauk

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Ben Watts, Naomi Watts Ben Watts, Naomi Watts
Billy Farrell Agency
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If there was any doubt that Montauk has emerged as the ne plus ultra of East End partying (sorry, Cyril's!), it was assuaged on Saturday, July 2, when the Bens (as in, Watts and Pundole) hosted the annual Shark Attack Sounds Fourth-ish of July bash outdoors at Rick's Crabby Cowboy Cafe. The DJs were many—Chelsea Leyland, Kieren Taylor, Plastic Plates and MC DIN 525—but then again, so were the revelers: Liev Schrieber, Danny Fuller, Jessica Hart, Stavros Niarchos, Dylan Lauren, Rogan Gregory, Bridget Hall, Jenne Lombardo, Ric Pipino, and too many more to count. Kanon Vodka (which hosted an equally raucous party the following evening at Ruschmeyer's) ensured that the dance party (co-sponsored by Milk and Kanon Vodka) was well-lubricated, while gratis Warby Parker sunglasses were gifted as party favors. Shady? Not in the least.

2011 July 5

Alessandra Ambrosio Causes Weekend Fireworks

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Jamie Mazur, Kellan Lutz and Alessandra Ambrosio Jamie Mazur, Kellan Lutz and Alessandra Ambrosio
Photo: Kirillwashere.com
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Alessandra Ambrosio hosted the second annual "Follow The Sun" summer party at SL in East Hampton on Sunday night. Kellan Lutz (he's everywhere these days!), Luciana Gimenez, Jamie Mazur, Lorenzo Martone and Gossip Girl's Matthew Settle joined our fave Brazilian bombshell, who according to our spies danced the night away until "leaving the venue through the back door to avoid chaos caused by fans at the entrance." Another quiet evening in the Hamptons...

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