2011 July 20

Daddy's Little Girl

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Dylan Lauren Dylan Lauren
Photo: Vogue
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Tucked in Vogue's August age issue is a look at Dylan Lauren's wedding dress, designed by her daddy Ralph. Daddy revealed to Oprah in an interview last May that working on the gown for her June wedding to Paul Arrouet was a deeply personal labor of love. "I had to do something that was better than ever before," he said. "When you do something for your family or your daughter, I mean, it's the only daughter I have. I want to just give her something that she'd really treasure and give her something that would be really amazing." The result was a handmade duchesses satin, silk tulle, georgette embroidered dress with a tiered train. Mr. Lauren reportedly consulted Vera Wang on the design. 

2011 July 20

Ruffian's All About Williamsburg: Part Deux

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The Grapes of Ruffian The Grapes of Ruffian
Photo: Veronica Gledhill
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This week, Chic's committed columnists Brian Wolk and Claude Morais of Ruffian take us back to where it all began...

"To celebrate the 6-month anniversary of La Vie en Ruffian, we decided to a sequel to our very first edition, All About Williamsburg." Many a store, boutique, and restaurant have opened since our last tour, and most exciting is the new Williamsburg Ferry. where our staycation story begins. It was a hot Saturday night in the 'hood and we decided to take a walk to our favorite riverside park on Grand and Kent. The crowd was as diverse as ever, from meditating hipsters to picnicking Hasidic families. As the sun set in a glorious blaze, we noticed an adorable ferry pulling in a few blocks north at 6th Street. We headed over, and upon arrival, spotted Metrocard-style vending machines and a schedule. The last ferry was departing at 8:20 p.m—but to where? We investigated! We paid the $4 fare, and moments later, boarded the New York Waterway Ferry. The boat picked up some serious speed. First stop: Shafer Landing in South Williamsburg. Second stop? Dumbo, and last stop on the Southward direction was Wall Street. We exited the terminal and felt very patriotic and alone as we strolled down the block, passed the former JP Morgan Mansion, and stood in front of the New York Stock Exchange, which was dressed in an enormous American Flag.  

The next day, we picked up our dear friend Veronica Gledhill at the Bedford L stop. The heat still hadn’t really died down, so we hydrated with a quick cocktail at Two Door Tavern. You can’t beat the $5 Bloody Marys (for the gentleman) and a delicious Bellini (for the lady). With the edge taken off, we decided to head to Sound Fix to check out some vinyls. The Beacon’s Closet, a vintage lover’s dream, is located conveniently down the block. Offering a cross section of designers past and present, we managed to find some really cute summer must-haves.  All of this shopping made us hungry for some fine grub, and nowhere else is better for BBQ than Mable’s Smokehouse & Banquet Hall. The True Blood-esque interior and bayou music made us feel like Bill, Jason and Suki. The service and food are extraordinary, and you can’t beat the prices. We all shared the three-meat, three-side platter for a mere $28! 

Sufficiently fed, we decided it was a good decision to forgo any more clothing stores and hit some of B-Burg’s antique furniture shops instead. Strawser & Smith is new to Willy-B, and it offers the finest and most curated selection of any store we have seen to date. It’s the kind of place that makes you want to move into a new apartment and start over again. Just a hop, skip and a jump down the block is JUNK. Its two locations are located just within earshot of each other, and both offer an authentic junk store experience at next-to-nothing prices. If you're in the market for glassware, plates, silverware or some vintage upholstered furniture, you're set.

Nothing ends an afternoon of frolicking and fun in the sun than a glass of rsé at the very francais Morgane Restaurant & Bar. This welcome new edition to the Williamsburg caféscape offers traditional fare, a sophisticated wine selection, and “imported” Balthazar croissants, baguettes and pastries. The sun was setting, and it was nearing time for our dearest Veronica to depart to the land next door. We escorted our lovely to the ferry and sent her seaward home to the mainland."


2011 July 20

A Moment With...Lauren Bush

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Lauren Bush and a baby. Lauren Bush and a baby.
Billy Farrell
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Chic caught up with former model turned FEED Projects founder Lauren Bush while she celebrated the launch of Clarins FEED 15, which hit Nordstroms last week. Every purchase of the beauty clutch is filled with Clarins products and proceeds benefit fifteen starving children. Hurrah to that. But let's talk summer, love. Our truly tantalizing chat:

Where do you stay when you go to the Hamptons?

I stay at my fiancé’s family’s house in Montauk.


What’s your favorite spot in the Hamptons?

The Surf  Lodge is really fun. Great food. Navy Beach is also really mellow. Great food.


What’s your favorite place to go shopping in the Hamptons?

The Calypso and Rugby stores in East Hampton.


What’s your seafood spot?

I actually don’t eat seafood. I’m a vegetarian.



2011 July 20

Look of The Daily: Analeigh Tipton in J.Mendel

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Analeigh Tipton in J.Mendel Analeigh Tipton in J.Mendel
Getty Images
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Starlet to watch: Analeigh Tipton, the breakout chicette of summer hit-to-be Crazy Stupid Love (who you may remember from the 2008 cycle of America's Next Top Model). Thanks to this nude J.Mendel gown, Brian Atwood shoes, a Ferragamo clutch, H.Stern bracelet, and vintage headband, she beat out Emma Stone for the ultimate Chic honor at Tuesday night's premiere of the film at the Ziegfeld Theatre in New York. (Sorry, Emma—but remember, you got it yesterday.) Check out the August issue of InStyle for more on this model-turned-actress who was "honest and awkward—all elbows" during her teenage years. Riiiiiiight. 

2011 July 20

Who's That Girl Behind Those Glasses?

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Mila as Terry. Mila as Terry.
Photo: Terry's Diary
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She's everywhere lately, so we barely blinked when we saw Friends With Benefits star Mila Kunis popping up on Terry's Diary. That's where all the cool kids hang out! Ms. Kunis gives us her best Terry Richardson impression during a break from shooting the August cover of GQ. It might not be the most dead-on, but we'll give this one extra points for its uber-sexiness.

2011 July 20

The Incredible Shrinking Boardman

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Francesco chats with his pal Mickey Boardman. Francesco chats with his pal Mickey Boardman.
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Francesco Clark follows up with Paper's Mickey Boardman to get more details on his shrinking waist line. 

"Has anyone else noticed that no one is chewing food this summer? I may be exaggerating, but the juice cleanse has taken over Manhattan—and not in a little way. Maybe it's the seasons body-con dressing is inspiring everyone to aspire to the best possible version of themselves. While many male and female friends have adopted the trend for a health-kick or weight-loss or whatever, my friend Mickey seems to have embraced it all as a life change. He has slowly and steadily lost more than 35 pounds. Here's how! 


Francesco: When I last saw you, I thought you were standing sideways! Are you on Dancing with the Stars or what?

Mickey: I am not, but I do a fabulous foxtrot! I actually started working out 7 or 8 years ago as part of a fitness makeover story. I'd never really exercised before that. I lost 25 pounds, and got in great shape, but it slowly creeped back up until I was much fatter than ever. I worked out here and there over the years, but since January, I've been reenergized. I have a new trainer—Matthew at Hanson Fitness—and I love his approach. He's an acrobat and a juggler, so he's more about flexibility and form as opposed to heavy lifting. I've also really been committed to Weight Watchers. I really followed the program and had great results. My leader Lenore is amazing. 


You're also vegan and you also do a lot of cleanses.

I'm a cruelty-free vegetarian, which means no meat, but I do eat eggs and cheese. I don't wear any animal products, either. I've also been off refined sugar for about 13 weeks, which makes me feel great. I only have natural sugars like fruit juice. I do eat french fries (with agave ketchup, yum!) and pizza. I love juice cleanses. The first one I did was BluePrint, and it was my favorite.


How has your weight loss impacted your personal style?
I'm not really changing what I wear, but I'm wearing fun things that didn't fit so well before. I did just buy three sparkly Dries van Noten sweaters and a pair of shorts from a new Japanese designer called Kolor. They're saggy-crotched sweatpants covered in gold embroidery. Basically, I'm wearing more sparkle. And I love wearing suits since they fit better. Buttoning the jacket is such a nice change! I just got two gorgeous new ones from Joseph Abboud and Michael Kors. 


Are you more energetic? Do you gnaw on cardboard?

It's nice to feel healthy. I never thought I'd be that person who feels great after exercise, but I do. I feel energized. Meanwhile, I'm 44 and I still weigh over 200 pounds. I don't leap out of bed ready to do a triathlon, but I feel much healthier. I do not gnaw on cardboard. Because of Weight Watchers, I can eat anything. It's just about the portion sizez and the points. I'm careful not to slip into the crazy dieting mentality where I end up eating way too little. I'm not on a diet—I'm building a healthier relationship with food.


What has been you favorite cleanse, and why? 

I've done three so far, and two of those were BluePrint's Foundation cleanses. The most recent one lasted 5 days. I love the juices, and I wasn't ever hungry. I need work on making a smooth transition back to eating, because the first thing I had was a toasted salt bagel with butter. I also did a 4-day cleanse from Juice Pres,  and that was rough. The citrus juice was way too spicy for me. Friends who've done tons of cleanses tell me that Juice Press is more hardcore. I'm happy with BluePrint. 

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