2011 July 22

A Moment With...Jared Eng

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It's Jared! It's Jared!
Billy Farrell
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He's the kinder, gentler and cuter Perez Hilton, but more importantly...he knows Hearst VIP Sergio Kletnoy! OMG! OMG! OMG! We chatted with Just Jared's Jared Eng at the Ali Forney benefit on Monday night to get grill him about J.Co's right hand man, and find out what's rocking his world these days.

How do you know our beloved Sergio?

I know Sergio through my friend Courtney. She does art work for a lot of (music) labels.  


What's he really like?

He's amazing! He's very opinionated. He loves Lady Gaga, as we all know. He's into street culture and clothes. He knows a lot of people.


When do you think he'll meet Madonna?

In this lifetime.


Do you work around the clock?

I do. I have a great team of people behind me, but I'm constantly checking stories, new photos. I try to get out to parties as much as I can. 


How many people work for you now?

About six. 


What are you obsessed with right now?

I'm not in love with Beyoncé's entire album, but I am obsessed with four of the songs. I love "Run The World," "Countdown," "End of Time" and "Schoolin' Life." Those are my four jams. 


What blogs do you read?

Recently, I was turned onto manrepeller




2011 July 22

Chic on the Street: Meet Steve!

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Meet Steve! Meet Steve!
Chic Cam
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It's never to hot to meet new friends! Chic recently ambused 24-year-old Steve Veigo from Old Bridge, NJ  for a fashion powwow.


What's your style motto? "I try to wear clothes that fit my body type. I’m very thin, so I try to shop at places that have jeans that fit me—that’s the hardest thing to find. So I go to H&M and the Levi’s Store. I don’t have a mantra."

What are you most looking forward to seeing in September? "The return of Parenthood."

Thoughts on Tom Ford showing at London Fashion Week? "If I had a lot of money I would certainly buy his suits, but I’m poor."

What's Harper Seven?  " Sounds like a screen name."

Any thoughts on what Kanye West's collection will look like? "Lots of aviator glasses."

2011 July 22

Giorgio Armani Reveals Autumn/Winter Campaign

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Sasha in Armani Sasha in Armani
Courtesy of Armani
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It's about a billion degrees in New York City, so this is as good of an opportunity as any to take a moment and think of our old pal winter. Remember him? Giorgio Armani has unveiled its Autumn/Winter ad campaign featuring Sasha Pivovarova and Diego Fragoso. The full campaign will be seen in September fashion books, so this preview will have to do. 'Twas shot by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott under the creative direction of Giorgio Armani himself. You likey? 

2011 July 21

The Boys Come Out For Charity

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Pandora Boxx Pandora Boxx
Billy Farrell Agency
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There are some things we know for sure: A mid-July heat wave would never keep a drag queen home. Thank goodness! Last night at the Bowery Hotel, RuPaul Drag Race's Pandora Boxx (ha!) hosted The Ali Forney Center's 2nd Annual Oasis event presented by Barclays Capital. The sold-out cocktail party helped raise funds to provide housing and services for homeless LGBT youth throughout New York City. Braving the heat on the terrace to raise over $117K for the kids were Hamish Bowles, Mickey Boardman, The Village People's Randy Jones, Robert Tagliapietra, Jeffrey Costello, Derek Warburton, Scott Currie, Mike Ruiz, Malon Breton, Matthew Marchak, Chris Constable, Next's Matt Trust, Just Jared's Jared Eng, Calvin Klein's Chase Underwood, Chic's very own BFF columnist Francesco Clark, and a gaggle of cute male mods from Major Models who sold raffle tickets for a trip to London sans shirt. Everyone just hated that. Examine our Gallery to see what you missed. 




2011 July 21

A Moment With...Melissa Odabash

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Melissa Odabash Melissa Odabash
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Melissa Odabash is one busy broad! Currently, she's debuting a 2nd anniversary bikini for W South Beach, formulating an organic self-tanning line, launching RTW in September, designing six jewelry lines, and creating an exclusive swim and beach collection for Net-a-Porter...whew! Chic checked in with the industrious designer at her W Miami hotel suite.

Tell us about your wildest Miami moment!
New Year’s Eve in Miami about ten years ago. I went to a rave in Delano. They had everything from transvestites giving you drinks from their boobs to naked men jumping on trampolines.

What’s your favorite hotel amenity?
The ‘Whatever, Whatever’ phone call. You can have whatever you want, whenever and however you want it. The minute I arrived, I gave them a whole list--50 hangers, shampoo, conditioner…It arrived within ten minutes.

What’s your take on nude beaches?
I see a naked man, and I get the giggles. Two years ago, I was shooting my catalogue on a beach in Italy. All the men were fluffing themselves to look bigger as you walked by. Gross me out! They’re all shriveled and bleh. Cover it up!

What’s the strangest part of your job?
My customers send me personal pictures all the time. For my first collection, I designed bottoms with beaded hips. One customer sent me a letter saying that when she was on her honeymoon, telling me the beads came off, and her suit fell on the beach. She sent a picture of her boyfriend sewing them back on as proof. That’s the year I stopped making beaded bottoms.

Was that your only swimsuit snafu?
No, I had to learn and change my designs along the way. In my first collection, I created a Wonderbra swimsuit with the wrong pads. When you got out of the pool, water would be dripping out of your boobs an hour later. 

2011 July 21

How to Win Friends and Influence People

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Nicola (left) with Gaga and Sebastian Peigne Nicola (left) with Gaga and Sebastian Peigne
Getty Images
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Fresh off of his "triumphant" comments insulting fat people, Nicola Formichetti would now like to piss off the senior citizen population in fashion. He's really on a roll! In an interview in the July issue of Elle Collection, he remarked: "I think old people should just be old and go away...It's not about being in the industry for ten years anymore: it's about good ideas." Do you know what a good idea would be, Nicola? Not making comments like that. That would be a good idea. 

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