2011 July 28

Santo Versace Has 5,000 Friends

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Santo Versace: Chic obsession Santo Versace: Chic obsession
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The most popular fashion icon on Facebook? Santo Versace, who, as of today, boasts the maximum 5,000 friends. Among them? Tom Florio, Amedeo Scognamiglio, our fearless leader Brandusa, and about 4,997 Italians we have never met, but would like to. We sort of love this guy.

2011 July 28

Chic on the Street: Meet Felix!

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Felix Pache Felix Pache
Sydney Sadick
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Chic camped out at Rockefeller Center yesterday for our latest man on the street tomfoolery. First willing aspirant? DR-born Felix Pache. How did the City Sights employee do?

What is Proenza Schouler?
I don’t know who that is.

What do you think of the September issues?
They’re good.

Who is Stella McCartney's dad?
I don’t know too much about fashion.

What season will debut at NYFW in September?
You mean fashion?  You will see women, shoes, and lots of green.

What's your style motto?                                                                            

2011 July 27

A Moment With...Kellan Lutz

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Kellan Lutz Kellan Lutz
Photo courtesy of DKNY
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Before a midsummer night’s downpour had towel-wrapped celebrities running for shelter on the rooftop of the Dream Downtown, the DKNY Sunglass soiree was in full swing. Chic ran into Kellan Lutz, noshing on lobster cob bites and black truffle risotto.  

Shirt or no shirt on set?
Well, contractually in every role that I do, I must be topless. Immortals is coming out soon, and a lot of us Greek gods are topless and in super sexy skirts! I also have a little topless shower scene in Syrup...

How do you stay so fit?
I love making up games when I'm travelling. I have a little airplane workout that doesn't involve any perspiration--it’s never fun sweating on a plane.  You can do a little something  a hundred times and actually feel like you’re working out. 
What's your favorite cool-down cocktail?
I down coconut water like it's no joke! And I love slurpees and strawberry banana shakes.   

You have a clothing line coming out. Give us the scoop!
It's called Abbot + Main. Comfy is the incentive. I live in Venice, and it's really important to have clothes that you can feel the breeze going through.  

What's your preferred style of sunnies?
I have a really small head, so a lot of the bigger sunglasses don’t fit me. I’m really picky, but I'm loving these DKNY shades!

2011 July 27

Things to Discuss: Proenza Schouler Fall 2011 Ads

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Proenza Schouler Fall/Winter 2011 Proenza Schouler Fall/Winter 2011
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Geometric shapes! Tribal textiles! Bursts of color! Fash shutterbug Willy Vanderperre shot Proenza Schouler's poppy F/W 2011 ads in the Big Apple with the help of fresh-faced Polish mod Zuzanna Bijoch. This fall, Jack and Lazaro will plug the campaign in the fall issues of Interview, LOVE, Purple, POP, Industrie, Self-Service, 10, The Journal, 032c and Garage. J'adoring...

2011 July 27

La Vie en Ruffian: Grey Listed

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Claude Morais and Brian Wolk pucker up! Claude Morais and Brian Wolk pucker up!
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Ruffians Brian Wolk and Claude Morais get deep and a bit philosophical with their latest Chic musings... 

A “grey area” is a term for an unclearly-defined border between two or more entities; a border that is hard to define or even impossible to define. The literal idea has been figuratively extended to serve as a metaphor in various domains of life, most recently in the critically acclaimed new website and Hamptons pop-up shop of Renaissance woman and creative directress Kyle DeWoody. Her goal along with Artlog.com founder, Manish Vora, is not the proletarianization of the art world, but simply to draw on the talents of great artists to create usable objects that wouldn’t necessarily fit into traditional gallery environments. Now that we have given you the art history thesis on this provocative new venture, let us digress and chat about how damn fun the opening weekend was.

From the moment we arrived at Skye West, the DeWoody’s Hamptons home, we knew we were in for an adventure. The excitement level was so high you could cut it with a John Gerrard knife. Every couch, corner and bed was spoken for by artists, helpers, friends and supporters. We integrated into the group, dropped our bags in our room and began to pitch in, stamping the signature Grey Area bags in prep for opening night the next day. Several cocktails and a few reams of shopping bags later, we turned in for the night after a few ghost stories and some late night swimming. The next morning, after the traditional Skye West breakfast of frittata, flagels (flattened bagels for you Southampton novices) and bacon, we headed to the hardware shop and our favorite dry goods store Hildreth’s to pick up some odds and ends with Kyle and set designer/performance artist Anne Koch. After dropping the kids off at the Grey Area space, we headed back for a quick swim and a change.

After rounding up the group that was back at the house, we headed to the Old Stone Boys Club, a luxury vintage car space on Montauk Highway (the main artery that runs through the Hamptons) in Water Mill, where the Grey Area pop-up shop is located. The transformation of the space was extraordinary. The champagne was flowing and items were being snatched up left and right. Whether it was the Ed Ruscha and Elizabeth Peyton beach towels, Michele Lopez’s band-aid rings or Ruffian’s own Claude Morais’ hand-painted napkins and tablecloths, the accessibility and excitement transcended generations of discerning Hamptons shoppers. That evening, we all headed back to the house for a post-opening celebration. Carlton DeWoody ordered pizzas and we developed a new summer cocktail. (Vodka, fresh squeezed lime, honey, grapefruit juice and a splash of soda water.)

While many of us slept in the next morning, Kyle and her hard-working crew headed back to the shop to prepare for the biggest day to come.  DJ Patrick Matamoros spun the day away with artists Paul Outlaw and Jennifer Catron cooking po’boys in their installation, “FISH FRY TRUCK." Other artist guest stars and friends included Chris Dorland and Erin Knutson, the dandy Maynard Monrow, the swarthy Phillip Estlund and the charming brothers Crouse (William and Philip). As the sun set into the warm evening, we bid adieu to this glorious weekend.  A smaller crowd assembled at casa DeWoody and toasts were made to the extraordinary achievements of Kyle’s team and the spirit of artistic collaboration.

For those of you who might have missed the opening weekend’s excitement, you still have a chance to participate in Grey Area. The pop-up shop is open everyday from 11am to 7pm though July 31 at 938 Montauk Highway (Old Stone Boys Club). Also check out the website where many of the items are available as well. Don’t miss out!

Your Ruffians,
Brian and Claude

2011 July 27

Mommy and Me with Stacey Bendet: NYC Fun 'n' the Sun

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Stacey Bendet Stacey Bendet
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Chic columnist Stacey Bendet of Alice + Olivia gives us the low-down on her favorite kid-friendly activities in NYC for moms and dads who are allergic to the LIE and Rt 27.

It's my downtown heat hideaway of choice. Make amazing collages, dinosaur shadow boxes, sock puppets...it's a creative kid's dream (and mine!). Dance in the glow-in-the-dark room at your own risk--it's televised in the cafe.

Scavenger Hunt with Polaroids
OK, I totally stole this idea from Jason Reitman, who probably has way better Polaroids than I do, but this is still fun for amateurs. Make a list of anything: police cars, ice cream sundaes, statues and street signs. The goal? You and your mini-me have to run around and snap shots throughout the day for a collage.

Dress Up and Dance
Sun-phobic? Make a mix of your favorite 80s tunes and shake those booties in the privacy of your own air-conditioned home.

Sundaes and Cones
The best cool off treat! Eloise and I like old school vanilla with rainbow sprinkles.

Manis and Pedis
Dads can join too! We love Ada Nails or the Sweet Lily Spa, which are both down in Tribeca.

Vintage Shopping
Your little one can become a princess, a cowboy, or even Marilyn Monroe while you find some of your own treasures. Frock and Resurrection in Nolita is a gem.

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