2011 August 3

Douglas Hannant Unveils Pink Collection

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Douglas Hannant, Models Douglas Hannant, Models
LEANDRO JUSTEN/PatrickMcMullan.com
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When couturier Douglas Hannant decided to preview his “Pink” collection, CO-OP Food & Drink at The Hotel On Rivington became the swanky downtown target as dozens of devotees flocked to the destination to see a glimpse of his new line. Chic grabbed a sit-down with the prez of the company, Frederick Anderson, to talk shop.

Tell us all about Pink.
It’s our first licensed brand for clothing outside of the brand. We’ve done fragrances and other things, but this is our first entrance into the contemporary market. We wanted to have a full collection, which Douglas is overseeing even though there’s a new design staff. We're doing a separate launch during New York Fashion Week. 

You’ve been busy.
We’re showing 150 pieces right now, so it’s a big launch. We’re showing January, February and March deliveries. The runway show will be the final delivery for Spring with 50 new pieces.  It’ll be the excitement to cap it off.

Why cater to a younger client now?
What is youth all about now? It’s an attitude. It doesn’t matter how old you are, whether you’re 20 years old or 50, everyone wants to look young. I’m 40, I think I’m 20!

How is the Pink girl different from the DH girl we're used to?
Our couture girl is always preparing. She dresses head-to-toe for an event. The “Pink” girl just wants to throw it on--it’s part of her life. 

What about the boys? Any “Blue” collection?
Coming soon, hopefully. We have a surprise next February—we'll be announcing another license. Not clothing yet, but we have some other stuff down the pike.  

2011 August 2

Twitter Report

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Michael Carl Michael Carl
Patrick McMullan
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Michael Carl (@carlscrush): Dear beauty girls, just saw a cute girl wearing flats, shorts and a scrunchie and I thought of you, see, told you i wouldn't forget about u

Andy Cohen (@BravoAndy): Excited to be co-hosting #MissUniverse Pageant from Sao Paolo Brazil on NBC Sept 12 w/ @nmoralesnbc #buyingaspeedo

Lindsay L. Miller (@lindsaymiller): Ryan Reynolds told me he enjoys "fracturing the souls of children" tonight. It made sense in the moment.

Coco Rocha (@cocorocha): And can we talk about the over-use of "supermodel"!? 1) If you didnt work in the 90's, no way - 2) The title is to be given, not claimed.

DKNY PR GIRL (@dkny): Overheard in the PR office: "Has anyone been watching shark week?" (umm that would be a no....)

Nicole Richie (@nicolerichie): Ugh, girls, don't you wish your real-life face was as good as your mirror face?

Tabitha Simmons (@tabithasimmons): I am in love with kmart!

Sheena Smith (@TeenVogueSheena): My beauty products are conspiring against me! Used the last of my foundation, shampoo, body oil & shaving cream today #whitegirlproblems

Joe Zee (@mrjoezee): Best movie I saw this weekend: Crazy Stupid Hot starring Ryan Gosling. Gives Dirty Dancing a whole new meaning. Seriously.  

Brad Goreski (@mrbradgoreski): @abigailspencer we are kindred spirits much like anne of green gables and dianna barry. ya dig?

Marc B (@TOMFORDISMYDAD): Trying to come up with an inspiring quote. So far - Life is like Naomi Campbell's assistant, no matter what is thrown your way, stay strong.

Derek Blasberg (@derekblasberg): If one more beauty publicist emails me a press release about Kim Kardashian's Psoriasis I will drown myself in a bucket of Cortisone cream.

OscarPRGirl (@OscarPRGirl): though I generally prefer editing to collecting, I have recently taken to collecting vintage liquor decanters & I'm so in love with them

Lauren Santo Domingo (@TheLSD): Explaining to an elegant lady that those "ghastly evening gowns" are in fact, 'maxi dresses' and are meant to be worn during the day...

2011 August 2

Sweet as Honey

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Louis Vuitton Belle Jardinière Louis Vuitton Belle Jardinière
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What's the buzz about Belle Jardinière? Hint: It's not the Raphael hanging in the Louvre. It's all about the sweet work of art by Louis Vuitton. Leave it to the luxe brand to install three hives on the roof of its Parisian headquarters two years ago. The result? 200,000 bees and the Miel de la Belle Jardinière. But! Don't swarm to stores just yet. The honey concoction is reserved for friends and family only. Quelle honte!

2011 August 2

Look of The Daily: Leslie Mann in Marchesa

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Leslie Mann Leslie Mann
Patrick McMullan
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While Leslie Mann’s comedies leave audiences rolling, last night’s look was no joking matter. The 39-year old actress chose a cap-sleeved Marchesa cocktail dress with gold embellishments for the premiere of her latest film, The Change-Up, at the Regency Village Theatre in Los Angeles. 

2011 August 2

Shot of The Daily: Love Machine

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Liza Minnelli Liza Minnelli
Love Issue 6
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Love is in the air--and on the newsstands with Lara Stone on the August Issue 6 cover. Inside the glossy, bad boy shutterbug Terry Richardson snaps a 65-year-old Liza Minnelli voguing in black leather. Divine decadence, darling. Two thumbs up? Discuss!

2011 August 2

Catching up with Coco

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Coco Rocha Coco Rocha
Eric Cheng
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Chic confession: We stalk Oh So Coco on the regular. Who doesn't? While perusing Coco Rocha's posts, we couldn't help but notice her latest obsession with the new tech-tastic LYTRO cam. We tracked down our favorite Canadian mod for a one-on-one to get the scoop. 

What's new?
I’m working on my green card, so I can’t leave the states. I just get to enjoy the summer here and relax.

What sparked your LYTRO camera collab?
It was all James--he's obsessed with technology. He saw a post on Tumblr about a new camera coming out called LYTRO and thought it sounded weird. When I came home, he showed me all of these test pictures that you didn't have to focus until after the shot. It's kind of insane to think this could be the way of the future. 

What's the deal with this focus feature?
When you work on a photo shoot, you usually have to find the detailed spot, which has to be in focus. Sometimes I jump in the air on shoots, but if you’re not in focus you have to do it again and again...and again. This camera finds every piece of light, memorizes it, and stores it. That way, you can choose what you want in focus, whether that be the background or foreground. I love taking photos with it.

Is photography your new side career?
I do like the idea of it, but I’m more into artsy videos, which is what I get excited about. Music also excites me; when I shoot, I have music. It’s the performance piece that I enjoy.

How many cameras do you own?
We have one really good one and two just for fun, so we don’t care if they get broken at a party. 

Who are your favorite photographers?
I always have to thank Steven Meisel for launching my career. He can decide whether a model makes it or not. He has a wall that’s an entire mirror and lets the models look at themselves to see what the photographer’s seeing. He’s one-of-a-kind.

Are you tech-savvy?
I would say so. I’ve always been obsessed with technology. If you asked me if I'd rather buy a new purse or a new iPad, I’d pick the iPad every time. I get tired of shopping for clothes, but I’ll never get tired of shopping at an electronics store.

Have you tried Google Plus yet?
I have an account, but I’m not super impressed. If that was the first thing that came out, we might’ve been in a different road. Because Facebook is doing so well, it’s hard to switch to something like Google that no one has really experienced yet. I don’t know if it will really take off.

Favorite apps?
uPad is amazing! I can download anything that I'm studying or would like to write notes on. And I love Instagram!

What’s your favorite summer movie?
I really want to see Cowboys & Aliens.

What are you reading right now?
Pride and Prejudice, the sequel. 

Are you going to walk in NYFW this September?
Every season, I say it's my last season. This would be my 14th Fashion Week. I might do some shows if someone asks. I can say no to a few designers and still have the chance to work with the people I really like working with.

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