2011 August 3

Chic Checks Out: Alexander Wang's Sample Sale

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Pardon the awkward angle, Chic's hands were full... Pardon the awkward angle, Chic's hands were full...
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If you haven't taken lunch yet, or even if you have, scurry over to the semiannual Alexander Wang sample sale at 97 Greene Street, between Prince and Spring Streets, where the doors were just flung open to the public mere minutes ago. Luckily for our closets and unluckily for our bank accounts, Chic popped in during the VIP preview hours this morning...for entirely professional research purposes, of course! The good news: stock will be replenished daily and there's oodles of merch across the price spectrum, starting at $35 for practically all of the tanks and tees stuffed in a tableful of cardboard boxes, available in shades of moss, charcoal, white, and a bevy of flesh tones. Viva la neutrals! In the neighborhood of $60 to $260, Spring '11 RTW can be yours, with most pieces (including lots of blazers) hovering around $160-$180. Ditto for Resort '11. Downstairs in the accessories realm, Chic perused the Brenda chain bag in a couple colors, discounted from $725 to $250, though no Rocco duffles were on the premises, in case you were wondering. Also on the accessories front, shoes marked around $275. Black T by Alexander Wang pencil skirts in a couple zipper-strewn iterations, ballparked around $100 a piece, will satiate the business casual chicettes out there, while mint green cropped harem pants and copper-streaked distressed denim offer something a tad wilder.  And in case you're shopping around for editrix-approved togs, rest assured that most of Marie Claire, and more than a couple Voguettes left with armfuls of marked-down merch. One thing's for sure: Chic felt quite accomplished (and slightly lightheaded) before 9 a.m. Bring cash if your budget is less than $200, though that'll be hard to adhere to unless you stick solely to cotton underpinnings. 

2011 August 3

Getting To Know You...Benjamin Taverniti

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Ben Taverniti Ben Taverniti
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What teenage heartthrob recently inspired Hudson Jeans creative director Benjamin Taverniti? The answer is revealed in our silly questionnaire.  


Nickname: Ben

Birthplace: Toulouse, France

Current abode: Beverly Hills, California


Hours you sleep: "Not as much as I would like."

Street of choice: "The Place des Vosges, in Paris."
Number: "Zero."
Word: "F$&@!"
Motto:  "Don't ever take 'no' for an answer. Ever!"
Entrée: "A 'black and blue' steak."
What was the last movie you saw? "Justin Bieber's Never Say Never. I can't believe I am actually saying that.. Beyond inspiring, though!"

Thumbs up or down? "Two thumbs, way up."
Rap Song: "It's All About the Benjamins, of course."
Tool: "Pen and paper."
Favorite Tweeter: @bentaverniti

How do you like your coffee? "Black espresso, only."
Detergent: "Ask my wife."
Exercise: "Bench press."
Toothpaste: "See 'Detergent'."
Greatest expenditure: "Cars, cars, cars..... And watches."

Illicit crush: "Do you want me to get a divorce?"

Where do you summer? "Wherever I am."
Monthly drying cleaning bill: "I really think you should be interviewing my wife."
Taxi or subway? "Driver."

2011 August 3

Terry on Terry

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Is Times Square next? Is Times Square next?
Photo: Terry's Diary
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Terry Richardson's glorious shots of Liza Minnelli made the rounds yesterday, but it's not a week if we don't check in on the man himself to see who he's canoodling with. This week on Terry's Diary, he outdoes himself with an impression of...himself! OMG! Why did we stop keeping a gratitude journal? Our tireless photog poses in front of a billboard to promote Moscot's line of limited-edition glasses inspired by...guess who! Until next week...

2011 August 3

Lookalike of The Daily: Summer Profile Edition

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Natalie Portman, Lea Michele Natalie Portman, Lea Michele
Getty Images/Harper's Bazaar
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Is it the almond-shaped eyes? The well-placed mole? The impossibly high cheekbones? This month, Glee's Lea Michele graces the cover of Harper's Bazaar looking like the spitting image of her tapis rouge doppelganger, Natalie Portman

2011 August 3

Juror 2453 is Outraged!

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Courtesy of Marie Claire
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Sarah Jessica Parker takes on Page Six in the September issue of Marie Claire, which hits stands on August 16th. A few months ago they printed an item claiming that she complained about being called for jury duty and she was none too happy about that. "For Page Six to be so cavalier - I was outraged by the character assassination! I have served so many times, I was asked to come speak at Jury Appreciation Day." SJP is president of jury duty. She invented jury duty. She eats jury duty for dinner. Got it? 

2011 August 3

Douglas Hannant Unveils Pink Collection

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Douglas Hannant, Models Douglas Hannant, Models
LEANDRO JUSTEN/PatrickMcMullan.com
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When couturier Douglas Hannant decided to preview his “Pink” collection, CO-OP Food & Drink at The Hotel On Rivington became the swanky downtown target as dozens of devotees flocked to the destination to see a glimpse of his new line. Chic grabbed a sit-down with the prez of the company, Frederick Anderson, to talk shop.

Tell us all about Pink.
It’s our first licensed brand for clothing outside of the brand. We’ve done fragrances and other things, but this is our first entrance into the contemporary market. We wanted to have a full collection, which Douglas is overseeing even though there’s a new design staff. We're doing a separate launch during New York Fashion Week. 

You’ve been busy.
We’re showing 150 pieces right now, so it’s a big launch. We’re showing January, February and March deliveries. The runway show will be the final delivery for Spring with 50 new pieces.  It’ll be the excitement to cap it off.

Why cater to a younger client now?
What is youth all about now? It’s an attitude. It doesn’t matter how old you are, whether you’re 20 years old or 50, everyone wants to look young. I’m 40, I think I’m 20!

How is the Pink girl different from the DH girl we're used to?
Our couture girl is always preparing. She dresses head-to-toe for an event. The “Pink” girl just wants to throw it on--it’s part of her life. 

What about the boys? Any “Blue” collection?
Coming soon, hopefully. We have a surprise next February—we'll be announcing another license. Not clothing yet, but we have some other stuff down the pike.  

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