2011 August 2

Sweet as Honey

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Louis Vuitton Belle Jardinière Louis Vuitton Belle Jardinière
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What's the buzz about Belle Jardinière? Hint: It's not the Raphael hanging in the Louvre. It's all about the sweet work of art by Louis Vuitton. Leave it to the luxe brand to install three hives on the roof of its Parisian headquarters two years ago. The result? 200,000 bees and the Miel de la Belle Jardinière. But! Don't swarm to stores just yet. The honey concoction is reserved for friends and family only. Quelle honte!

2011 August 2

Look of The Daily: Leslie Mann in Marchesa

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Leslie Mann Leslie Mann
Patrick McMullan
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While Leslie Mann’s comedies leave audiences rolling, last night’s look was no joking matter. The 39-year old actress chose a cap-sleeved Marchesa cocktail dress with gold embellishments for the premiere of her latest film, The Change-Up, at the Regency Village Theatre in Los Angeles. 

2011 August 2

Shot of The Daily: Love Machine

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Liza Minnelli Liza Minnelli
Love Issue 6
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Love is in the air--and on the newsstands with Lara Stone on the August Issue 6 cover. Inside the glossy, bad boy shutterbug Terry Richardson snaps a 65-year-old Liza Minnelli voguing in black leather. Divine decadence, darling. Two thumbs up? Discuss!

2011 August 2

Catching up with Coco

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Coco Rocha Coco Rocha
Eric Cheng
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Chic confession: We stalk Oh So Coco on the regular. Who doesn't? While perusing Coco Rocha's posts, we couldn't help but notice her latest obsession with the new tech-tastic LYTRO cam. We tracked down our favorite Canadian mod for a one-on-one to get the scoop. 

What's new?
I’m working on my green card, so I can’t leave the states. I just get to enjoy the summer here and relax.

What sparked your LYTRO camera collab?
It was all James--he's obsessed with technology. He saw a post on Tumblr about a new camera coming out called LYTRO and thought it sounded weird. When I came home, he showed me all of these test pictures that you didn't have to focus until after the shot. It's kind of insane to think this could be the way of the future. 

What's the deal with this focus feature?
When you work on a photo shoot, you usually have to find the detailed spot, which has to be in focus. Sometimes I jump in the air on shoots, but if you’re not in focus you have to do it again and again...and again. This camera finds every piece of light, memorizes it, and stores it. That way, you can choose what you want in focus, whether that be the background or foreground. I love taking photos with it.

Is photography your new side career?
I do like the idea of it, but I’m more into artsy videos, which is what I get excited about. Music also excites me; when I shoot, I have music. It’s the performance piece that I enjoy.

How many cameras do you own?
We have one really good one and two just for fun, so we don’t care if they get broken at a party. 

Who are your favorite photographers?
I always have to thank Steven Meisel for launching my career. He can decide whether a model makes it or not. He has a wall that’s an entire mirror and lets the models look at themselves to see what the photographer’s seeing. He’s one-of-a-kind.

Are you tech-savvy?
I would say so. I’ve always been obsessed with technology. If you asked me if I'd rather buy a new purse or a new iPad, I’d pick the iPad every time. I get tired of shopping for clothes, but I’ll never get tired of shopping at an electronics store.

Have you tried Google Plus yet?
I have an account, but I’m not super impressed. If that was the first thing that came out, we might’ve been in a different road. Because Facebook is doing so well, it’s hard to switch to something like Google that no one has really experienced yet. I don’t know if it will really take off.

Favorite apps?
uPad is amazing! I can download anything that I'm studying or would like to write notes on. And I love Instagram!

What’s your favorite summer movie?
I really want to see Cowboys & Aliens.

What are you reading right now?
Pride and Prejudice, the sequel. 

Are you going to walk in NYFW this September?
Every season, I say it's my last season. This would be my 14th Fashion Week. I might do some shows if someone asks. I can say no to a few designers and still have the chance to work with the people I really like working with.

2011 August 1

Designer to Watch: Lola Haze's Laura Mehlinger

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Laura Mehlinger Laura Mehlinger
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Apres a stint at Gap, Brooklyn designer Laura Mehlinger put her Harvard degree to good use--by creating a sultry line of lingerie and loungewear named after Nabokov's famous temptress, Dolores "Lolita" Haze. Chic buzzed the BK créateur to get the skinny! And don't miss our Gallery of Lola Haze's sophisticated skivvies for the fully scintillating scoop...

How did Lola Haze come about?
I’ve been in love with lingerie since before you’re really supposed to know what lingerie is. I learned to sew from my mom while I was growing up, and I made some of my own clothes. I started collecting vintage lingerie—and sewing my own—when I was in high school. Then, I went to Harvard and studied English. My favorite book was Lolita; that’s what I wrote my thesis about and, of course, I have no idea what the thesis was about anymore. But that gave me the name for Lola Haze, which I started in 2008.

What's the Lola Haze aesthetic?
Lola Haze has always been very playful. It’s for women who want to have fun with what there wearing and really dress for themselves. In previous seasons, I had some brightly-colored rock star pieces. I even had psychedelic multicolored leggings once.

How did your high school lingerie creations turn out?
It was embarrassing in retrospect, but I designed mostly lace-y granny panties. I literally made them and gave them to my grandmother as gifts. 

What did your Harvard peers think of your passion for lingerie design?
Harvard is not a very fashion-forward place, so I decided to put on a fashion show when I was a senior there--not for credit but just for fun because I loved it so much. I basically had to create this fashion show with no mentors, no guidance and no precedent. It was a 40-piece collection, and I hired models. I had a whole stage crew! 

When you were in college, what did you think you'd be doing when you graduated?
Possibly writing somehow, which is maybe the only job more impossible than being a fashion designer. I really wanted to be in fashion--it's always been my vocation.

Are there any unique challenges to producing in the Garment District?
The interesting thing is my family actually used to be in the garment business in the Lower East Side back during tenement time. I actually have a pair of these enormous cutting shears that I think were my great-great grandfathers. It feels kind of full circle and authentic to me to be doing this in New York.

Do you use those shears while crafting Lola Haze?
No...They’re more for inspiration purposes. I don’t know how well-oiled they are.

What else do you use as inspiration?
One of my collections was based on the paintings of Morris Lewis and Prince's concert lighting. So I happened to be looking at all these videos, which are really hard to find, of Prince concerts and there’s something about that beautiful cheesy, 80s, luminescent stage lighting with the fog combined with mid-century fine art that inspired one of my collections called Color Field. 

What is your favorite garment of lingerie?
Definitely teddies. I also like body suits.

How about your least favorite?
I really don’t like to wear shape wear. I know it’s important; I know it looks better. I’ve tried it, and I just can’t. It tends to pull in the wrong places for me.

Anything you’d like to get into designing beyond lingerie?
Lingerie is my first choice, but I've always loved womenswear in general, so whether that’s going to be accessories or sportswear I’m not totally sure yet.

Are there any other places you’d love to see your line sold?
I'm starting e-commerce soon, and I'm starting to expand internationally so I’m now sold in the U.K. and Canada. 

2011 August 1

Look of The Daily: June Ambrose in H&M

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June Ambrose June Ambrose
Getty Images
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Watermill was teeming with Hamptonite aristocracy this weekend as the haute monde gathered for Super Saturday 14. The uniform du jour? Maxis and more maxis! June Ambrose nabs our Look of The Daily for her summery high 'n' low mix: an earthy H&M maxi dress, Chris Benz beaded necklace, Marc Jacobs chapeau, and neon Balenciaga weekender. Parfait!

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