2011 November 3

Look of The Daily: Kerry Washington in Ralph Lauren

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Kerry Washington Kerry Washington
Patrick McMullan
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Kerry Washington scored the golden ticket last night at the American Museum of Natural History, where she attended the L'Oreal Paris Legends Gala in a bronzed, bias-cut Ralph Lauren Collection gown. The charitable benefit was hosted by Golden Globe-winning actress, and L'Oreal Paris spokeswoman, Julianna Margulies, to raise funds for Ovarian Cancer Research.

2011 November 3

Who's Earning Their Wings Next Week?

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Karlie Kloss can handle an inflatable zebra; can she tackle Angel wings? Obvi! Karlie Kloss can handle an inflatable zebra; can she tackle Angel wings? Obvi!
Patrick McMullan
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More Victoria's Secret dish has been served, and Chic knows you're hanging on every glitter-dusted, décollatage-framed word just as much as we are! The latest? Karlie Kloss is graduating to winged-woman status at the tender age of 19. Mazel tov, darling! Who won't be strutting this time around? Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, who made her VS show debut five years ago, gabbed with InStyle about sitting out this round of Angel antics since she'll be "working." Hmm...Any guesses on the latest line of (cinematic, perhaps?) work? Leave 'em in the comments! 

2011 November 3

Coco Rocha on Oprah, Kim Kardashian, and Baseball!

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Anja Rubik, Alexa Chung, Coco Rocha Anja Rubik, Alexa Chung, Coco Rocha
Billy Farrell Agency
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Coco Rocha was spotted partying it up on the third floor of Saks Tuesday night with Carol Smith, Glenda Bailey, Peter Dundas, Tennessee Thomas, Anja Rubik, Fern Mallis, and emcee Alexa Chung. As mods glided around the room in their finest Pucci, Chic gabbed with Rocha and her hubbie, James Conran.

What was your favorite Pucci moment?
CR: When Matthew Williamson designed for Pucci, I had a chance to go to The Met Ball with him wearing a Pucci gown. Anja was my date at the time. We were so nervous. It was only my second Met Ball. 

Have you gained any insightful Met Ball wisdom over the years?
CR: Sometimes you wave while you're there and realize after that you don't know Regis and Kelly; you just watch them on TV. It's not the time to wave at them hysterically. Or you see Oprah and think you're friends, but you're not. I've learned since then. 
JC: She was so disappointed! She loves Oprah. Last year when Oprah hosted, we were walking up the carpet and right as she was about to shake Oprah's hand, Oprah left to go to the bathroom. She never got to shake her hand. 

Do you watch OWN?
We don't have it, but my mom does. I watched it the entire time I was home. At that point, there was only Rosie's show. There wasn't much going on. I can't wait to watch Fergie's new show though.
JC: We'll have to call Time Warner and see what we can do. 

Change of pace! We know you two have a great sense of humor so let's talk world events. Who won The World Series?
What is The World Series?
JC: Baseball.  

Who do you think should win X-Factor?
She liked the homeless guy, but he's gone now.
CR: I know! I was, like, whhhaat? He was all in rags. Then, there's that woman who used to be a backup singer for Tina Turner. That's not fair. She lied! I don't know if I like her now.

What do you think of the NBA lock-out?
It doesn't affect our lives whatsoever.
CR: I didn't know it was dark outside.
JC: No, lockout. Not blackout. 
CR: It means we have new male models...
JC: And Kris Humphries can go through his divorce in peace.

What do you think of Kris and Kim's divorce?
I'm lost by the whole 72 days.
JC: We take our marriage very seriously. I can't imagine only giving it two months and quitting.

What's the movie Puss & Boots about?
It's the spin-off of Shrek I, II, and III.
JC: That's her kind of question! 

2011 November 2

Tom Ford Fan Meets Her 'Idol,' Spots Carolina Herrera While Waiting

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Sara Beth: make-up artist, "blowout specialist," Tom Ford idolizer Sara Beth: make-up artist, "blowout specialist," Tom Ford idolizer
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After seeing her wander back and forth, skirting the edges of the Tom Ford signage line just as many times as Chic, clutching her camera and squinting towards Tom, we had a hunch there was a true Ford fan in the vicinity. Turns out Sara Beth is a New Jersey-based make-up artist and "blowout specialist," according to her website, who scuttled over to Bergdorf's two hours before the 5 to 6 p.m. signing for some face time with le Ford. That allowed for a bit of shopping around BG--and an additional designer sighting! Chic chatted up Sara Beth in the BG bathroom--and almost got convinced to hop back on line, for the allure of more signed goodies, in the process...

How’d you end up here?
I got an invitation from Bergdorfs, and I was so excited! I called to see if you had to buy anything in advance, and they said no, so I just bought a bunch of stuff when I got here. I arrived around two hours early, but I did some damage.

Damage on BG’s beauty floor? 
No, no…on a bunch of floors! I didn’t just stay down here. That’s what happens when you’re at Bergdorfs...

What did you find on your Bergdorf trawl? 
I actually saw Carolina Herrera upstairs in the shoe salon. She’s magnificent. She walked past me, and I just gasped. 

Did you say anything to her?
Oh, no. She looked too serious. I think she was shopping. I heard her say that she was off to buy a coat. I was totally stalking her.

What a chic sighting! So what happened when you headed back downstairs? 
I went to the makeshift Tom Ford counter downstairs and bought a ton of products. Then I got on the line half an hour before, and I was fourth in line, which was great! I got to meet him quickly, and he was so friendly and, like, nice. I had him sign But now that I think about it…I really wish I’d had him sign a lipstick. He's signing the lipsticks on both sides! Maybe I should go back. We should totally go back. Come on, we’re continuing this conversation on line! 

Let’s stay put in the bathroom…Is he what you expected in the flesh? 
Yes. He’s amazing. I asked him to take a picture with me, even though I knew that wasn’t allowed, and he started laughing. It was really cool. It was definitely quick, but it was definitely worth it. 

Were you nervous at all?
I was more excited than nervous. He’s been an idol of mine for years, since he did Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent.

How did you dress for the occasion? 
I’m actually wearing a Yves Saint Laurent blazer designed by Tom Ford, and the boots, too. It’s not his new collection, but it’s something, right? 

2011 November 2

A Moment With...Candice Swanepoel

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Candice (left) and Erin at Victoria's Secret Candice (left) and Erin at Victoria's Secret
Getty Images
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We caught up with sweet angel Candice Swanepoel at the Gramercy Hotel last night celebrating the launch of the Victoria's Secret Angel fragrance and the all-new Dreams Angels bra collections. Next week she (and her wings) return to the runway in the epic VS show at the Armory airing on CBS on November 29th. Let's see how she's feeling...

How many years have you been walking in the show?
Since 2006. 

Still fun?
I still get super nervous. Alessandra (Ambrosio) and Adriana Lima have been doing it for years, and they do, too. It's the biggest show in the world! You're in your lingerie, you know everybody's gonna see you. It's one of the best jobs of the year. We get to feel like a superstar for a night, and enjoy everything we've worked for throughout the year, because we work so hard.

Who are the other angels who you're close with?
Erin (Heatherton) is one of my best friends. I'm also close with Rosie (Huntington-Whitely) and Lily Aldridge. We're all pretty close and supportive of each other.

You guys do a lot of interviews on the day of the show. Any backstage questions from the press that stick out?
Not really. It's such a crazy and surreal day that you don't remember anything. What just happened to me? 

Are you friends with Erin's dog Eddie?
Oh, yes. 

What's Eddie really like?
He's a naughty little boy! I also have a Jack Russell named Luna, and I used to bring him to play. They'd run around like crazy.

Why is your dog named Luna?
Luna is moon in Spanish or Portuguese, and my boyfriend is Brazilian. Luna is our child. 

2011 November 2

Get Carter

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Graydon Carter Graydon Carter
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If you've always wanted Graydon Carter in your home, your lucky day has arrived. The Vanity Fair EIC's portrait by Bradley Livingstone Black will be up for bid in a silent auction tonight (minimum bid is $5000/value $15,000) at the Bosi Damjanovic Gallery at 48 Orchard Street (RSVP@LLRConsulting.com) from 6-9 p.m. Additional subjects up for grabs include portraits of Christian Cota, Rogan CEO Scott Hahn, James Frey, Jonathan Franzen, and Hannah Bronfman. If you can't make it tonight, the exhibition runs until November 16th. 





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