2012 February 3

Correspondence We Actually Received: Brecht's Maximiliano Courage

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Max and his scar. Max and his scar.
Courtesy: Adam Brecht
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When the subject of an e-mail is "You May Appreciate," we're intrigued! When it's coming from Creed's VP of Communications Adam Brecht, we appreciate! File under: RANDOM! 

Dear Chic,
I was feeling rather bummed about a big abdominal scar I acquired as a result of emergency surgery in October.  But then my CREED polo teammate (and Argentina-born, LA-based Telemundo actor) Maximiliano Palacio sent me the attached shot showing a scar can be...rakish.  It really does give hope.  Max said to me, "Scars on people are like stripes on tigers."
Lucky to have friends like that!



2012 February 3

Sergio Says! Weekly Musings from Marie Claire (and Beyond...)

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Taylor Tomasi-Hill: Team Moda Operandi (with Danielle Prescod) + team MC (avec Sergio, duh) Taylor Tomasi-Hill: Team Moda Operandi (with Danielle Prescod) + team MC (avec Sergio, duh)
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Quick takeaways from Sergio's latest adventures: There's a new musically-inclined Brit on the block worth Sergio's, and your, listening pleasure (shocker!), he perpetually keeps cool company (this week? Bieber's publicist; Taylor Tomasi-Hill, Moda Operandi edition), and JoCo's awesome assistant's desk looks just like Chic's right now (except perhaps a bit cleaner)...

Most people have lunch during their lunch hour. I am not one of those people. When a publicist from Atlantic Records calls to invite you to an exclusive acoustic performance by the hottest new British performer, Ed Sheeran, at the Atlantic Records offices, you don’t walk, you run. After her trip to Australia last year, my BFF Courtney came back raving about Ed, who was huge Down Under at the time. Being the total music snob, I ignored her—this is a grown woman, after all, who cried at a screening of Uptown Girls. But boy am I glad I finally got around to listening to Sheeran’s debut album, “Plus.” Ed is a 20-year-old ginger who looks a lot like Rupert Grint from Harry Potter (P.S. Rupert just happens to appear in his second video, "Lego House"!). His music is spine-tingling—take one part Damien Rice, one part Jason Mraz, put them in a blender, add a pinch of red hair and voila, a star is born! I know I rave about lots of new artists and I always call them “one of my faves” and “must-hear." You know what? I’m never—what’s the word, oh yeah—wrong.

My desk looks like a scene straight out of Twister (the movie). You’d think that Hurricane Fashion Week had already come and gone, but it’s still a week away. There are already hundreds of New York Fashion Week invitations piled up on my desk, let alone the ones for London, Milan and Paris that I haven’t even opened yet. There are also piles of flight itineraries for THE BOSS’ trip to Europe, a huge bowl of snacks from Skinny Cow (must be a cruel joke from someone who hates me), CD’s, Oscar screeners, magazines, and junk food. If one more person asks me if I am excited for Fashion Week I will lose it! That’s all.

This morning before heading off to work, I finally got the chance to watch The Artist, and you know what? Uggie, the Jack Russell terrier, has been robbed. He appears in Mr. Fix It (opposite the incomparable David Boreanaz), Water For Elephants, and now the Oscar-nominated The Artist. He should have totally gotten a Best Supporting Actor nod, as he literally steals every scene he appears in! Totally made me want to get a dog and have someone to cuddle with on these cold nights, wink wink (email skletnoy@lookingforlove.com for more information!). For lunch I met up with my friend, Melissa Victor, the always stylish, way too cool for school and super hot publicist to the biggest teen heart throb on the planet, Justin Bieber. We ate way too much at East, the under-the-radar midtown sushi spot, while catching up on weekly goss and planning our trip to Italy this summer. All that was missing? A Bloody Mary! Also, I ran into Elaine Stritch on my way home. I so wanted to run up to her and kick her in the shins for being so mean to Alec Baldwin, playing his mom on 30 Rock. But then the meds kicked in, and I remembered...it’s only a show.

Dinner at Jeffrey’s Grocery in the West Village with my fave redhead ever, Taylor Tomasi-Hill, and her Moda Operandi sidekick, Danielle Prescod. I stuffed my face with the most delish flank steak and ricotta roulade, potato puree, broccoli rabe, and hunter sauce (translation: cheese wrapped in meat with mashed potatoes and broccoli. Why do these fancy places make it so difficult?) We exchanged many stories, including Taylor’s trip to Hong Kong and me finally meeting Madonna the rest is not for public consumption. Need I say more?

Obsessed with Madonna’s duet partner, M.I.A.’s brand new single, “Bad Girls,” Amanda Mair’s latest, “Sense," St Etienne’s long awaited comeback called “Tonight” and the sophomore first single from Ladyhawke’s sophomore album, “Black White & Blue." Oh, and there’s also the one song I’ve been anticipating more than anything else, Madonna’s brand new single “Give Me All Your Luvin’” featuring M.I.A. and Nicki Minaj. The video is to die for. 53 never looked this good! I am counting the minutes until what will sure be THE performance of the year, Queen of the Universe, Madonna at the Super Bowl on Sunday! I want to know what everyone thinks about the vid. But remember, if you leave a bad comment, I’ll find you and make you apologize.

2012 February 3

Fash Week Slim Down Countdown: Jump Up, Jump Down & Move It All Around

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ViPR at Equinox ViPR at Equinox
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Only one week until the New York shows! It's time to really step up your routine and get a total body workout. Chic-quinox to the rescue! ViPR (pronounced "viper") stands for vitality, performance, and reconditioning and was developed by kinesiologist Michol Dalcourt saying, "Work the body, not the body parts." And work you will, darlings! The key is an indestructible hollow rubber cylinder with multiple grip handles that makes something as simple as a squat a tun into a whole range of motion from up-and-down, side-to-side, and even twisting. Did we mention it's used for conditioning in the NHL and NFL? Get thee to Equinox and feel sleek when you finally hit those front rows!

2012 February 3

Hola! Rebecca!

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Rebecca and her bebe in Puerto Rico Rebecca and her bebe in Puerto Rico
Rebecca Cam
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She's baaaaaack! Our fave world traveler Rebecca Minkoff has been off the travel grid for a few weeks, but we knew she couldn't stay away for long. This week, she shares her recent escape to Puerto Rico.

New York creatives are typically not familiar with R&R. Thankfully for us there are places like The St. Regis Bahia Beach Resort in Puerto Rico.  Opened in late 2010, the Bahia Beach Resort is a fairly new hotel built on a former coconut plantation. Nothing like a few days away from the brisk East Coast winter to reset my brain and get in the right state of mind for Fashion Week. Less than four hours from New York, Puerto Rico is the ideal Caribbean destination – no passport required. I arrived just as the sun was setting and immediately after checking in was taken on a tour of the lush grounds, which includes access to your very own private beach and borders the El Yunque National Forest. Needless to say our oceanfront room was as stunning as our view.  I was also impressed with the range of amenities the resort had to offer. From an eighteen-hole golf course to tennis courts, a seaside pool and scuba diving - there’s truly something for everyone. On my first full day in Puerto Rico I decided to check out the Remède Spa.  Billed as a place where nature meets a traditional spa, the majority of the treatments take place outside. Before my massage, I lounged among the koi ponds, outdoor showers, and cascading waterfall with some herbal tea in hand. It's impossible to book the wrong treatment since everything is customized specifically for you.  Steam, sauna, and plunge pools- what more could a girl ask for? The food is as top notch as the spa. Each day was an opportunity to try out a new restaurant on the premises. Mornings we’d take breakfast in our room or at Molasses, while afternoons we could count on Seagrapes for a relaxed meal of rustic brick oven pizza. Following an afternoon siesta, we'd head to Fern, which boasts an electric menu of Jean-Georges dishes. Between indulging in their six-course tasting menu and the breathtaking beach views, it’s a meal I won’t soon forget. While we did venture out to Old San Juan for an afternoon, I have to say the resort kept us occupied for our entire trip. We couldn't bear to leave, but before I knew it reality beckoned. The St. Regis Bahia Beach Resort was the perfect place to get centered before the wonderful insanity that is Fashion Week. It's no surprise that in between fittings and meetings I find myself plotting my return.

Don't forget to follow Rebecca on Twitter and RebeccaMinkoff.com


2012 February 3

Terry Richardson Bonus! Gaga Edition!

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It's Terry and The Lady! It's Terry and The Lady!
Terry's Diary
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We normally try to keep the Terry Richardson posts to one per week, but we're going to make an exception this time. Terry spices things up on his online diary and does an impression of Lady Gaga with Stefani Germanotta herself. It's the makeover of the century!   

2012 February 3

Do You Hear What I Hear?

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Guess who! Guess who!
StarTraks Photo
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Hello, gorgeous! Amber Heard made an appearance at the GUESS & GUESS by Marciano Summer 2012 press preview on Wednesday at Helen Mills Studio in Manhattan. Is the plant in the background photo bombing her? 

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