2012 February 9

Bibhu Hits the Runway!

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Bibhu's Spring 2012 presentation...now, to the runway! Bibhu's Spring 2012 presentation...now, to the runway!
Patrick McMullan
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Monday marks Bibhu Mohapatra's first catwalk whirl. Chic checked in with him for the full scoop! 

Welcome to the runway!
Thanks! It’s like planning a wedding.

What’s the inspiration?
An old opera, The White-Haired Girl, set in twenties China.

Who’s your favorite white-haired girl?
Kristen McMenamy.

What’s your dream stage name?
I’d love to be called The Craftsman.

Have you perfected your runway wave?
I thought about it and said, ‘OK, Bibhu—how vain can you be!’

Betsey cartwheels...
I don’t think my investors would want me to do that!


2012 February 9

Things to Discuss! NYFW Day One

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Sally Singer and David Byrne Sally Singer and David Byrne
Billy Farrell Agency
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Things to Discuss! The chic chatter has only just begun...

1. Sally Singer & David Byrne
2. The EICs who will score a seat next to Stacy Keibler (Our $$’s on Cindi!)
3. The door situation at Le Baron
4. Conspicuously absent en runway: Luca Luca, Isaac Mizrahi, Chado Ralph Rucci, Vena Cava, Adam Lippes
5. Lana Del Ray’s upper lip

2012 February 9

Tim Gunn's Celibacy: YOU React!

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Hang in there, Tim! Hang in there, Tim!
Patrick McMullan
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You react to Tim Gunn's 29 years of celibacy...

Linda Fargo:
He has to shake it loose somewhere one night to find love—somewhere he’ll be seen, somewhere Page Six will be. Like the Louboutin’s 20th anniversary party at Bergdorf Goodman!

Glenn O’Brien: If you’re celibate for that long, you must like it! He could probably get some kind of deal with the pope.

Anne Slowey: It seems like he’s been focusing on his career. As we all know, sex can affect one’s profession, sometimes as a detriment.

Michelle Smith, Milly: Hey, whatever floats your boat!

Stephen Gan: He should let his creative juices flow more.

Mary Alice Stephenson: I’d put Tim on Nerve.com, and get a little kinky with it. We can’t do it in any way except full-on. Unbutton the shirt, loosen the tie, give him contacts and lose the…well, we still keep him in a suit, but maybe it’s Michael Bastian. Or Thom Browne, for a more bootylicious pant. But actually, I think Tim needs to have sex because it will make him better at his job. You can’t tell women what to wear if you’re not enjoying some sex. I’d be happy to walk Tim through this!

Mickey Boardman: I would like him to come over with a bottle of Chianti. We’ll watch Downton Abbey and take care of that issue!

2012 February 9

Retouched By an Angel: Glenda x Anna!

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Glenda and Anna swap coifs! Glenda and Anna swap coifs!
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What if Glenda Bailey and Anna Wintour switched signature coifs? Chic found out! Stay tuned for more stupendous swaps throughout the week…

2012 February 9

Dim Sum to Discuss: Red Egg

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Richard Chai, kicking off the Red Egg brigade this eve! Richard Chai, kicking off the Red Egg brigade this eve!
Billy Farrell Agency
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This Chinese-ish resto/club at 202 Centre Street is hosting the after-parties for—are you ready?—Richard Chai, Altuzarra, Phillip Lim, and Rad Hourani, along with unrelated bashes for Kid Cudi and Tumblr. Order us the Moo Shoo pork pancakes…


2012 February 9

Sandro and Maje: Design a Deux!

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Sandro's Evelyne Chetrite, SMCP CEO Frédéric Biousse, and Maje's Judith Milgrom Sandro's Evelyne Chetrite, SMCP CEO Frédéric Biousse, and Maje's Judith Milgrom
Alexandre Tabaste; Giorgio Niro; Ricardo Labougle
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Parisian chicsters and those pining for sartorial je ne sais quoi have found that sweet spot via sister stores, Sandro and Maje, founded and run by actual soeurs. The stylish duds, backed by LVMH’s majority stake in parent company SMCP since 2010, landed in New York this fall. Frédéric Biousse, CEO of SMCP, explains the phenom—check out a few tidbits below before getting the complete story!

Why New York, and why now?
It’s the most European city in the States. If you want to succeed anywhere in the world, you need to succeed in New York. 

Why the West Village and Soho for your first NYC outposts?
We focused on places in coherence with our brands. Also, when Sandro’s founder, Evelyne, was on vacation at a fancy hotel in Morocco and met Sarah Jessica Parker by the pool, Sarah Jessica said, ‘When Sandro comes to New York, you have to open on Bleecker Street first.’

What’s the biggest surprise about the American customer?
Shoppers in New York crave fashionable, sophisticated, expensive products—and need them now. We introduced very nice furs at Maje on the same day in Paris and New York, and we sold out in one day in New York. It took us seven days to move exactly the same product in Paris! Once we’d replenished stock, Paris kept selling that fur—more slowly but for longer than the rush in New York, where competition is fierce.

Who is the Sandro woman?
They’re mostly urban ladies, rather thin, who take care of themselves, do sports, eat well, and have a little money, ranging from 15 to 50 years old. They’re educated in fashion, but want to mix Sandro with Prada. 

What contemporary brand is closest to Sandro and Maje, and why?
Alice + Olivia—because of their price points, product styles, and rollout speed.

What’s the story behind the brands’ names?
Evelyne’s friend’s son was named Sandro, and Maje stands for the family members’ initials.

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