2012 February 10

Blue Alert!

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Johan Lindeberg and adorbs daughter, Blue Johan Lindeberg and adorbs daughter, Blue
Billy Farrell Agency
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Behold Lindeberg’s beloved daughter Blue! Jay-Z and Beyoncé have met her and told daddy how much they loved the name. Inspiration, perhaps, for their own little one?

2012 February 10

Belvedere at NYFW: The Shocking Numbers!

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Blame it on the Belve. Blame it on the Belve.
Billy Farrell Agency
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Wondering why you’re so hungover? A virtual ocean of Belve is to blame!

Number of bottles served: 1,380
One-liter bouteille 
ice luges: 1
Total drinks mixed: over 27,000
Belvedere/Milk cocktails to be mixed at Made: 0
Parties fueled by free-flowing Belve: 27

2012 February 10

Cooking Lessons From Nicole

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Nicole Miller's full dish! Nicole Miller's full dish!
Giorgio Niro
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You’ve heard scrumptious tales of her white truffle din-dins and no doubt dipped a skewer or two at her annual Hamptons fry-a-thon. This season, Nicole Miller is kicking it up a notch with her latest culinary adventure: cooking classes in her Tribeca penthouse. Are you on the guest list? 

Where did you learn to cook?

My mother was French, and she loved to cook. When I was younger, she would always trick me by saying, ‘Oh, I’ll let you make the bread today!’ like it was a treat. I’d fall for it every time. 

How did your in-home cooking classes begin?

We hosted our first class with a guest chef and a group of bloggers. It just evolved from there. We might do more in the future in different cities, such as Nashville and LA.

How do you manage the guest list?
I always try to get people from different fields and different areas. It’s important to seat everyone by one person they know and one person they don’t.

Do you have a waiting list?

There are already people begging to come.

What wine is best served at a cooking class?

It’s really weird, but sometimes people don’t drink a lot at these classes. Since I’m serving risotto, I decided to have a nice Pinot Grigio.

What’s your greatest culinary achievement?
Something involving egg whites. You can always pat yourself on the back when a cheese soufflé comes out right.

What was the last thing you burned?


Are you more like Julia Child or Rachael Ray?

Neither. They’re real chefs. I’m like the hobby chef. But definitely not Rachael Ray. That EVOO thing makes me crazy.

What would be your signature catch phrase?

Time to add a little more salt!

Are you a Food Network girl?

I like to watch Iron Chef. I was on the show as a judge, so I have particular interest. 

Would you ever consider a food pop-up?

That would be fun. Maybe we’d call it Nic’s Nacks. I actually have the structure for an entertaining book, but it just never got finished.

What dish would best describe your designs?
Black squid risotto, since I wear a lot of black.

Any kitchen tips?

Risotto is best when you cook it in small portions.

Who would you challenge in a cook-off?

Does anyone in fashion cook? People in the industry are usually scared of food. They’re always on a diet.

What’s your most memorable dinner party?
One of my favorites was the Frida Kahlo-themed dinner party with paper flowers and Mexican flags. Jimmy and Jane Buffett came along with Debbie Bancroft, Eric Fischl, and all my artist friends. 

Are there any topics that should be off the table?

Once I went to a dinner where the host wanted every guest to speak about politics before we had appetizers. And I guess you can’t start talking about who’s sleeping with who, right? Or maybe you can!

How many cookbooks do you have?

At least 50 here in the city, but I have as many, if not more, in the Hamptons. I love to collect the Junior League editions, and I even have The White Trash Cookbook. 

Who will need an extra hand tonight?

Maybe Sara Ziff. She’s a model, but she’s also an intellectual—she’s been going to Columbia, so she’s probably too busy to cook.

Is there anything you won’t eat?
1,000-year-old Chinese eggs.

What are your must-haves in the kitchen?
Two sinks and two stoves.

And your refrigerator essentials?

Black squid ink, bottarga, French or farmer’s market butter, guanciale, garlic, hot peppers, 
and onions.

Have you ever worked in food service?

When I was in college at the Rhode Island School of Design, a girlfriend and I got waitressing jobs at the Big Boy in Providence. They made us go to Big Boy school for a day. It was really fun, really! We had to carry six glasses in one hand and six plates in 
the other.

2012 February 10

Foodie Talk! With Hal Rubenstein

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Hal Rubenstein Hal Rubenstein
Patrick McMullan
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Getting the dish on the culinary aptitude of  InStyle's Hal Rubenstein

Did you really work in restaurants for 12 years?
Yes! I also had a catering business for almost nine years, so that’s actually how I started doing restaurant criticism. I catered for Annie Flanders, who at that time was the style editor of the Soho News when it was really big. So when Annie decided to create Details, she talked me into creating a restaurant column. It launched in ’82 as ‘I’ll Eat Manhattan,’ which I actually still own the rights to. And then I proceeded to write for Interview about food and was the restaurant critic at New York magazine for seven years.

Why do you think food and fashion intersect?
Everyone gets up every morning and asks the same two questions: what to eat and what to wear? Eating is the most fun you can have with your clothes on.

Have you used your catering skills at InStyle?
Yes, when Martha Nelson was still at the magazine. Diego Della Valle likes to think of Tod’s as one big family, and when he learned that I could cook...Claudio in Tod’s PR called before the collections in Milan and said, ‘Diego asked me please to call you. Would you cook a dinner?’ The day before I left, I sent a grocery list, and an hour before I got on the plane, I received an email from Claudio saying it’s confirmed—in two days’ time, for 35 people. Diego invited the president of Ferrari, the head of Pirelli, all of his friends, even the publishers of a rival magazine! Talk about no good deed going unpunished! The kitchen was about as big as my desk, with an oven the size of my phone, and nobody understood the ingredients I needed. But they were incredible—Tod’s sent everyone in the building to help me. I went to four shows that day, cooking the night before and in between shows. It was goddamn good! 

2012 February 10

Deepak to the Rescue!

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Deepak Chopra Deepak Chopra
Patrick McMullan
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Chic hit up Deepak Chopra for some NYFW de-stress pointers! 

We need a mantra!
‘I am ignorant to criticism, I am beneath no one, and I am fearless.’

Any other tips?
Observe the breath and the sensations in the body that come with it. Smile all over inside the body before responding to anything.

Anything else?
Watch a five-minute comedy video on YouTube, pet your dogs, sing to yourself, listen to music, get a massage, or have sex.

2012 February 9

Even More to Discuss!

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Oscar and Tommy: venue shuffles for Fall 2012 shows! Oscar and Tommy: venue shuffles for Fall 2012 shows!
Patrick McMullan
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First things first: The intrigue—is Vena Cava really moving to LA?...Why has GQ postponed its best menswear designers party, “new date TBD?”...Will Gwen Stefani make it to L.A.M.B.? As of press time, the PR confessed: “We are still waiting to hear whether or not Gwen is attending.”...Does Rachel Zoe really need a runway show?...Why did Tommy Hilfiger move his women’s show to the Park Avenue Armory (i.e., Oscar’s venue!)?...And! Why is Oscar showing in the same building as Michael Kors HQ?....

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